Free Tipster Review – The Value Bettor

It’s the season for giving and goodwill – and so with that in mind, I have just put together a special new FREE download featuring my team’s detailed review of a very profitable tipster from earlier this year.

The tipster in question is called ‘The Value Bettor’ – who we have proofed since 2012, during which time he has made a Return on Investment of 35.1% from 1,305 bets advised.

More than just tips, this particular expert provides detailed write-ups to explain the reasoning behind each selection and just why he is backing it. Meet ups at race fixtures are arranged and a general love for the game shared amongst many of his like-minded members.

Already for the current, ongoing NH season (for that is his specialty), The Value Bettor is up an extra 16 points profit @ 31% ROI from his first 52 bets of the year, with more profits expected over coming months.

Our review and subsequent recommendation of The Value Bettor is a great example of how a membership of the Smart Betting Club can help provide you with everything you need to make money betting using tipsters.

You can now read our original SBC review of his service in full for free. Simply click the link below to download your special free PDF.

Download The Detailed ‘The Value Bettor’ SBC Review


Forensic Tipster Examination As Standard

This review is indicative as to the level of detail the Smart Betting Club team goes into when analysing a tipster we recommend.

We don’t simply put forward a tipster based on a few months results or a streak of good form, but genuinely long-term stats that demonstrate they have a clear edge on the bookmaker.

A tipster has to tick a lot of boxes to get through the Smart Betting Club review process and come out the other side with our recommendation.

After all our goal is not to help you beat the bookmaker for a few weeks or months but for several years to come.

The Value Bettor is indicative of that, having made 213.7 points profit at 35.1% ROI from 1305 bets over the past 6 years. His record is no flash in the pan and he has a clear edge over the bookmaker.

With easy to obtain odds on the tips advised, PLUS the ability to follow on the exchanges, its a great example of the type of tipster many SBC members follow in order to win at betting.

Download The Detailed ‘The Value Bettor’ SBC Review


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Peter Ling

Smart Betting Club Owner and Founder