No Foto Needed: His 26% ROI Edge @ Betfair SP & His Advice on Exchange Betting – Get In Now Before Price Rises

Hot on the heels of an excellent Cheltenham Festival and with his results at Betfair SP continuing to attract a lot of attention, I have news today on an upcoming price rise for the No Foto Needed racing service and how you can subscribe to him at the current cheaper rates he offers!

This is because from Friday the 31st March, the price to join his popular service and follow him in will be rising.

If however you join before 8pm that day, you will be able to lock in your subscription at the current low prices as long as you remain a member!

You can lock in your subscription now via this link:

Flat Out Success In Every Code

Despite the fact he made a 19.75 point profit over the Cheltenham Festival (with 22.53 points of profit at BSP), the expert behind No Foto Needed actually prefers betting and tipping on flat racing.

Historical records suggest that the upcoming season, which includes festivals at York, Goodwood and Royal Ascot, is a great time to access No Foto Needed’s advice.

Especially when you consider his record is profitable whether betting with bookmakers or at Betfair SP.

His Betfair SP results

With account restrictions for winning rife, much of our recent work around No Foto Needed’s results recording has concentrated on performance at the sharpest of prices, the Betfair Starting Price (or BSP).

Beating this line shows just how successful the service is as these figures demonstrate:

  • 1,665 bets have been advised since 2021
  • Profits stand at 650 points returning 61% on investment
  • This overall ROI is boosted by the service’s consistency as 2021 & 2022 had respective ROIs of 29% and 26.13%

A full bet-by bet record of No Foto Needed’s advice at BSP is available to view here and for those of you who prefer to use bookmakers, it’s excellent record at advised prices (16% ROI) can be viewed here.

How to get the best out of Betfair

To help with using Betfair in the most efficient way possible, the expert behind No Foto Needed has penned some advice on following his tips on the exchanges, which discusses:

  • When to place bets
  • Win prices and place markets
  • How bookmakers influence the prices on exchanges

Profits at BSP are over 10 percentage points higher than advised prices, meaning that this guidance could be invaluable in securing better returns when following.


With the publication of my results at Betfair SP attracting a fair amount of interest, I wanted to pen some thoughts on how best to approach how to place my bets on Betfair.

By now most of you who are either members or have been watching my service should have a proper opinion on how I do things.

I play a few well fancied horses and outsiders over the jumps but as we head into the flat season you will see me advise a lot more bets each way in big competitive handicaps especially on televised races on weekends. With that in mind I just want to chat about how to play these selections if YOU ARE STRUGGLING getting on with bookies online and need to use Betfair.

First of all, I`m sure you have all seen bookmakers trying to outdo one another with extra place races on any given day – and because I enjoy these concessions and try to narrow down these races to a selection I understand if you can`t get on with these extra place firms it can be very frustrating. (Although it’s important to state that I only settle bets where extra places are offered with a good number of firms – I am always trying to be as fair as possible with bet settlement).

Mindful of the increased ‘extra place races’, Betfair are now creating more and more place markets on these races matching-up with the firms. E.g during Cheltenham they had first 3, 4, 5 and even 6 place markets to mimic what the bookies were offering. So, if you are one of those unlucky punters that are forced to use only Betfair there is a positive way around this.

What the Betfair SP results help showcase is that the win part of my each way selection is nearly always bigger on Betfair than the bookmakers when I send my email out around 11.30am. The reason for this is because the bookmakers over round on that particular race is massively in their favour due to the extra places they are paying out. Therefore they have to keep the win price lower than it should be to cater for this and you might often find a 10/1 bet with a bookmaker is double that on Betfair to win.

One more important point to note is that the place market(s) on Betfair are quite weak early on and really only come into their own closer to the race.

So what I recommend is that you:

  1. Play the win part on the selection at the prices offered at 11.30am or BFSP (whichever you prefer – you can even split your stakes across both to get the best of both worlds)2. Then if you can closer to the time of the race, click on the place market (usually the 4 or 5 place market depending what I advise in the morning) and play the horse in that market because the liquidity should be there at that point. You will often find the place price closer to the race will be similar to what the bookies are offering especially in very competitive races.3. If you can’t get the place bets on closer to the race, then you can simply request Betfair SP. You can also again split stakes between multiple place markets – for example first 4 and first 5 if you like.

Best of luck!’

No Foto Needed

Sign up now – Price rises are coming!

The cost of No Foto Needed memberships will be increasing on March the 31st, leaving you with just over one week to secure your subscription.

Please note that the subscription fee that you pay will remain constant for the life of your membership, making it inflation-proof, ‘success-proof’ and any other proof!

No Foto Needed is exclusively available through the SBC and members can save up to ÂŁ40 on the current subscription fees (which will rise on the 31st March!)

Our No Foto Needed page has extra information about the service and I am always happy to answer any questions so please get in touch if you have any queries!



Fresh Off The Press: The SBC’s Latest Horse Racing Tipster Profit Report

Here at SBC we have just released our new Horse Racing Tipster Profit Report, outlining our ratings and recommendations for the many different racing tipsters we proof and track.

With Cheltenham quickly approaching, this provides the perfect opportunity for you to sign up to the SBC and read all of our detailed analysis and commentary.

Inside, you will find updated results figures for each tipster, comparative league tables to help you pick out the best racing experts and our independent commentary to help you decide which tipsters you should follow in!

Changing Times, Changing Analysis

This report is a little different from what has come before it.

Bookmakers, markets and liquidity are changing all of the time and we have introduced even more assessment tools, focusing on providing the clearest possible picture of what services offer and how practical it is to follow them.

Fair Odds – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!

One of the focal points of our reports, especially when it comes to racing, is our quest to highlight those racing tipsters who quote realistically achievable odds.

This is vitally important in this day and age as bookmakers ‘treat’ customers who take bets in weak, early markets to account closures and heavily limited stakes.

One bad example of this came in the form of a racing tipster we proofed (but refused to review given how they worked) who continues to tip bets into early, weak markets.

Tips are released at 5pm the day before racing – as soon as bookmakers price them up -and it is not rare to see a bet quoted and settled at 20/1, which has been slashed to 10/1 within minutes.

We have seen 20/1 winners logged that no-one will realistically be obtaining given how quickly the odds move. And if you do get on these bets, your bookie accounts won’t last 5 minutes.

When putting this issue to the tipster he simply shrugged and says its not his problem.

Hence why we won’t be reviewing – plus the fact he has listed a Dead Heat bet as a full winner for well over a month, despite our highlighting of the issue!

Adjusted Odds Tables

To combat this and fairly measure attainability, we have produced ‘adjustment tables’ that reflect tipsters’ odds at different intervals after they are released.

This paints a picture of which services are realistic to follow if you can’t get on straight away and which ones require ‘lightning quick clicking’ to get on. They look like this and provide a valuable summary of price sensitivity for each service.

More Than Just Profits Or Return On Investment

In summary, this Racing Tipster Profit Report provides our recommendations of tipsters that offer:

  • A long-term edge and profitability
  • Realistic release times for bets so that followers can get prices without restrictions
  • An avoidance of using stand-out prices and fair odds settlement when prices change dramatically just after tip release
  • Membership Caps for those services where price sensitivity is an obvious issue

We feel that these expectations should be a bare minimum for all tipsters and have made this clear to all of the current or prospective we monitor, meaning that only the very best tipsters are recommended to our members.

Sign Up To Read In Full

To read the latest Horse Racing Tipster Profit Report you will require SBC Membership.

To sign up for instant access to all of our reports, discounts, free tipsters, analysis and guides, click here.

Tipster update: ROI jump from 32% to 42% for this in-form racing expert

What a last few weeks it’s been since we reviewed Hanbury Racing!

Since the cut-off point for our latest review that featured the prolific racing tipster, Hanbury Racing’s ROI has jumped from 32% to over 42%!

That’s another 400 points profit in just a few weeks

Better still, that ROI has shot up to 44% at Betfair SP!

We never like to go overboard on short-term form, but given the interest in this latest review and service, we felt it was fair to pen a full update.


Not only can you read a full results performance update in this latest review, but there is also an extra discount boost Hanbury Racing is now offering SBC members…

SBC member’s exclusive discount has now been boosted from 25% to 33% on the cost of all Hanbury Racing subscriptions.

That’s a whopping ÂŁ144 off a full year’s membership!

Full details on this discount is available to SBC paid members as a perk of being in the club.

This huge discount is not available for long. In fact this flash sale will end at midnight on Thursday. So now is the time to join…

Best of all as an SBC member you can read our updated review on this tipster and of course our huge back catalogue of reviews and reports too.

Start profiting today here

Tipster Video Diary – Follow Alex’s journey using 4 SBC recommended betting services

Building a successful betting portfolio is not always straightforward and at SBC we try to give people the knowledge to succeed in this game.

That’s why we’re asking SBC team member and part-time bettor, Alex to document his betting journey using tipsters in a video series to show you exactly how it is done.

The first video is now live on our YouTube channel.

In it he details the 4 services he is using, all SBC recommended, in an attempt to turn a profit from betting this year. He goes through how each service works and the specific strategies he will be using for each.

If you want to know any of the following…

  • The strategies used for some of the best SBC recommend services
  • Bankroll management for building a successful portfolio
  • Real-world potential profits on offer

Then you’ll definitely want to watch this video diary.

This is the first video in the series which will be tracking exactly what Alex is doing and the results that come from each service. These are some of the most highly recommended services by us at SBC so it’s very likely that there will be some good profits along the way (in fact he has already recorded some healthy figures testing these services out).

Alex is going to show the precise strategy he uses to build a successful betting portfolio.

Watch the first video here

Best Regards
Peter Ling

Smart Betting Club
Owner and Founder

Sample Our Review Of This Fantastic Free Racing Tipster

Its fair to say that January can be a tight month at the best of times, so it makes sense to cut costs where you can.

So with this in mind we waited until this month to share with all SBC members our review of a little known FREE racing tipster service, which has been making eye-watering profits for the past 2 years now.

As our exclusive analysis reveals, this free to all tipster has made 115.16 pts profit from 249 bets at a Return On Investment of 36.85% in 2010 and 2011 – which is a huge profit.

To put this into financial terms – at simple £25 stakes, this would be a very handy £2,879 profit in 2 years. Who would turn that kind of money down these days?

To give you an insight into just how good this service is, below we have a number of extracts from our exclusive review for you to read. We have removed the services identity as this is for SBC members only, but it should give you a good idea of how good it is. Continue reading

The SBC Interviews: Laurence Lambourn – The UK’s Top Tipster.

If Carlsberg did tipsters, then it’s fair to say they may well do so in the guise of Laurence Lambourn, who many of you may be more familiar as the brains behind top tipster service Equine Investments.

Since April 2004, Laurence has been a constant scourge of the bookmaker, taking in excess of 2450 pts profit from 2652 bets during a 7 year reign of absolute terror on the odds compilers.

Such expertise does not come cheap and nor do opportunities come around too often to sample Laurence’s wares as his membership quotas are generally filled.

However, recently, Laurence was kind enough to grant us an audience where we were able to reap the benefit of his wisdom with a series of practical tips for SBC members looking to improve their betting performance.

Read a selection of our interview with Laurence here… Continue reading