From Secret To Smart

The 4th of September 2018 is the start of a new era as effective today – The Secret Betting Club has changed its name to The Smart Betting Club and can now be found at

Although we have a new name, website and look, everything else about the Smart Betting Club will remain exactly the same as it was when the ‘Secret Betting Club’ and we remain 100% dedicated to helping you make your betting pay.

The Smart Betting Club will continue to publish the same high-quality reports, reviews and magazines on the best betting tipsters – just as we have always done.

Why We Have Changed Our Name

When the Secret Betting Club (SBC) first began back in 2006, it was very much a ‘Secret’ with a very low profile and only a handful of members onboard.

Over the 12 years we have been going, this has changed significantly, and as the SBC service grew predominantly by word of mouth, its fair to say the ‘Secret’ behind the service was well and truly out!

Therefore the ‘Secret’ part of the name no longer seemed relevant and after much thought and debate, it was decided to replace it with the word ‘Smart’.

Smart helps to sum up neatly what it is we are about here.

Providing Smart analysis, Smart tipster reviews and Smart advice on anything and everything that helps you out as a punter.

After all that is what guides us in all we do – helping you make more money betting.

Phasing Out The Old ‘Secret’

Whilst from today forwards, the service will be known as the Smart Betting Club, you will see plenty of reference to the old ‘Secret Betting Club’ name especially from the back catalogue of articles, reports and links from other websites.

You will also probably continue to see links and references to us as the Secret Betting Club on websites and via historic articles published.

Whether its Secret or Smart – be assured its the same high quality service on offer and nothing has changed beyond the new name and the fresh look.

Update Your Address Book

If you are a regular visitor or SBC member, I would encourage you to update your links to (all website traffic is being automatically redirected to this new website) and to add our new email addresses: and to your contact lists or address book.

Emails sent to the old accounts will continue to be received.