Real life winners case study: The bookmaker trader turned professional sports bettor

I’ve recently been talking to one long-term Smart Betting Club member, Markus, about his journey since he joined the SBC service.

Over time, he and I have exchanged a fair few emails on his betting success and as such I asked him if he would mind filling in a ‘case study‘ to help illustrate more on all of this.

Now Markus is a bit different in that he juggles his betting with his work as a bookmaker trader, so he does represent someone already experienced in what it takes to make a profit.

Yet, the key point is the difference SBC’s ratings, reviews and reports have made to him – especially now that sports betting is his main income and he is aiming for a six-figure profit figure this year.

Below is what Markus had to say in response to some of my questions on his time so far with SBC!

It’s fair to say that if bookmaker traders are joining SBC – we know a thing or two about what it takes to make betting pay!

Me: Why did you join the Smart Betting Club?

Markus: I can’t remember exactly how I found SBC, but I think it was by chance when I was searching for some horse racing related content. I joined because the magazines and articles were very interesting and it was clearly the best tipster proofing website that I know.

How has the Smart Betting Club helped you?

SBC has helped me especially in finding new tipsters for my portfolio with the detailed reviews and helped me a lot to get more into racing, which is not very popular in my country.

What do you like most about the Smart Betting Club service?

What I like the most at SBC is the honesty, independence and that you know the guys behind it are just doing the same like you!

What are your betting plans for the future?

I’m at a point now where I do this really like full time and look only for stuff which I can scale up in the long term and try to make as much turnover as I can.

How much have you made betting since you joined the Smart Betting Club?

I think I am in a pretty unique position, because I work as bookmaker/trader in my country as my ‘normal job’ for a regular income and also doing betting more or less full-time (which is my investment capital). So basically I work from both sides in this business and my bookmaking-job gives me the opportunity to combine both things. I also was running a tipster service myself a couple of years ago. So sports-betting is anyway my main income for a few years now, but from a punter’s perspective I am looking to get to six-digits this year.

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Markus is not the only member that’s thriving after joining SBC and you can read a whole host of other real-life case studies via this link.

Some like Markus treat it full time, others are part-time or use tipsters and our recommendations as a way to make some extra cash here and there.

Whatever your starting point – from total beginner to bookmaker trading expert, our tipster reviews, reports, free experts and more can make a massive difference to your betting

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