SBC membership price goes up Sunday

I’m writing to let you know that SBC membership will be increasing in a little over 4 days time.

At midnight BST on Sunday 12th September, the cost of being a Smart Betting Club member will increase in price for all new customers.

The good news is that if you sign-up before Midnight on Sunday, you can get in at the current low rates whilst they are still available.

Best of all you can also lock in these low subscription fees for as long as you are a member. Be it 1 year, 5 years or like some of our very loyal customers – 15 years (since we began in 2006!)

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Why Choose an SBC Membership?

The Smart Betting Club is the premium tipster and betting review service in the industry.

Our aim is to give you the most comprehensive information about profitable betting so you can start making money from tipsters and betting services.

It is 100% possible to make a significant 2nd income from betting and we show you exactly how to do it with our reviews, reports and real-life expertise.

In operation since 2006, our 100% independent model puts you the bettor first (and not the bookie!) – something proven to work and which has made a profitable difference to countless members over the years.​

Membership Prices Increase Sunday

I have kept SBC memberships as low as I possibly can for years now. This is based on my desire to play fair and try and help as many of you as possible by pricing if affordably.

Yet as SBC grows in line with the demands from our loyal audience of members and we continue to uncover more and more profitable angles, the reality is that I simply have to increase the price of the service.

And so from Midnight this Sunday, the cost to join SBC will rise.

The good news is that those of you joining before this date will have the current low prices locked in for as long as your hold an active membership – meaning you’re protected from any future price rise.

So if you are looking to start improving your betting – make sure you get signed up right away and get in at the current low rates whilst you can.

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