New Podcast: Exploring Tipsters & How To Choose The Right Ones To Follow

The latest SBC podcast is out now for download and its an ‘exploring tipsters’ special as Rowan and I discuss some key findings from our 2 recently released reports on horse racing and sports betting.

Using examples from each report, we discuss our work tracking and examining tipsters including how we weigh up those to recommend to you via our Hall of Fame ratings.

We get into topics like fair odds quoting and settlement, the importance of return on capital, the need for large sample sizes and why the average Hall of Fame service has been going over 4 years!

It’s a must-listen episode if you are looking for help and guidance on how to choose tipsters that suit you and that generate realistic profits

You can listen to this episode now via Apple / Spotify / Google and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)


Whether you are a seasoned tipster user or completely new to the concept, this podcast should explain plenty on what you need to know about tipsters and how to find the service(s) that work best for you, whatever your circumstances.

Rowan and I discuss key concepts such as the importance of Return on Capital over Return on Investment and why we black mark tipsters that quote unrealistic or unsustainable prices that can kill your betting accounts.

We also chat about the popular golf tipster, Ben Coley and the need to not go overboard on recent form and why so many people are lured in with unrealistic expectations and how bookmakers take advantage of that.

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This latest podcast syncs up perfectly with the 2 recently released Tipster Profit Reports on Sports Betting and Horse Racing.

These reports are available the instant you join the Smart Betting Club and are the perfect solution to finding the best tipsters whatever sport or market you wish to target!

Horse Racing Tipster Profit ReportSports Betting Tipster Profit Report