SBC’s Recommended Podcasts for 2023

SBC’s Recommended Podcasts for 2023

Hello. I’m Josh, a full time punter and SBC member. I’ve started doing some work for The SBC over the last few months and thought I would share what I listen to whilst I’m typing away or flicking from one betting screen to another. I’ve no doubt missed off many great betting podcasts but there are only so many hours in the day!

Podcasts in 2023

The rate of new podcasts shows no sign of slowing in 2023 as more and more people collaborate to discuss anything from cooking or politics to sports or their personal lives.

This growth is also present in betting podcasts, with general racing chatter, football, gambling mathematics and other more niche subjects covered by one pod or another.

Here, I rank my Top 5 for 2023 (in no particular order) with a brief description of each. Most of these have quite general themes, so I also provide some more ‘specialist’ suggestions at the bottom of the page.

1. The BashCast

In a sentence: Hosted by Bookie Bashing founder Tom Brownlee, The Bashcast discusses betting from a mathematical point of view and is interspersed with Tom’s monologues about his week (with the odd guest appearance for discussions).

Who is it for? Anyone with an interest in betting, especially on horses, golf, football and darts. Tom explains the numbers behind betting odds and edges in a way that is easy to understand, providing extra context by discussing his own ups and downs with gambling.

Why it’s worth listening to: Firstly, because it’s great entertainment! Episodes have covered topics including a discussion of the probability that Mick Hucknall had at some point slept with your wife (if she was good looking) and how Tom’s attempts to diffuse a drunken argument by suggesting that he and his rivals ‘step outside’ went wrong.

Despite numbers and discussions of probability making up the core of the show, it is still light, covers lots of topics and is fun to listen to.

The second main reason to listen to the BashCast is what you learn along the way. Tom talks at length about how he and his team calculate ‘true odds’, how to exploit edges and the different strategies that listeners can use to make betting pay. Here at the Smart Betting Club we all use Bookie Bashing to profitable ends, so we can give our stamp of approval and assure everyone that Tom knows what he is talking about!

Where you can find it: A direct link is available here and The Bashcast can also be found on most podcast platforms.

2. The Barstewards Enquiry

In a sentence: A bi-weekly show (with a weekend preview released on Fridays and a ‘Sunday Sermon’), The Barstewards Enquiry, hosted by Lee Keys, is a hard-hitting horse racing podcast that talks about all aspects of the sport with both honesty and humour.

Who is it for? Horse racing aficionados, people interested in the gambling industry and punters looking for weekend selections (and advice about their own betting).

Why it’s worth listening to: The Barstewards Enquiry is a welcome relief in an industry that often skirts around the big issues, avoids offending at any cost and is compromised by commercial/vested interests. This podcast is completely independent and Lee, John ‘Jonjo’ Leng and Chris ‘Lorne Malvo’ talk about everything from their own punting and strategies through to the week’s news and the state of the gambling industry.

All of this is supplemented by regular guests, who share their advice when discussing the weekend’s racing in their competitive tipping competition. In addition, the pod has also hosted specials where they tackle issues in depth – an example of this came in a recent chat with Steve Donoughue about the industry which included the statement ‘Some of you may be wondering why these academics are smoking crack!’.

The Barstewards is entertaining, informative and well worth a listen!

Where you can find it: A direct link is available here and The Barstewards Enquiry can also be found on most podcast platforms.

3. Betting People

In a sentence: Hosted by recent SBC podcast guest and all-round nice bloke Simon Nott, the #bettingpeople series interviews a wide range of personalities from within the betting industry including jockeys, blood stock agents and trainers through to professional gamblers, traders and bookmakers.

Who is it for? Anyone who has an interest in betting. #bettingpeople is quickly approaching 300 interviews and most betting markets and topics have been covered at some point or another within that time.

Why it’s worth listening to: After learning of this series relatively late, I ended up going back to the beginning to listen to every episode. I did this because even though I may not have a personal interest in every interview topic, I have found every guest to be informative and have learnt so much about different aspects of sports and the gambling industry that I wouldn’t have elsewhere.

Simon is a great host and I can’t think of many interviews that have lacked flowing conversation. Personal favourites include the bookies’ ‘Enemy Number One’, Patrick Veitch, mathematical wizard, Matthew Trenhaile and the recent interview with trainer Tim Vaughan but like I said – every interview is worth a listen!

Where you can find it: A direct link is available here and #bettingpeople can also be found on most podcast platforms as well as YouTube for those who prefer to watch rather than listen.

4. Circles Off

In a sentence: Circles Off is an American-centric betting show co-hosted by podcast veteran Rob Pizzola and Johnny from Betstamp.

Who is it for? Those who have an interest in betting on North American markets and following the news from the major US & Canadian sports.

Why it’s worth listening to: I am a relative newcomer to this podcast but have enjoyed what I’ve listened to so far. Both of the co-hosts bet extensively so that makes up the bulk of the show as they discuss angles, the processes they go through and some software that helps them to price up events and find value bets.

This show has a similar feel to The Bashcast with the mechanics of odds being central to most discussions. The main difference is the markets discussed – I see it as the perfect gateway to North American sports if (like me) you are interested in getting involved in those markets.

Where you can find it: A back catalogue of all episodes on YouTube is available here and Circles Off can be found on most podcast hosting platforms.

5. The Smart Betting Club Podcast

In a sentence: Hosted by Smart Betting Club founder Pete Ling, The SBC Podcast has a library of more than 50 episodes interviewing the sharpest minds in the betting industry with a broad range of discussions centred on helping listeners to make their betting pay.

Who is it for? Anyone who bets or who has an interest in the betting industry. Guests normally discuss their careers and specialisms but conversations often include wider topics such as the industry, getting on with bookmakers and other things of interest.

Why it’s worth listening to: This podcast provides practical advice which is why I find it so useful. Guests often talk about their tipping services or profitable angles and this provides a lot of help for anyone looking to improve their betting or grow a portfolio (I have signed up to two services after listening to SBC pods and I wouldn’t have considered them but for listening to what the people who run them had to say).

The SBC Podcast is interesting to listen to, has guests from all sorts of backgrounds and has helped me in more ways than I can count in making my betting more profitable.

The host is okay too!

Where you can find it: A direct link is available here and The SBC Podcast can also be found on most podcast platforms.

Other podcasts to note:

From The Horse’s Mouth (available here): I tend to stay away from podcasts hosted by bookmakers but ‘FTHM’ is well worth a listen before a weekend’s racing. The panel is normally made up of Rory Delargy and Ruby Walsh, with trader Frank Hickey and Matt Chapman regulars too. Patrick Kennelly is a lively host, the pod is fun to listen to and it provides a good overview of what to expect from the big races on any given Saturday.

Upping The Ante (available on the Racing Post YouTube Channel): A relatively new podcast (it is 15 episodes in in its current format), Upping The Ante is an excellent horse racing podcast with co-hosts David Jennings and Johnny Dineen. They discuss the main races of the week, answer viewers’ questions and look forward to big upcoming races, doing it all in a way that is great to listen to.

The Probet Podcast (available here): Co-hosted by professional punters Mark Holding and Andrew Lowrie, The Probet Podcast is an excellent listen for anyone looking to improve their horse racing betting. Decades of experience are behind their discussions, with betting strategies, angles into races and a follow/oppose list being regular features of the show.




My top 5 betting podcasts

These days there is a wealth of sports betting content out there for aspiring sports bettors to expand their knowledge and improve their betting game. 

Blogs, YouTube channels, books, twitter and podcasts all are great sources of information and some of my favourite ways to consume content on betting.

In this article I wanted to share my top 5 betting podcasts that have helped me further my sports betting knowledge and improved my betting over the past few months. 

As a semi-professional bettor myself, it’s hugely important to keep on top of news, strategies, services and more in the industry and these 5 podcasts are some of the best at doing exactly that.

Trademate Sports

Trademate Sports is probably the first betting podcast I started listening to regularly when I first got into value betting. 

The podcast is hosted by Alex Vella who must be one of the most hardworking content creators in the space as he churns out multiple betting videos per week on the Trademate YouTube channel.

The Trademate podcast covers a few different angles to betting all centered around ‘helping you to beat the bookmaker.’ 

They regularly have betting experts on the podcast previewing major sporting events. This is often a gold mine for betting angles and gives listeners a real insight into how professional bettors find their edges. It’s certainly an aspect of the Trademate podcast that is a must-listen, especially for UK footy followers.

Episode 125 is a great example of this as the show previews the new English Football League season ahead. Nigel Seeley is the guest betting professional (a regular on the show) and he gives his expert opinion on who he thinks will do well and not so well in the coming campaigns.

The section where Nigel previews the new Championship season and talks about getting his team ratings in place for the start of the season is especially interesting. He usually finds an edge by doing his research, getting his team ratings in place and then betting accordingly in the first few weeks of the season whilst the opinions on the various teams are not fully formed yet. As long as his ratings are correct he’s onto a winner.

A really interesting angle then which gives you an idea about the mindset of professional bettors.

Expect: Expert opinion on UK footy and UFC, professional sport betting guests and tips!

Listen to Trademate Sports on Apple Podcasts

Smart Betting Club

I may be biased but the Smart Betting Club podcast is now a must-have resource for me when keeping on top of all things betting.

Hosted by SBC owner and founder Peter Ling, the show regularly interviews betting experts, normally those running tipster or betting services (such as Episode 20). This means you can often discover betting personalities or services that will be worth your consideration when adding to your betting portfolio. 

SBC pride themselves on independently reviewing betting services and tipsters so when a tipster is on the podcast and is recommended, you can be sure it’s a service that comes with a seal of quality.

My favourite SBC Podcast episode and one of my favourite betting podcasts ever was Episode 19 with special guest and professional bettor Anthony Kaminskas. 


Anthony was a fantastic guest and gave open and honest insight to his life as professional bettor. He talks about his journey from bookmaker employee to full time bettor and what it takes to beat the bookmaker on a large scale. This means betting in multiple territories, having access to multiple accounts and generally being able to get a lot of money down on his edges

Pete expertly guided the interview to ask the right questions and extract the answers we all wanted to hear; as much as Anthony was prepared to give away of course 🙂

Although AK is clearly further down the road than many, I urge anyone wanting to improve their betting to listen to this pod for a touch of inspiration.

Big fan of horse racing? Horse Racing betting and tipping plays a big part in SBC’s offering so expect plenty of great horse racing content on the pod.

Expect: tipster reviews, betting professionals, bookmaker industry expertise, horse racing 

Listen to the Smart Betting Club on Apple Podcasts

The BashCast

The BashCast is run by Bookie Bashing founder and owner Tom Brownlee. Tom is a character and is great value on his pods. He naturally combines comedic storytelling with his deep knowledge of numbers and betting. As the founder of the world class Bookie Bashing service it’s clear Tom is an innovator in the value betting space.

A favourite show of mine was Episode 175 due to the fact its content was different from anything I’d heard before and come across since. In the episode Tom reveals a recent court case he went through against William Hill after the company had refused a large payout on the grounds of a palpable error. It’s a fascinating look into a side of betting that you may not think  exists but can very much be a part of the battle against the bookmaker. 

Tom’s attitude towards the whole thing is admirable and it’s certainly worth a listen to hear how things turned out.

On other shows you’re likely to hear about topics that you won’t come across on any other betting podcasts.

Want to know about what it takes to avoid national service in South Korea and why that was a factor in the recent Olympic golf tournament? Check out Episode 176

Expect: compelling stories from Tom covering his betting, Bookie Bashing tools and random dramatic events that seem to frequent his life.

Listen to the Bashcast on Apple Podcasts

Business of Betting

The most established of my top 5 podcasts is the Business of Betting podcast, which as the name suggests, takes more of a look at the business side of the betting industry. This is from the angle of a bookmaker but also from the angle of those that are looking to profit from the bookies, again with a business twist to it. 

The podcast’s ‘about section’ says it ‘delves into the business side of the wagering, betting, investing, bitcoin, poker, bookmaking, and gambling industries’ – which gives you an idea of the diversity of the subjects the pod will cover.

Valuable betting websites and tools such as Smart Betting Club and Betstamp are featured so there are plenty of useful topics to help the aspiring profitable sports bettor.

A favourite episode of mine features the already mentioned Tom Brownlee from Bookie Bashing (Tom is great value on these pods whether he’s hosting or appearing as a guest!). I love this line from Tom where he shares his 4 ‘dark arts’ of professional gambling. These are 4 key areas that focus on the ‘art’ of betting rather than the science: the maths, EV, models etc. It’s a great listen and there’s an entertaining story thrown in there about one guy getting 6 figures down on a horse race using a team of 20 people to place wagers at various betting shops.

What to expect: Betting business CEOs, investors, entrepreneurs plus betting professionals 

Listen to the Business of Betting on Apple Podcasts

Circles Off

The Circles Off podcast is hosted by CEO of betting tracking software Betstamp and professional bettor Rob Pizzola. As both hosts are Canadians, there is a focus on the American betting markets which is a great way to expand your knowledge of how this game works over the other side of the pond.

Both speak eloquently about how to bet profitably and cover various topics with a strong focus on how they find edges, both themselves and the guests that they host.

A personal favourite episode of mine was Episode 18. As an England fan, it’s testament to the quality of the podcast that I still enjoyed them reminiscing about the Italy Euro penalty shootout win as both are Italy fans!

A key takeaway from the show for me was the discussion on what Johnny believed was the most pivotal personality or character trait to becoming a higher earning full time bettor. He believes that a person’s business sense is the most important factor in getting to the point of a higher earner. It’s something that resonated with me as I’m seeing this more and more the further I get into my betting journey. Building networks of bettors to help get money down, building relationships to share knowledge and edges, overcoming challenges that are part of beating the bookmakers are all key skills that are transferable between business and betting.

Expect: A focus on US betting markets/industry, a focus on finding your own edges, a natural podcast chemistry between the two.

Listen to Circles Off on Apple Podcasts

Consume, consume, consume. It’s so easy to go down the rabbit hole with betting content as I’ve found out when refreshing my memory for writing this article. 

There is a ton of great content out there and this of course only brushes the service. 

Feel free to contact me on about any content that you think is worth highlighting.

Alex Lyons – SBC Writer








SBC Awards: Vote for your best & worst bookmakers, websites & podcasts

Public voting has now opened for SBC’s Tipster & Betting Awards, and we want your help in deciding the best (and worst) of the betting world from 2017.

Alongside your chance to name and shame the bookmakers you like or loathe the most, you can also vote for your favourite betting website and podcast.

Here are the categories you can now vote for:

  • Your Favourite Bookmaker
  • Your Worst Bookmaker
  • Your Favourite Betting Website
  • Your Favourite Betting Podcast 

Cast your vote via this link

Voting itself should take you no more than 30 seconds of your time and best of all once cast, you can also enter a prize draw to win a Platinum ‘Pro Punter’ Smart Betting Club (worth £105.99)

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Why Your Vote Matters

There are several reasons why your vote is important as the SBC awards are your chance to help us highlight those companies doing the right (and wrong!) thing by you.

Perhaps its the bookmaker/betting exchange offering the best odds and service or even the betting website offering a superb resource for punters.

As we know not all bookies are created equally, so you can also nominate your worst bookmaker to help us expose and shame the firm(s) that got your goat last year.

Perhaps they restricted your stakes, closed your account or simply offer the worst odds and worst service going. If so we want to know who they are!

Finally, this year we have a new category – favourite podcast to highlight the growing number of quality betting podcasts out there these days.

Read About The Results Next Year

We will be publishing the results of your votes early next year in the 2018 SBC Awards, with a special focus given to the winners of each category.

The ‘winner’ of the worst bookmaker award will also get a special prize alongside the public shame of being rated bottom of the pile for all to see. Given the poor way some bookies treat many punters these days, its fair to say this is always a competitive category!

So don’t delay, cast your vote now (It will only take 30 seconds of your time!)

Best Regards,

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Founder

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