Betting Tipsters & Systems: How To Move From Casual To Expert Gambler

The lowdown on how tipsters and systems can help make your betting pay…

Like many people my age, summertime means just one thing: Wedding invites.

And with every wedding these days, I also get the ubiquitous stag do, for which it’s fast become a tradition amongst my friends to host them at one of our local racecourses.

A great day out you might think for a betting man – not quite!

It’s not that I don’t like horse racing, but a day at the races puts untold pressure on my shoulders because everyone expects me “as the Editor of the Smart Betting Club” to pick them out a guaranteed winner.

You get the idea – if I can magic up a big 20/1 winner for the guys, the hotel rooms and bar bill is sorted for the night!

Betting as we all know is never that easy and after every stag do, I seem to end up having to explain why the fact I didn’t back a big winner that day, doesn’t correlate to me having lost my touch.

Learning How To Make Money Betting Long-Term

In many ways what this always brings up for me, is the difference between those who like to have the odd days betting for fun, and those who bet to make money long-term.

How though, can you make that transition from ‘fun gambler’ to one that can make your betting pay?

Well it’s actually easier than you might think and many of the successful gamblers I speak to in the Smart Betting Club, started off by asking that same question.

We all have to start somewhere and two of the most popular methods for this – are buying betting systems and following tipsters. Both come with pro’s and con’s and so to help out any of you wishing to ‘graduate’ your own betting, I have prepared a quick guide to each of them.

Buying A Betting System:

One of the most popular starting points is buying a betting system, where you will often get a set of rules on how to pick out a series of bets. With often just a one-off cost to purchase, it’s easy to understand why so many people are attracted to this first off.

Good betting systems are, however, notoriously difficult to find as many on sale are simply not as good as claimed, or worse – have deliberately made-up results. Take for example, one system uncovered on the SBC Forum this week. Despite its promises of untold riches, it is being alleged that the system doesn’t actually exist – yet people are still being fooled into paying ยฃ169 for it. (Expect to read more on this soon)

There are a few decent systems, which we can recommend such as the 4 Pronged Attack Racing System and the Fink Tank Football System, both of which have 2 years of proven results. The former comes free with SBC membership, whilst the latter can be accessed in this free guide.

In general, Betting Systems are great if you can find a genuinely profitable one – but these are sadly very few and far between.

Follow A Betting Tipster:

This is our favourite approach and we recommend it for most people starting out. We monitor over 40 of the very best tipsters in each of our regular Smart Betting Club Tipster Profit Reports, which help our members find out which tipsters really make a profit over the long run.

There are a lot of scammers out there, but also a surprising number of diamonds in the rough. The best tipsters donโ€™t do much advertising and people usually only find out about them through word of mouth or via our magazines.

There is often a small ongoing fee to subscribe to some of the best tipsters, but then it’s a small price to pay for their betting expertise. Sure, you can find the occasional good free tipster but very often the old mantra ‘you get what you pay for’ย  applies.

Following tipsters, for us, provide the best solution for anyone looking to break into the world of betting to make money.

More Help For Betting Systems and Tipsters

Getting started betting to make money has never been easier and here at the Smart Betting Club we have a whole host of resources, advice, guides and expert reports to put you on the right path.

Sign-up today for our risk free membership and gain instant access to all we have to offer.

Peter @ The Smart Betting Club