Revealed: Just How Good A Golf Tipster Is Steve Palmer?

Next week sees the start of one of the biggest golf tournaments of the year, when The Open Championship starts up at Royal Lytham and St Annes on Thursday.

Betting on The Open always brings with it the chance to pick up a high profile, big odds winner, and for many the first port of call in choosing their bets, will be the tips of Racing Post’s golf expert – Steve Palmer.

Steve is well renowned as a top golf betting writer and he made the Racing Post headlines back in May after tipping a number of big priced winners. Leading many to pose the question – just how good are Steve Palmer’s golf betting tips?

Well to help answer that, we have some figures to share with you on Steve’s long-term golf betting profits….

Steve Palmers Tipster Results…Revealed

Our in-house professional gambling expert Paul Chandler-Burns (PCB) has long been tracking Steve’s performance as he uses his tips as a filter to help inform his own golf betting.

Using his record’s we can reveal Steve Palmer’s tipping performance for 2012 as follows:

January +109.01 pts
February -82.88 pts
March -50.25 pts
April +45.5 pts
May +190.63 pts
June -19.5 pts

In total this equates to a profit of 193.17 pts for the year with a yield of 14%. Effectively this means that for every £100 you place on Steve’s tips, you win £14 back (if obtaining his advised odds).

The Racing Post continually flooded their back page with the amazing Steve and how the bookies were suffering on the back of May’s highly commendable performance. They were much quieter in February and March when Steve was losing 75% of stakes during both months. As always knowing the full facts is vitally important and just why we keep detailed records of every tipster we monitor here at SBC for complete accuracy.

Going back further into 2011, Steve achieved an above 30% yield for the year to PCB’s records although a note of caution should be added to these figures as they do include a 250/1 winner in Thomas Bjorn. Whilst that winner was very impressive, it did represent the majority of profits for the year and a lot of losing bets were also advised. You would have needed to follow Steve in each and every week without fail to have benefited fully.

Handicapped By Tipping On Every Golf Tournament

Steve is undoubtedly a top golf tipster, albeit one handicapped by the fact he has to provide tips for each tournament he covers – with usually around five players and twelve points staked each time out. One of the biggest advantages we have as punters is to pick and choose when we bet – not something Steve can do with an expectation from the Racing Post for tips each week.

Followers of Steve Palmer’s golf tips also have to be very patient as you can rack up some decent sized losing runs if following. You also have to contend with the squabble to get the advised odds on his tips as the bookmakers are quite rightly scared about masses of punters following him in.

The $64 Million Dollar question therefore of ‘should you follow Steve Palmer’s golf tips?’…does depend on your ability to contend with the above issues.

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