Read about the 7 ‘Hall of Fame’ betting tipsters all enjoying a fine start to 2021

Introducing the Magnificent 7… no not the all time classic film but some of the most highly rated tipsters that have been reviewed by our unique and independent SBC report system culminating in our May 2021 Tipster Profit Report.

These are 7 of THE best betting tipsters and services around…period.

  • These are the guys I’d trust giving the keys to the village to.
  • These are the guys producing the results.
  • These are the guys who have started 2021 with all guns blazing.

Due to the amount of time and effort that goes into proofing these services you will need an SBC membership to find out exactly who these tipsters are and what they do.

But to give you an idea about how they can fit into your betting portfolio, here’s a little taster on the Magnificent 7….

  1. Ben Coley – The sharp shooting golf expert running at 33.33% ROI this year. FREE to Follow
  2. Tennis Service 1 – a prolific winner generating stratospheric bank growth. 50 Euro Discount Available
  3. Horse Racing Service 1 – an ever-reliable ‘Old Timer’ with years of success behind him and yet again, fantastic profits this year to date. 1 month Free Membership
  4. Learn Bet Win – On-fire Racing tipster with 50% bank growth in just four months!
  5. Horse Racing Service 2 – a demon at the Festivals and superb Cheltenham returns. 2 week free trial available
  6. Quentin Franks – Racing expert with a supreme ROI over the long term and more great profits so far in 2021.
  7. Horse Racing Service 3 – Takes the rough with the smooth, and always ends out on top cira 10% ROI FREE to Follow

The trials and discounts noted above are available exclusively to SBC members

Not only do we reveal the Magnificent 7 but there’s a whole load of other nuggets of gold waiting for you inside this latest report…including…

  • Our unique Best Buy Tables to keep you fully informed
  • Independent SBC ratings for over 50 tipsters
  • Details of SBC savings and free trials available including several free to follow experts
  • The best tipster services over the last 12 months starting with a £2000 betting bank

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To gain access to this report you’ll need a Smart Betting Club membership – which once signed-up will give you instant access.

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So don’t hang around. The magnificent 7 are crushing 2021 and we expect them and others to continue so for the rest of the year and beyond!

You can find out more and join our club here.

Best Regards

Peter Ling

Smart Betting Club
Owner and Founder

Free Download – How to easily track results from the best tipsters

As Editor of the Smart Betting Club, my goal is very simple – To help you make money and improve your betting through our independent reporting on tipster services.

One of the ways my team and I do this is through our regular ‘Tipster Profit Reports‘ which compare and contrast around 60 different tipsters to help you choose the right ones for you.

Because, unlike other ‘review sites’, our work investigating a tipster does not simply end once we publish our detailed review. It’s where it all begins…

So to help showcase how each Tipster Profit Report can help you, today I have put together a free sample report for you to download and explore more on how this all works.

Download Your Free Tipster Profit Report Sample

(Link opens up a free PDF file – if for any reason it doesn’t work, email me at and I will fire you over a copy!).

This free PDF is a simple 11-page outline of how we feedback to you on the best tipsters and their ongoing performance figures. You can view samples from our most recent Tipster Profit Report including our ratings pages, best buy tables and more.

It should give you an insight into how a Smart Betting Club membership can help you improve your betting and profit from using the right tipsters.

That link again to download your free copy.


Get The Latest Tipster Profit Report

If this sample report whets your appetite, then you can get our most recent Tipster Profit Report (and our entire back catalogue) with a Smart Betting Club membership.

Within this report you can unlock the best betting tipsters we have discovered since 2006 – those with the best profit figures including key metrics like Return on Investment and Betting Bank Growth.

Each Tipster Profit Report is designed to help you find the very best betting tipsters – those that have proven themselves to be successful over a long period of time.

Anyone can pick a few winners every now and then but it takes REAL SKILL to beat the bookmaker over the long-term – which is exactly what this report reveals.

So you can expect to read about the best tipsters with a record dating back on average more than 4 years and with thousands of proofed and verified bets behind them.

You can pick up your copy of this latest Tipster Profit Report (and all future ones) with a Smart Betting Club membership.

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SBC Awards: Vote for your best & worst bookmakers, websites & podcasts

Public voting has now opened for SBC’s Tipster & Betting Awards, and we want your help in deciding the best (and worst) of the betting world from 2017.

Alongside your chance to name and shame the bookmakers you like or loathe the most, you can also vote for your favourite betting website and podcast.

Here are the categories you can now vote for:

  • Your Favourite Bookmaker
  • Your Worst Bookmaker
  • Your Favourite Betting Website
  • Your Favourite Betting Podcast 

Cast your vote via this link

Voting itself should take you no more than 30 seconds of your time and best of all once cast, you can also enter a prize draw to win a Platinum ‘Pro Punter’ Smart Betting Club (worth £105.99)

TPR November 17 468X60

Why Your Vote Matters

There are several reasons why your vote is important as the SBC awards are your chance to help us highlight those companies doing the right (and wrong!) thing by you.

Perhaps its the bookmaker/betting exchange offering the best odds and service or even the betting website offering a superb resource for punters.

As we know not all bookies are created equally, so you can also nominate your worst bookmaker to help us expose and shame the firm(s) that got your goat last year.

Perhaps they restricted your stakes, closed your account or simply offer the worst odds and worst service going. If so we want to know who they are!

Finally, this year we have a new category – favourite podcast to highlight the growing number of quality betting podcasts out there these days.

Read About The Results Next Year

We will be publishing the results of your votes early next year in the 2018 SBC Awards, with a special focus given to the winners of each category.

The ‘winner’ of the worst bookmaker award will also get a special prize alongside the public shame of being rated bottom of the pile for all to see. Given the poor way some bookies treat many punters these days, its fair to say this is always a competitive category!

So don’t delay, cast your vote now (It will only take 30 seconds of your time!)

Best Regards,

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Founder

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This week saw the release of the very latest Smart Betting Club (SBC) Tipster Profit Report – featuring results details on 53 of the very best betting tipsters we have uncovered in over 7 years of independent reporting.

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You can find out which tipsters…

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