A tangible reward for patience.

How many times have you read about the need for patience when you’re betting?  It feels like I’ve used the word more than any other in the writing of this blog over the months and years!

And look, we do need patience.  Of course we do.  But sometimes it’s really good to see how being being patient can have a tangible reward so it’s importance is brought home to us in practical terms as opposed to it being something we simply read about and acknowledge.

Racing Service B has, I think it’s fair to say, exercised the patience of his members over recent times.  An undoubtedly talented tipster with an extremely strong long term track record, the last few months have seen very little/no headway.  I’m sure a number of followers will have moved on from the service, eager to catch the next big thing in the tipster world.  Those who didn’t, were compensated quite spectacularly last Saturday (9th).

Haydock 4.45: Face The Facts 1pt each way – 2nd 11/1.

Haydock 4.10: Sepal – 2pts win – WON 4/1.

Leopardstown 7.20: Burnt Sugar – 0.75pts win – WON 12/1.

Leopardstown 4.35: Laws Of Spin – 1pt each way – WON 20/1.

After a couple of dropped points from losers, the day’s profit tally ended up at +38.4pts!

Now I’m not suggesting that this service’s testing period ends now.  But it’s one heck of a start to ending it.  Hopefully this will be the spark to get things going again.  Of course it might not be, but one thing’s for certain…

I sure am pleased I remained patient! 🙂

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