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Wouldn’t it be nice to find out exactly who the tipsters are that get the bookies running scared?  Can you imagine how good it feels to wait for a simple email each day from your chosen experts, place your bets, and then watch your accounts grow as the profits rack up?

And wouldn’t it be even better if you were able to do all this without spending a penny in tipster fees, because you were able to grab a free trial until the end of the year!?!

Well, what greater launch-pad into the world of making excellent profits from horse racing could there be, than a free trial to an up and coming superstar of the tipping world?

James Boyle Racing is a horse racing service that we thoroughly reviewed for our members in June of this year.  Here are just a couple of the things we had to say about it:

“There is plenty to like about James’ service.  It is well run with good customer service, regular updates, and best of all a long-term record of profitability.”

“It is a service that in the future, may well lay claim to a Hall of Fame rating…” 

A Horse Racing Expert Showing Great Profits

Take a look at these simple facts:

  • In 2014, James Boyle hit an astonishing 51% ROI.  A starting bank of just £2,000 would have grown to £3,566 in just 12 months. 
  • In 2015 to date, James Boyle is continuing to rattle up the profits for his members, hitting a fantastic ROI of 20.3%.

A three month membership to James Boyle Racing usually costs £130 and due to popularity is now closed to new members anyway, but by signing up to join the SBC today, you can profit from this superb service until the end of the year without paying a penny.

Previous Trial = Roi Of 106%!!

To highlight just how powerful these free trials are, we need only look back to June, when to celebrate the release of our latest betting magazine we ran a similar offer.

Those who signed up had an unforgettable month of betting, as James piled on the profits.

When everything had been counted up at the end of the month, James had released 46 bets, and made a startling 49 points profit at an incredible ROI of 106%!

This means that even if betting to just £5/point, triallists cleared £245 in that month alone. 


Anyone who signs up for either a Smart Betting Club Gold or Platinum membership by Midnight on Monday 19th October will enjoy this free trial to James Boyle Racing until the end of the year.

This represents an immediate saving of £130.  There is no small print or hidden costs to worry about – simply sign up today for your SBC membership (Gold or Platinum) and we will kick start your trial to James Boyle Racing immediately.

3 Outstanding Tipsters Uncovered


Plus…Win A Membership To The Amazing Fink Tank Football Betting System

The Fink Tank is the name given to the football ratings developed by a company called Decision Technology (Dectech), which we have utilised at the SBC for several seasons to identify value football bets.

We have run the system for several years, over which time it has made a strong profit.  In June of this year, Dectech announced that they would no longer be publishing their ratings for free, meaning that the SBC is the only body able to provide the Fink Tank System bets.

The Fink Tank System has enjoyed a tremendously profitable start to the 2015/16 season, and hit FOUR OUT OF FOUR WINNING BETS LAST SATURDAY!

Take a look at this table that shows the performance so far this season by each of the four Fink Tank ‘Base Systems’ (You simply choose the 1 base system to follow that suits you best):

Fink Tank Performance Summary 2015/16 So Far

And to illustrate how much money that could mean, the following table indicates how much money you would have made if you’d started out with a £5,000 Fink Tank System betting bank:

Fink Tank Betting Bank 2015/16 So Far

A membership to the Fink Tank System usually costs £215.  But by signing up to a Gold or Platinum SBC membership before Midnight, Monday 19th October, you will enter a draw to win a full season’s Fink Tank membership.

Read more about the Fink Tank Service.

Fink Tank Service

Enjoy All The Benefits of an SBC Membership

As well as a free trial to James Boyle Racing and the chance to win a season’s membership to The Fink Tank football betting service, as an SBC member, you will also enjoy a series of other fantastic benefits, including…

  • Full access to all SBC Magazines for the next 12 months
  • Full access to all SBC Tipster Profit Reports for the next 12 months
  • Full access to our 9 year back catalogue of Magazines & Tipster Profit Reports, featuring hundreds of tipsters reviewed and strategies for making money
  • Full access to several profitable tipsters via the SBC Forum
  • Massive savings on many popular tipsters via the SBC Discount Club
  • A 30-day money back guarantee if not happy with your membership (Gold & Platinum only)
  • Plus several fantastic bonus systems & guides to help your betting
Everything we do is focused on helping you make as much money betting as possible, so if you’ve yet to take the plunge, why not sign up before midnight this Monday 19th October and see how we can help you.
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