📈 Chasing Profits: Steaming Selections That YOU Can Follow! 💨

Chasing Steamers is one of the most innovative and impressive services we have had the pleasure of reviewing over the last few years.

Consistent profitability, a high volume of bets, strong bank growth and excellent customer service are all accompanied by smart and efficient bet delivery and results tracking, making this the perfect service for those who have access to bookmaker accounts.

We first reviewed CS back in November 2023 in a very detailed 18 page review that explored all aspects of how it works – including our experiences using it in real-life.

This means that we have plenty of tips, tricks and ‘hacks’ to choose the very best bets and prolong your action. To top it off, a 50 Euro discount is available too!

How Does It Work?

Chasing Steamers‘ is an apt title as this service tracks prices on the World’s largest sharp bookmaker, Pinnacle, and alerts you when any given selections shorten by a significant amount.

This means that (if you are quick enough!) you can back the selection with a soft bookmaker and take a value price before it gets backed there too.

Here is an example of what a Chasing Steamers notification looks like, with a minimum odds to beat and a 10% value bet for if you want a stronger filter:

All bets are delivered via the Telegram app and this ensures that it is easy to pick up bets as soon as they are delivered.

With a bookmaker account or two, you can make some serious profits, with a very solid and consistent edge playing out over as many bets as you want to take.

Best of all, this service delivers selections all day, every day. This means that you can set aside time for when you want to bet – missing ‘tips’ isn’t a problem like with other tipster services as there are always plenty more on the way!

It’s also an ideal service for those of you looking for something to bet on with the football season winding down! (although some might ask does it ever truly wind down with so much football on this Summer?!)

That’s because Chasing Steamers also advises bets on other key sports beyond ‘Soccer’ including Basketball, Tennis and several others such as Volleyball, Darts and Handball.

How Can SBC Membership Help?

A predictable issue that arises with taking value with soft bookmakers is account restrictions.

This is a reality with any expected value strategy but with plenty of experience under our belts, we have come up with numerous ways to help maintain use of services like Chasing Steamers. These include:

  • A free service that helps you to prolong any account by strategically placing neutral (or slightly negative) EV bets
  • SBC Member Video guides specifically for Chasing Steamers, where we discuss how to camouflage bets, filter out the best value and maximise profitability
  • A detailed bookmaker guide that profiles over 70 (yes, seventy!) fully licensed firms where you can get money down
  • A detailed, in-depth tipster review where we discuss everything from odds availability, bankroll management, drawdowns and long-term performance

Sign Up For All Of This & More

To get all of this (and much more) you will require a paid SBC Membership and options for different subscriptions are available to view here.

Chasing Steamers is a brilliant ‘bank builder’ and with a SBC Member discount you will cover nearly half of the cost of an annual membership before you access the rest of the site!

Further information about discounts and other member benefits are available to read here – as ever, if you have any questions, please get in touch!