From Scams To Success: One Mans Tipster Journey…

If you have ever been conned or ripped off by a betting tipster scam then we have a fascinating tale to share with you today.

Originally posted by an SBC member on our private forum last week, it reveals one man’s betting journey, the tipster scams that nearly left him penniless and just how he has bounced back in fine style.

Although his story has a happy ending, it provides a stark warning on the perils of joining the wrong tipster or listening to the wrong ‘expert’…

From Scams To Success: One Mans Tipster Journey

“Several years ago, well before I stumbled across the Smart Betting Club I was looking for a decent tipster as time did not allow me to study form etc.. as I had for so many years before.

I had just taken voluntary redundancy to care for my partner and was looking for a way of subsidising our savings.

I trawled the internet for what seemed an age reading through tipster claim after claim. It really is difficult wading through all the hype that the tipsters put up as some of it is very well put together. The ones that claim massive returns were easy to filter out, but there are some that are very smart and do not paint such a pretty picture but still bait the hook with a decent sized worm.

I then came across a banner for a proofing site and decided that surely if this person checked the validity of a tipster’s results, then that was the way forward for me.

I had already subscribed at this point to a few services who just swallowed up my money and calmly told me where to go when I complained. So when one of these services also recommended the monitoring and validation site in an e-mail, I thought ‘happy days’.

No such luck. It became very clear that the ‘proofing’ service did not check results but instead just recommended any service that offered him a decent cut from subscription fees to paid services.

Conned out of my savings

I was conned and by Christ did I lose a hell of a lot of my savings, not to mention the crash of the banks in the middle of the night which cleaned out nearly 70% of my total saving and investments and also obliterated my private pension. Tough luck and a level of stress that almost saw my whole world collapse around my ears.

I honestly did not believe things could get any worse but the stress of all this financial woe soon took its toll on my partners health and I honestly thought she was never going to pull through.

Now I do not know if it is just my stubborn streak or the fact that I just hate to lose or simply that I was desperate and nearly flat broke but I sat down to completely re-evaluate everything that was occurring financially. Even though I was all for giving up I decided to persevere and give it one last try. I realise that to some that was the walking away point, but there was not a great deal of choice for me on that front.

Now as I had previously worked in the IT industry I had access to tools that the vast majority would never even hear of, never mind utilise and one of these tools was a sectional search engine, as used by educational and business communities. This little engine was probably the tool that turned it all around.

The power of this little engine was such that you could choose sectors to conduct searches focusing in the medical area or financial etc.. This is where I came across a posting concerning one of the tipsters I had previously subscribed to. It was a post from the SBC forum and it concerned a tipster I was following and how it was being proofed by the SBC.

I changed my search criteria again and focused on searches for the Smart Betting Club. In truth though, it sounded to me initially, like another con but desperate times call for drastic measures. I found a vast number of postings that you could not have found from the regular search engines and spent so many days reading these posting I thought my brain would explode.

Scepticism turned to interest

The simple point was that it was not long before scepticism of the SBC turned to interest. The information from the SBC Forum postings was exactly as I had experienced with the tipster that had turned me over. I was astonished at the number of comments that I found. It was just a shame the regular search engine could not gain access to the forum posts (as this was member’s only) as I might have found it sooner and avoided so much bookie heartache.

Anyway the rest is simple, I subscribed to the SBC, read a fair few more posts and even though it has not been plain sailing from the start the bookies have paid me back with interest. Now I just need to get back the rest that I lost in the crash (Nah I doubt that shall ever happen as tens of thousands is no mean feat to return with the size of my bank now).

I suppose what I am saying is that there are more cons than pros out there and even cons claiming to help point you in the right direction. It is easy to be roped in and turned over but as long as there are legitimate and honest services out there fighting your corner you just have to be patient and hopefully things shall balance out.

So for myself a big thank you to the SBC and all involved, not to forget and thank the people who took the time to post their own comments and reviews which have for the most proven to be just as helpful in turning things around. A big thank you to the Copperhead Search Engine for finding the SBC for me and also a big ‘hope you rot in hell’ to the so called monitoring service that shall sell you crap for a cut of the subscription fee and tell you it has been proofed and must just be having a bad time.

In all things are a little rosier and I can only hope more people find their way to the right information and follow the good advice given. Hopefully this shall lead to much greener pastures. Just remember though that not every good tipster has good days, bad runs happen, but if the advice and reviews are good then the theory is that you shall come up trumps in the end.”


Independence: Why The Smart Betting Club is Different

Whilst Edinbury gave us full permission to share this story with you, there are many more people who fall for scams just as he did who we know about. As mentioned in his story, many such scams are hard to pick out as supposed ‘review sites’ give positive reviews, solely as they make a cut on any sale they make.

Here at the Smart Betting Club we take a different stand-point as we are 100% independent and never use affiliate links or take cuts for any reviews/reports we perform on any external tipster service or product.

Instead we simply ask for a low annual fee for anyone who wishes to join us and in return we provide honest, accurate and reliable reviews and reports. It’s one reason we have been in existence since May 2006 – a rarity in the here-today-gone-tomorrow world of the tipster review world.

We also offer a genuine, bonafide 100% money back guarantee if at any time you are not satisfied with your subscription, so confident are we that you will like what we can offer you.

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