Discipline & Diversification: Our Latest SBC Member Interview

In our latest SBC Member interview we spoke to Abel, an experienced bettor who has used various SBC services and advice to build a varied and profitable portfolio.

As with our other recent interviewees, Abel has plenty of practical pointers that can help others in their betting journey. Discipline, diversification, diligent record keeping and an understanding of variance have all been key to his successes and learning from his experiences can only help the rest of us in the SBC community!

Abel also shares his insight into some common issues that face our members, demonstrating why adapting as you move through the 5 Stages of Profitable Betting is so important!

How long have you been a SBC Member?

I’ve been a Smart Betting member for nearly 4 years.

What made you sign up?

I was into my betting for a while before I signed up. I used to make nice profits from Cheltenham but my betting was erratic and had no real structure to it which resulted in wasted profit. I knew it couldn’t continue so I started looking for tipsters online.  I stumbled across yourselves on Twitter and I am very pleased I did! It taught me the important principles of being a disciplined, successful bettor.

Did you do any betting or following of tipsters before you joined up?

I only really bet on horses and football before I joined. I would listen to podcasts and follow the big ‘main stream’ tipsters like Andy Holding. I never recorded results. My best mate is very astute with jump racing and taught me some tricks of the trade.

What sports do you bet on?

The majority of my bets are on horse racing and golf. I also have tipsters for football, dogs & basketball.

How much of your betting is your own/how much is following tipsters?

I’d say 95% is tipsters and 5% is me. I treat my betting as a side business and would rather follow the professional than my less informed choice!

What services do you use (both SBC & non-SBC)

From SBC, I follow Learn Bet Win (Dec is God!), Weekly Golf Value, Betting Man, Magic Multiples & 80/20 Racing.

I also use a couple of tipsters that haven’t been proofed by SBC. I’d back a lot more if I wasn’t worried about losing accounts.

How did you choose those services?

When choosing services, I read the info you provide in detail, and try and do a bit of my own research. I am now solely on the lookout for tipsters that can offer a decent ROI on the exchanges.

Do you have any favourite service(s) or memorable win(s)?

Learn Bet Win was one of the first tipsters I followed when I joined your service. Declan is a magical man who has provided me with consistent profit over the 4 years I’ve been with him and I can’t recommend him enough. I know that over a year I will always make a lovely profit.

I am also very keen on Weekly Golf Value who have given me some lovely pay days.

Which level of betting do you feel that you fall into in our 5 Stages? 

I still have a few soft bookmakers left but don’t think that will last too much longer. I’m moving more to the exchanges and thanks to you guys I’m finding a way to make it profitable. The restrictions are a massive headache –  without them I’d give up my day job!

Do you have any tips for new bettors who are starting out on their journey?

My tips would be to try and not look at the short term but look at the long term. Negative variance happens, trust the process. Even the best tipsters have losing runs – spread your bank widely and don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

What are your plans for the future?

My plans are too keep finding ways of profiting from the exchanges while keeping soft bookmakers on my side… some how… for as long as possible!!!

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One Year In: An Interview With An Australian SBC Member

We recently posted two interviews with two Smart Betting Club Members – one who won over £15,000 using the Bookie Bashing Horse Racing Tracker (all on a restricted account!) and another who shared the story of their betting journey so far.

In this week’s interview, we spoke to a SBC Member from Australia who has been with us for just over a year.

With our Five Stages of Profitable Betting resource launched and a special SBC Podcast being released later this week, we feel that this type of practical resource is essential as we can always learn from each other in this ever-changing industry.

Our interviewee has some excellent tips for choosing the right tipsters, maintaining accounts and adapting as circumstances change. He will be back soon with some ‘tech tips’ so look out for any fresh blog posts!

How long have you been a SBC Member?

I have been with SBC for 12 months now.

What made you sign up?

I came across SBC on Twitter and started listening to the podcasts and reading the free reviews available. The reviews were more detailed than anything I had come across before and I had learned quite a bit from the podcast guests.

Did you do any betting or following of tipsters before you joined up?

I had built up a bankroll through matched betting and arbitrage for a few years. I had followed a couple of form and ratings services that I used to create my own systems and strategies, but it was harder and less successful than I thought it would be.

What sports do you bet on?

Golf and Horse Racing predominantly, but also tennis, greyhound racing and football.

How much of your betting is your own/how much is following tipsters?

At the moment it is about 50/50. I bet larger stakes on the bets from tipsters, but I have a few of my own horse and greyhound racing strategies that generate around 100 bets per day. The high volume of those selections allows me to bet reasonably small stakes yet still achieve solid bank growth.

What services do you use (both SBC & non-SBC)

I use quite a few services. In terms of tipsters, I subscribe to Winner Odds, Betaminic Over 2.5 Goals, Winabobatoo, Optimum Racing, Golf Insider and The Value Machine. I also follow free tipsters such as Ben Coley and Tour Tips, as well as 80/20 Racing and Achievable Value through SBC.

Another subscription I have is with BF Bot Manager, which I use to place my horse and greyhound racing bets into the live Betfair market instead of taking the BSP. I also use the FairBot Software for any trading and matched betting I do.

How did you choose those services?

I always read the SBC reviews of each service and if the tipster has appeared on the SBC podcast, I will listen to that. The odds movement analysis is one of the critical things for me. I don’t want to have to get my bets on within a couple minutes of the tips being sent, especially since I follow quite a few different services.

This made golf an obvious choice, which I bet win-only on Betfair, as well as horse racing which I use the Bot Manager to bet into the live Betfair market.

Do you have any favourite service(s) or memorable win(s)?

My favourite service was definitely Winner Odds, which made me $9,000 in roughly six months. After six weeks I was down over $1,000 but stuck with it and only had two losing weeks since then. I am also a big fan of 80/20 Racing. My favourite bet would have to be Nick Taylor in the Canadian Open who I backed at 90 on Betfair. I only checked the bets after the event and was pleasantly surprised!

Which level of betting do you feel that you fall into in our 5 Stages? 

I would say I have moved into stage 5. 90% of my betting is done through Betfair. I can get very small stakes with one or two bookmakers which has made following high-volume services such as Winner Odds and The Value Machine a possibility.

Do you have any tips for new bettors who are starting out on their journey?

I would encourage anyone to build up a bankroll through matched betting and arbitrage. Aside from making solid profits, you also get experience using Betfair and reading market movements etc. Similar to that, try to sustain your bookmaker accounts for as long as possible as they are extremely valuable. Betting to outlandish stakes, particularly on obscure markets or standout prices, will likely get you limited very quickly. It is much better to make small, steady progress over a long period of time, in my opinion.

What are your plans for the future?

I think in time most of my betting will be on horse racing and golf. I am transitioning all my golf betting to Win-Only, as I have found betting in the place markets to be time consuming and frustrating due to lack of liquidity, particularly on the DP World Tour.

I suspect I won’t add too many more tipsters to my portfolio, instead just increasing my stakes so that the amount of bets I am placing is manageable.

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SBC Memberships are increasing in price, here is why & how to get in before they do!

Here at the SBC we like to keep our subscription prices as low as possible. Despite this, we do adjust our prices over time, just like most businesses.

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It is 100% possible to make a significant 2nd income from betting and we show you exactly how to do it with our reviews, reports and real-life expertise.

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The SBC is on your side – not something that many in this industry (especially those directly funded by bookmakers) can claim.

This is also why we don’t feature any advertising or affiliation from bookmakers in any of our material. We are 100% punter focused.

Changing with the times

Alongside our in-depth tipster profit reports and long-term proofing we have also been focusing on numerous projects for our members in this ever-changing landscape.

Some of these include:

This innovative approach means that we help members to stay one step ahead of the markets and that wherever you are in your betting journey, there is something for you inside!

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Over £500,000 profit for this long-term SBC Member!

We recently posted an interview with a Smart Betting Club Member who won over £15,000 using the Bookie Bashing Horse Racing Tracker (all on a restricted account!). This content proved to be very popular with members so we have spoken to another long-term winner about what they do, how they get on and their plans for the future.

This success story is larger in scale (as you will see below) and begins in 2005, showing how our members can adapt with the times as we do!

What do you like most about the Smart Betting Club service?

100% genuine service, no affiliations, massive data on all tipsters including odds availability and ability to actually get on. Also tipsters who are profitable at BF SP, which is basically all I can use.

How many tipster(s) have you followed in the past and who do you follow these days – including those that SBC recommend?

Back in the day I remember following Lawrence from Equine Investments and I was doing £1,000 a point! Looking back is strange cause I can’t manage a score now! The best years we’re around 2006-2008. Now I follow 7 tipsters including PGA profit and the Bookie Bashing Racing Tracker, Golf and Football Coupon methods. Weekly Golf Value, Hanbury Racing and Edwards Tips are others that I follow after reading about their services on The SBC.

What are your betting plans for the future?

I don’t work, this is full time (for now anyway!). The affordability nonsense is a nightmare but I will adapt. I travel a lot so like to leave the betting alone when away. I will continue to bet and I have runners for shops etc. and this is all I’ve known since I started back in 2005.

How much have you made betting since you joined the Smart Betting Club?

Around £525.000 over 18 years. 2005-2009 was where the main chunk came from, I could have anything on! They were slower to restrict obviously and there was no affordability nonsense.

What would you say to others considering an SBC membership?

I recommend SBC because they are a genuine tipster proving service, luckily I found SBC early and only have ever used them. It works hand in hand all the ‘so called best tipsters’ will only use SBC for proving unless they have something to hide! For example odds availability or overnight prices! SBC call them out for this behaviour there not just tracking profit their tracking accessibility and odds availability. If you want to make betting pay then you need to sign up to Smart Betting Club.

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Real life winners case study: The bookmaker trader turned professional sports bettor

I’ve recently been talking to one long-term Smart Betting Club member, Markus, about his journey since he joined the SBC service.

Over time, he and I have exchanged a fair few emails on his betting success and as such I asked him if he would mind filling in a ‘case study‘ to help illustrate more on all of this.

Now Markus is a bit different in that he juggles his betting with his work as a bookmaker trader, so he does represent someone already experienced in what it takes to make a profit.

Yet, the key point is the difference SBC’s ratings, reviews and reports have made to him – especially now that sports betting is his main income and he is aiming for a six-figure profit figure this year.

Below is what Markus had to say in response to some of my questions on his time so far with SBC!

It’s fair to say that if bookmaker traders are joining SBC – we know a thing or two about what it takes to make betting pay!

Me: Why did you join the Smart Betting Club?

Markus: I can’t remember exactly how I found SBC, but I think it was by chance when I was searching for some horse racing related content. I joined because the magazines and articles were very interesting and it was clearly the best tipster proofing website that I know.

How has the Smart Betting Club helped you?

SBC has helped me especially in finding new tipsters for my portfolio with the detailed reviews and helped me a lot to get more into racing, which is not very popular in my country.

What do you like most about the Smart Betting Club service?

What I like the most at SBC is the honesty, independence and that you know the guys behind it are just doing the same like you!

What are your betting plans for the future?

I’m at a point now where I do this really like full time and look only for stuff which I can scale up in the long term and try to make as much turnover as I can.

How much have you made betting since you joined the Smart Betting Club?

I think I am in a pretty unique position, because I work as bookmaker/trader in my country as my ‘normal job’ for a regular income and also doing betting more or less full-time (which is my investment capital). So basically I work from both sides in this business and my bookmaking-job gives me the opportunity to combine both things. I also was running a tipster service myself a couple of years ago. So sports-betting is anyway my main income for a few years now, but from a punter’s perspective I am looking to get to six-digits this year.

Read More Real-Life Case Studies

Markus is not the only member that’s thriving after joining SBC and you can read a whole host of other real-life case studies via this link.

Some like Markus treat it full time, others are part-time or use tipsters and our recommendations as a way to make some extra cash here and there.

Whatever your starting point – from total beginner to bookmaker trading expert, our tipster reviews, reports, free experts and more can make a massive difference to your betting

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