🎧SBC Podcast #60 Jon Roberts – Professional Bettor & Trader

In the latest SBC Podcast I am joined by professional football bettor and trader, Jon Roberts.

Jon balances his own work betting professionally with running the Predictology football data website and is also an innovator when it comes to embracing AI and Automation for bet selection and placement.

In this chat he explains his methodology and strategies for both football betting and trading, the leagues and markets he bets in alongside how he gets on via Bet Brokers and Exchanges.

His love of football betting also shines through via his development of the Predictology football data and betting system website, which has grown to be a very popular resource and for good reason!

Jon has many useful pointers for bettors of all backgrounds – I learnt a lot from this chat and I hope that you do too!

You can listen to Episode 60 now via Apple / Spotify / Google / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

An in-depth chat with a global football expert

In this episode, Jon and I discuss:

  • Jon’s working life and how he derives his income
  • Getting into betting & trading and a famous Grand National winner!
  • Data, numbers and Jon’s first foray into modelling
  • ‘Flying under the radar’ and adapting to get bets down
  • Jon’s process and the markets that he concentrates on
  • Model-led betting vs pre-match betting vs trading
  • Liquidity and betting markets for football around the world
  • How dynamics differ in certain leagues
  • Predictology, how it works and how it benefits subscribers
  • Automation and using software to place bets without human input
  • Using member feedback to improve tools
  • Why Jon likes betting at odds-on!
  • Placing bets in multiples and the advantages of this approach
  • Cashing/trading out and why Jon does this less than most of his counterparts
  • Data vs ‘The Eye Test’ and the advantages/disadvantages of both approaches
  • xG and its limitations
  • Bet brokers, sharp bookmakers and two services that Jon uses
  • Cryptocurrencies and how they are impacting the betting landscape
  • AI Football Tips and Jon’s partnership with SBC!
  • Future plans

Jon is a fountain of knowledge and it was fascinating to learn about his processes and how he makes his betting pay. This chat was one of my most enjoyable to date – I hope you get as much from it as I did!

Learn More About Jon’s Work

If you would like to learn more about Jon’s work, you can visit the Predictology website or follow them on social media @PredictologyBet.

Jon has also partnered with SBC to provide a Premium Service, AI Football Tips. To read about that, please visit the service’s SBC sales page.

How To Automate Bet Placement On Betfair – Latest SBC Review Reveals All

Here at The SBC, our Tipster Reviews & Reports contain many metrics to evaluate services (please view our samples here and here if you haven’t already!).

With our increasing focus on Exchange based tipsters of late, Time To Post (or TTP) is one of the most important signposts for those looking to bet on the likes of Betfair.

Some services show excellent profitability when tips are first released, some prices are best taken 60 minutes before, some need a lot of liquidity in the minutes leading up to an event starting and some are just fine at Betfair SP (if betting on horse racing)

Whatever you bet on, Bot Software is an excellent way to automate your betting using your preferred parameters and with more and more bettors using exchanges, we have enlisted the help of one of the specialists in our community to introduce this technology!

BF Bot Manager

In a brand new report just published for SBC Members, Justin (a current SBC Member), introduces Betfair Bot Manager and how he uses it to bet more efficiently (and improve his profitability!).

Membership provides access to this full report, which outlines:

  • An explanation of what bot software is, how it works and what platforms it can be linked to
  • Practical examples of how to set up systems and upload selections with a visual walk-through guide
  • How Justin uses BF Bot Manager to follow the SBC Free Tipster Achievable Value and 80/20 Racing and how it has improved his returns compared to the services’ standard records
  • The additional parameters that are available to users based on their own preferences
  • How BF Bot Manager helps to record results in a clear and concise way

More Info & Offers

Betting on exchanges is becoming a bigger focus for us here at the SBC and technology like Bot Managers can help to boost profits in your own personal betting (or when following tipsters).

With SBC Membership you can read our new report in full, with the step-by-step guides, video links and useful tips to help you get started.

In addition we have secured a 10% discount off the cost of BF Bot Manager for a set number of our community that can be accessed before September 2023.

This dovetails perfectly with those services we have identified who have clear exchange edges, meaning that you can make serious profits, all without worrying about bookmaker restrictions!