August Review

The word that most accurately describes portfolio performance through August is “solid”.  An overall ROI of 12.03% is pleasing and bank growth of 6.88% is not to be sniffed at.  Of the six services to provide tips, five ended the month in profit.

This month’s ‘Top Tipster’ award goes to Jason James Quantum Racing.  This was looking highly unlikely until last Saturday when a 2pt win double was landed, coughing up a 30.5pt profit in the process.

Last Saturday was actually a fantastic day all round with the day’s total profit figure representing 67% of the end of month profit figure.  Good job I didn’t miss those bets coming through!

Racing Service B was another who left it until late in the month before producing the goods, and like Jason James, that he did so at all was largely down to a successful win double, this time on Wednesday just gone (30th).  So when all was counted up Will enjoyed a decent enough August and it really is time now for the service to kick on.  It’s been a wee while since it demonstrated any real consistency and it needs to end the year strongly for me to retain the faith.

Away from racing and it was nice to see Pinpoint Golf which enjoyed another good month, mainly due to Justin Thomas winning the USPGA.  Ironically, for a service that relies predominantly on a statistical pricing money, there was a fair amount of personal judgment that went into making Thomas a tip.  Should Liam continue to combine the findings of his model with such shrewd personal judgment, the golf betting future will be bright.

The only bum note this past month has been played by Morning Value Service (Lite).  I guess that after such an outstanding performance over June and July, we were due a small correction, and that’s what we got.

Chasemaster: Staked 16pts, +3.333pts, ROI 20.8%, ROC 3.33%.

Jason James: Staked 129pts, +34.007pts, ROI 26.36%, ROC 17%.

Morning Value Service (Lite): Staked 79pts, -4.917pts, ROI -6.22%, ROC -4.91%.

Northern Monkey: Staked 90.2pts, +4.697pts, ROI 5.21%, ROC 5.87%.

Racing Service B: Staked 92.5pts, +19.375pts, ROI 20.94%, ROC 9.68%.

Pinpoint Golf: Staked 151.8pts, +47.3pts, ROI 31.16%, ROC 9.46%.


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