July Review

It’s been a funny old month.  At times it’s felt like a real struggle, but when all has been done, dusted and counted, it’s not been a bad one at all.

We had six services giving bets, three producing a profit and three a loss.  The final figures show an ROI of 8.63% and total bank growth of 5.17%.

The best performing service, for the second consecutive month, has been the Morning Value Service (Lite).  It really is going through a golden period.  I’m finding the odds quick to disappear now, certainly faster than in previous times and no doubt this is a consequence of the sheer level of profit that has been made recently.  This often happens when a tipster goes through a hot streak.  Some current members will no doubt be raising their stakes and perhaps as news spreads of the good form, new members sign up.  I can’t say I approve of folk doing this.  In my experience, staying consistent with staking and looking at the long term history of a tipster should be your guiding principles, not short term success.  I’m not suggesting folk shouldn’t join MVS (Lite).  Far from it – I’m just saying that the motivation for doing so should be the long term figures, not the exhilerating rate of profit accrued over the past two months.

Another to enjoy good times through July is Chasemaster.  Here is a service in which it is necessary to show patience.  There aren’t a lot of bets every day, and it can go through relatively lengthy spells of not much happening, but then seemingly out of the blue, BOOM!  The highlight this month was a horse called Strumble Head which ran on the 23rd.  Tipped at 8/1, returned at 10/1, it never looked like doing anything other than cruising to victory.  So nice when that happens!

The last service to end July in the black was Pinpoint Golf.  I know a knew method is being used in terms of utilizing the model that kicks up the selections, and at the moment it seems to be working.  What has impressed me over the past four or five weeks has been the relative consistency achieved.  I expect golf betting to be extremely volatile, but not this month.

Racing Service B and Northern Monkey each produced a small loss, and Jason James will be looking forward to a new month and not dwell too long on July!

Chasemaster: Staked 10pts, +16.487pts, ROI 164.87%, ROC 16.48%.

Jason James: Staked 107.5pts, -39.6pts, ROI -36.8%, ROC -19.8%.

Morning Value Service (Lite): Staked 92pts, +28.58pts, ROI 31.06%, ROC 28.58%.

Northern Monkey: Staked 117.87pts, -2.32pts, ROI -2%, ROC -2.71%.

Racing Service B: Staked 96pts, -2.17pts, ROI -2.26%, ROC -1.08%.

Pinpoint Golf: Staked 142.4pts, +40.9pts, ROI 28.72%, ROC 8.18%.

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