🎧SBC Podcast #56 ⛳: Stanley from Tour Tips on golf data, statistics and betting on tours from around the world 💻

In the latest SBC Podcast I am joined by golf betting and data expert Stanley, the co-founder of a service that we have tracked for some time, .

Many sports are now utilising data to measure performance and this has inevitably become a key feature of betting analysis too.

Stanley and his team were at the forefront of using statistics to bet on golf, with their cutting-edge site being established over 20 years ago. Since inception, Tour-Tips have innovated to find new metrics to assess golfers, with their databases covering 14 tours from across the world.

Their methodology is working. Tour-Tips’ tips, which are provided each week, have yielded over £64,000 profit for those staking at £20 per point and an SBC report from 2021 highlighted an exceptional record on the PGA Tour, alongside a remarkably consistent overall performance.

We talk about this methodology, the golf betting landscape and so much more in a chat that I am sure has something for everyone!

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An in-depth chat with a golf data expert

In this episode, Stanley and I discuss:

  • Tour-Tips.com, why the site was built and how their resources provide an edge
  • Stanley’s mysterious partners!
  • The metrics that are underestimated (and overestimated) in the golf betting markets
  • Why data for prediction (& betting) is different from data for retrospective analysis of performance
  • Providing analysis and data for fourteen tours
  • Weather, tee times and other variables that need consideration before placing golf bets
  • The relative strength of different tours
  • Stanley’s preferences for betting on different tours
  • LIV Golf and how it differs from ‘traditional’ circuits such as the PGA & DPWT
  • Working with external data companies and bookmakers
  • The future of golf betting and how data & technology may well change markets
  • Tour-Tips.com’s tipping record and why Stanley is careful to wait for liquidity before releasing selections

Stanley was an interesting and informative guest and whether you are a golf betting novice or a hardened pro, I am sure that you will learn something from this expert of the field.

Learn More

To learn more about Tour Tips, you can visit , which hosts their databases, analytics and free tips.

Options for registration are also available for you to view, with some enhanced features (including Betfair Odds Tracking and In-Play tools) available for paying subscribers.

SBC members can read a detailed report about Tour Tips’ performance in SBC 126, which is available for download in the magazine back catalogue page. This service’s excellent record and longevity make it an SBC favourite and we continue to track and report back on performance in our regular Tipster Profit Reports.

🎧SBC Podcast #55: 🐴 Andrew Mount – Racing author, broadcaster, tipster, ex pro-punter/odds compiler & massive Scoop 6 winner

In the latest SBC Podcast I am joined by Andrew Mount, the well-respected horse racing punter, author and tipster who currently produces content for various outlets, including gg.co.uk and Sportslens.

Andrew has a wealth of experience in the industry – bookmaking, odds compilation, pro-punting, writing, journalism and tipping – he’s done it all! Including hitting the jackpot several times on the Tote Scoop 6 and making a small fortune.

It is impossible to listen to Andrew and not learn something along the way. This chat covered so many areas of interest and I thoroughly enjoyed it – I’m sure that you will too!

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An in-depth chat with one of the leading horse racing voices

In this episode, Andrew and I discuss:

  • Andrew’s introduction to gambling on horses and how he learnt about the intricacies of the sport.
  • The rocky road that led to his work in the industry.
  • Prolific writing and authoring his ground-breaking Trend Horses books
  • Odds compilation, working for bookmakers and a scary job interview with Paddy Power!
  • How clerking on course taught Andrew to look at betting differently.
  • Betfair’s revolutionary effect on the industry and how Andrew made in-running betting pay.
  • Systems betting and how tracking software can reduce a punter’s workload considerably.
  • How high volume betting can be beneficial for getting money down.
  • Winning the Scoop6 on multiple occasions.
  • How the Tote’s new management are reviving the pari-mutuel system with some ground-breaking innovations.
  • Adapting to the industry landscape to get bets down.
  • Worries about the future of the horse racing industry (and gambling as a whole)
  • Andrew’s profitable record and how the markets react to his selections.

Andrew was a fascinating guest and we could have talked for hours as he has so much to share!

You can find out more about his work by reading his regular columns on both gg.co.uk and Sportlens. Andrew is also active on social media at @TrendHorses.

Finally – an SBC review of Andrew and his GG.co.uk Tipping Column is now in the works!

🎧SBC Podcast #54: 🎾James from Tennis Pilot on his service’s edge, building an AI system, bookmakers and more!

In the latest SBC Podcast I am joined by James, one half of the brains behind the recently reviewed tennis tipping service, Tennis Pilot.

English and Philosophy & Theology degrees at Oxford University may not be typical starting points for successful tipping services, but a shared love of tennis drove James and his partner Nicholas to bet using their combined expertise.

7 years, nearly 7,000 bets and a freshly built AI system later, we talk about the partners’ journey to success in a fascinating chat.

You can listen to Episode 54 now via Apple / Spotify / Google / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

An in-depth chat with one of this service’s ‘Co-Pilots’

In this episode, James and I discuss:

  • Tennis Pilot’s inception, how the service has developed and what James and Nicholas have learnt along the way
  • Balancing working full-time with running a successful tipping service
  • Value – what is it and why is it so hard to identify?
  • Statistics and the different biases that can lead bookmakers to price matches incorrectly
  • How specialisation can provide an instant advantage over the market
  • Variables that help James to find expected value in matches
  • James’s masters thesis and building a machine-learning tennis betting system from scratch
  • Where to bet on tennis and the viability of different bookmakers and exchanges
  • Tennis Pilot’s 17% ROI from nearly 7,000 bets

Learn more

To learn more about Tennis Pilot, you can visit their website here or follow them on Twitter @TennisPilot.

In addition, we have recently published an in-depth review into the service’s performance that is available with a paid SBC membership.

Here, we go through Tennis Pilot’s 7 year betting record, assessing nearly 7,000 bets using our usual range of metrics including odds availability, performance in different markets, drawdown analysis and progressive reinvestment strategies (alongside many more!).

SBC Discounts

You can trial Tennis Pilot free for one month by visiting their website and following the link on their homepage.

Secondly, SBC Members can get a 25% discount on all of Tennis Pilot’s subscription options, saving you between £35 and £60 depending on the package that you choose.

This equates to up to 56% of your annual SBC subscription – another smart deal for our betting club!

Join SBC Today to read the full Tennis Pilot review and access this discount

Talking Tipsters – Listen to this betting podcast interview with SBC

For those of you keen to learn more on the Smart Betting Club and the concept of using tipsters for profit, then make sure you listen to the recent betting podcast interview I recorded with Alex Vella from Trademate Sports.

During the interview, Alex and I discussed the tipster industry, how SBC verifies, measures and ranks tipsters plus an outline of what kind of ROI you can expect to make betting on sports long-term.

Clocking in at just over 50 minutes long, it’s a great opportunity to learn more about the independent work of the Smart Betting Club, our analytical role exploring the tipster market and the central goal of the SBC service – helping our members make money betting.

Those of you interested in listening to it, can do so now for free via Apple podcastsPodbean or Spotify.

Best Regards

Peter Ling

Smart Betting Club Owner and Founder