SBC Magazine Issue #138: Bigger & Better Than Ever!

For 2024, we have decided to make a major change to how we deliver our SBC Magazines, starting with the release of SBC 138 today, which is our biggest EVER issue!

This is because it includes not just our major reviews and feature articles, but also important news, podcasts, videos, tweets and a section dedicated to answering your questions.

Effectively Issue 138 collates everything of interest from a smart betting perspective into one easy to find PDF.

So you can download each monthly PDF and be fully informed on what you need to know to make money betting.

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Clocking in at 73 pages long, SBC 138 includes:

  • Our Golf Betting Special Report that provides services, tips and tricks to make profits with both bookmakers and exchanges
  • A guide to ‘Account Agent‘, our new free service that helps maintain bookmaker accounts.
  • Links to all podcasts, videos, articles and blogs from SBC in January
  • ‘Your Questions Answered’ section as the SBC Team provide support for members who have queries or issues with their betting
  • News, as we profile the key goings on in the gambling world over the last month
  • Tweets of interest – all the important posts on ‘X’ from the last month


This new monthly magazine format will make SBC more interactive than ever and each issue will serve as the perfect place to read everything you need to know about the gambling world, all in one place!

To gain instant access SBC Magazine #138 and all of our back catalogue of reviews and reports, you will require SBC Membership. To sign up as a paid SBC member, just click here and follow the registration link.