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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you won’t failed to have noticed that football is back and with it comes the chance to make some serious money betting.

Earlier this week I touched on the genuine betting tipster experts who can help you in this quest, but with which bookmaker(s) should you bet this season?

To help answer that question, today I have a really special deal to share with you on the football bet brokerage service we have been investigating for some time that can make a major difference to your betting.

It’s good because not only does it allow you get all the best football odds from several bookmakers via just one account, but you can also trial it for 1 month for free courtesy of us!

I should state here, it’s probably best suited to those of you who bet at what you might term medium to high levels, but if that includes you be sure to read on…

What A Bet Broker Does…

You may well be wondering what it is exactly that a bet broker does?

Well quite simply, a bet broker can help you place bets with most leading bookmakers without going through the hassle of opening multiple accounts or transferring money back and forth.

Instead you simply have one account with the bet broker and place all of your bets through them – saving you time and money, whilst also helping you get the best odds quickly!

In many ways they are like an odds comparison site where you can not only check the best odds but bet directly with them.

Introducing Sportmarket Pro

One of the very best bet broker firms we have come across are Sportmarket Pro, who we have been observing and using for some time at the Smart Betting Club. We reviewed them twice earlier this year and all reports so far have been very positive. With the onset of the new season we thus thought it was high-time to let you all know about them!

Via their unique bet broker service, you can login to your Sportmarket Pro account and place bets which are available with any of the following firms:

– Pinnacle Sports
– Matchbook
– Singbet
– Samvo
– Foobet

Those of you who may have bet with the likes of SBObet and Pinnacle Sports will be aware they are amongst the very best football bookmakers – offering hugely competitive odds that many of the tired, old UK high street bookies can’t compete with.

Indeed, you might not have heard about some of the other bookies listed above, but they are all serious players originating primarily from the very busy Asian markets.

In short – they offer great odds that can make getting your bets on a lot easier!

Grab Your Catch-Free 1 Month Trial

You might be wondering so far…all sounds great but what’s the catch?

Well there genuinely isn’t a catch, beyond a few fees such as a £20 monthly charge and a £10 fee each time you withdraw.

This £20 monthly charge is waived if you turnover enough money each month – and best of all its been waived entirely for any Smart Betting Club readers keen to try them out for a month.

Simply register an account using our special Sportmarket Pro link and you will be automatically granted a free month to use their service. If not for you after this time, you can simply close it down.

Please note – you must use our Sportmarket Pro link as this 1 month trial is only available to Smart Betting Club readers.

Download Our Sportmarket Pro Review

If you want to know more about Sportmarket Pro, you can also now download our in-depth review of their service which we first published to members back in April 2014.

This is now available to anyone with a FREE Smart Betting Club membership, and once registered you can download the full review in PDF format.

Not only this but as a Free SBC member you can also grab a sample magazine, tipster profit report, football system & football bookmaker guide.

Extend Your Free Trial To 2 Months…As An SBC Member

I should also mention that if you are interested in grabbing an extended trial of 2 months free Sportmarket Pro access – that is also now available to all Gold SBC members.

It’s part of the Tipster Savings section available to SBC members, where we negotiate special deals, discounts and free trials on some of the best tipsters, services and software out there.

Very often the deals on offer will save you a heck of a lot more than what it costs to join us here at SBC!

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