Real-life ‘tipster portfolio’ examples for newcomers & exchange only punters

If you are looking for help understanding how to make money betting using tipsters, then make sure you check out the improved SBC Bet Diary – now expanded due to popular demand.

Including the introduction of two new tipster portfolios – one for total newcomers starting afresh AND one for those of you limited to exchange or brokerage betting.

To quickly recap for those of you unfamiliar – the SBC Bet Diary is penned by profitable punter, and SBC writer, Rowan Day who each week discusses his ongoing betting journey including the tipsters he follows, and his performance (win or lose) following their advice.

The idea behind it all is to provide a real-life, genuine experience of just how the tipsters we rate and recommend can actually make you a realistic extra income stream. After all, over the last 3 years posting on the Bet Diary, Rowan has made a 164.40% Return on Capital from his betting so he knows his stuff.

New Exchange & Starter Tipster Portfolios

Firstly – the expansions and this surrounds the introduction of two new tipster portfolios on the Bet Diary – Starter and Broxchange – explained below:

STARTER Tipster Portfolio: If you are new to betting with tipsters – this portfolio is for you as Rowan is starting from scratch and proving it can be done from a standing start. Beginning with just 4 tipsters, Rowan will be raising stakes for each service as they make a profit and then reinvesting them into the portfolio as it (hopefully) grows.

BROXCHANGE Tipster Portfolio: So called as its a mixture of tipsters you can follow using Bet Brokers & Betting Exchanges – the Broxchange!
If you are restricted or unable to use mainstream bookmakers then this portfolio will show how to make a profit with Bet Brokers or Betting Exchanges who welcome winning customers. Again the Broxchange portfolio is starting small with 4 tipsters and more suitable services will be added in time.

You can discover more about both the Starter, Broxchange and the expanded ‘Main’ portfolio and their most recent performance via Rowan’s latest Bet Diary Post, which is titled: As keen as mustard’.

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164.40% Betting Bank Growth Since April 2015

Rowan’s simple and easy to follow tipster portfolio has been reaping strong dividends ever since he first began writing about it on the Bet Diary in April 2015.

Since then, from this low-maintenance set of tipsters, his ‘Main’ portfolio has made a total of 164.40% Betting Bank Growth and accumulated some excellent profits along the way.

You can read more about this and the tipsters used to make the profit via his Free Bet Diary Report from earlier this year.

Download Rowan’s Bet Diary Report PDF

The 164.40% figure is of great interest as it indicates just how a betting bank will have grown in relation to these profits.

If for example, Rowan began with £5,000 in April 2015, then 164.40% growth would have made him a £8,220 profit by the end of April 2018.

Not bad for placing just a handful of bets each day. Yet the profits could be far better…

Here are a few more examples of how the 164.40% figure would have helped with different starting points:

£15,000 Starting Bank in April 2015: Profit of £24,660.00

£25,000 Starting Bank in April 2015: Profit of £41,110.00

£50,000 Starting Bank in April 2015: Profit of £82,200.00

So whatever size bank you start with, there is an exceptional return available to you.

It doesn’t matter about your background, experience or thoughts on tipsters – we know that here at the Smart Betting Club, our reports and reviews can make a difference to your betting bottom-line.

Helping you towards the goal of making money betting with tipsters.

How To Copy Or Even Improve On Rowan’s Profits

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We provide you with all the information, both theoretical and practical, to help you make the most of betting for profit using professional tipsters.

Through access to the Smart Betting Club you can read all of our reports and magazines on the best tipsters for you to follow.

As an SBC member you can also access the Bet Diary Pro – featuring a full listing of each tipster within Rowan’s portfolio. This information is available in full to Smart Betting Club members.

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