The ‘Value Services’ – Exclusive SBC Offer

SBC have teamed up with long-running Hall of Fame tipster Kieran Ward to provide access to 3 fantastic tipster services from his ‘Value Service’ range.

With a profitable record dating back to 2011 and with over 40,000 proofed bets behind him, Kieran knows how to make a profit from horse racing.

In total there are 3 ‘Value Services’ to choose from, each of which will appeal to different bettors depending upon your circumstances as follows…


1. Ideal For Selective & ‘Bookie Limited’ Bettors – (FVS) The Festival Value Service

This service supplies advice only during the big racing festivals – the likes of Royal Ascot, Cheltenham, Glorious Goodwood and many others, thus making it ideal for those of you who prefer to be more selective with your betting. It is also ideal for those of you who struggle to get on due to bookmaker limitations as during such festivals, bookmakers are often willing to take far larger bets than usual.
Since late 2011, this service has made an outstanding 17.08% ROI from 2009 bets at a ROC of 137.25%.


2. Ideal For Daytime Bettors – (MVS) The Morning Value Service

This service is perfect for those of you looking for a busy, high turnover tipster providing a strong set of profits, ROI and ROC. Averaging around 10-15 bets per day, since 2011 it has made a 9.66% ROI from 30771 bets and a Return on Capital (ROC) of 991% to the SBC advised betting bank.
A subscription to MVS also includes all Festival Value and Evening Value tips so its the complete tipping package.


3. Ideal For Evening Bettors – (EVS) The Evening Value Service

If you are only available to bet later on during the day, then this service (which is based on the same sound tipping logic as the Morning Value Service) will be right up your street. Tips are advised 45 minutes before the first evening race of the day and since 2011 it has made a 10.13% ROI from 13545 bets and a ROC of 548%.


Profits Every Year Since 2011: A Combined 4345 Points @ 9.81% ROI

The MVS Service (which also provides access to all EVS tips) has made a profit since the service began way back in 2011.

As a combination, over the course of 44316 bets in total advised since 2011, a profit of 4345 points has been made at 9.81% ROI.

The full rundown of each calendar year is as below:

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Introducing Kieran Ward & The Value Services

Kieran Ward is the creator, operator and expert behind each of these 3 Value Services – all of which are based on the same, sound value betting principles that have served him so well since 2011.

Many of you will be familiar with Kieran thanks to his long-running Morning Value Service, which started proofing to SBC on the 11th July 2011, during which time over 30,000 bets have been verified.

After a full year of proofing, we first reviewed the Morning Value Service back in July 2012 in SBC Issue 74. After impressing us with the strong profits on offer, we upgraded the Morning Value Service into our Hall of Fame in September 2012, where it stayed ever since due to its consistent form.

Kieran’s approach is to identify in general larger-priced bets to bet upon win only, at an average price of between 9 and 10/1. Its been proven to work, having made consistent profits year-in, year-out ever since 2011.

For those of you keen to follow his expert tips, there are 3 options available to you as follows…


Option 1. The Festival Value Service (FVS)

If you are one of the many punters who struggle to get your bets on with the bookmakers, then the Festival Value Service (FVS) might well be right up your street.

This service focuses solely on providing betting tips during all the main racing festivals, where bookmakers will regularly stand up larger staked bets than usual.

Long-term the FVS service has made a substantial profit of 343 points from 2009 bets. This equates to a ROI of 17.08% and a ROC of 137.25% to the advised 250 pt betting bank.

All bets are supplied via email at around 10.40am for each day of a major festival/race meeting. You can also access them via a secure login to the FVS members only website.

The Festival Value Service advises bets at the following meetings throughout the year:

  • Hennessy Festival, Newbury – End November
  • International Meeting, Cheltenham – Mid Dec
  • Victor Chandler Chase, Ascot – Mid Jan
  • Festival Trials Meeting, Cheltenham – End Jan
  • Ascot Chase Day, Ascot Mid Feb
  • Cheltenham Festival Mid March
  • Grand National Meeting, Aintree – Early April
  • Guineas Meeting, Newmarket – End April/Early May
  • May Festival, Chester- Early/Mid May
  • Derby Festival, Epsom – Early June
  • Royal Ascot – Mid June
  • July Meeting, Newmarket – Mid July
  • Glorious Goodwood – End July/Early August
  • Ebor Meeting, York – End August
  • St Leger Meeting, Doncaster Mid September
  • Cambridgeshire Meeting, Newmarket End September
  • Future Champions Day, Newmarket – October
  • Open meeting, Cheltenham – Mid November

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Option 2. The Morning Value Service (MVS)

If you prefer to bet several times every day then the very active Morning Value (MVS) service will be ideally suited for you.

With an average of around 10 to 15 bets per day, it can reward those of you with the time and bookmaker accounts available to make steady, regular betting profits.

MVS is the most complete package and subscribers to it also receive all Festival and Evening Value selections as standard.

All told, MVS has a huge record of past results with 30771 bets proofed since 2011 and a 2973 point profit. This is at an ROI of 9.66% and ROC of 991.15%.

All bets are supplied via email by Kieran at 10.30am each day in one concise email.

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Option 3. The Evening Value Service (EVS)

The 3rd and final option is suitable for those of you who prefer to bet later in the day, with all tips from this service supplied exactly 45 minutes before the first evening race.

With an average of around 5 to 10 bets per day (although this is dependent on the number of evening races going ahead), it is well suited to those of you who have both time in the evening spare and bookmaker accounts readily available.

The Evening Value Service (EVS) is based on the same sound principles that have made the MVS service such a success. The only difference is that it provides tips for evening racing only.

Since this service started back in late 2011, there have been 13545 bets, generating 1372 pts of profit at the key figures of 10.13% ROI and 548% ROC.

All bets are supplied by Kieran in one concise email 45 minutes before the start of the first race each evening.

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How The 3 Value Services Work

As a member of each of the 3 Value Service, you can expect to receive all of Kieran’s racing tips via email.

  1. Morning Value subscribers will receive an email featuring all of the days tips each morning at 10.30am
  2. Evening Value subscribers will receive an email featuring all of the evenings tips 45 minutes before the start of the first evening race
  3. Festival Value subscribers will receive an email featuring all of the days tips at usually around 10.40am the day of a meeting. A ‘heads-up’ email notifying of the exact time is sent at 10am.

The quantity of tips for each service will vary depending mostly upon the number of races each day but also the value opportunities observed.

For simplicity, all bets are advised and recorded to 1 point level stakes across the board for each service. All bets are also win only and are recorded as such.


Odds Settlement Policy

Kieran has his own odds settlement policy as follows:

I never quote a price that is available with less than 2 bookmakers and nearly 70% of bets are available generally
(I classify generally as being available with at least 5 bookmakers)”

In our own experience of this service (and something common to many racing tipsters) is that the quicker you can place your bets at the advised odds, the better. This is especially true for both the Morning Value Service and the Evening Value Service although the fact bets are sent through at either 10.30am (MVS) or 45 minutes before the first race (EVS) ensures you are placing bets when the racing markets have started to form.

If you are very concerned about placing your bets or lack access to enough racing bookmakers to make following a large scale of bets every day, then you might prefer the Festival Value Service only. As this focuses on the meetings where bookmakers offer earlier prices and greater liquidity, it is in general, much easier to match your bets at advised prices.


What You Can Expect As A Member

As a subscriber to any of the 3 Value Services you can expect to receive regular tips from Kieran and his team via email.

Each tip details the racetime, horse, course, advised odds and the bookmaker(s) offering this price at the time of email being sent.

Kieran also sends regular performance reviews to provide an ongoing overview of how the various services are progressing.


Subscribe Now

Option 1 – Festival Value Service @ £157 + VAT
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Option 2 – Morning Value Service
Don’t forget that a Morning Value subscription also includes access to all Festival Value & Evening Value selections – its the complete package!

3 months @ £299 + VAT
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6 months @ £499 + VAT
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12 months @ £899 + VAT
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Option 3 – Evening Value Service

1 months @ £37 + VAT
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3 months @ £97 + VAT
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6 months @ £157 + VAT
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12 months @ £257 + VAT
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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that many of you will have questions as regards the service, so here are some answers to common queries…

What are the advised betting banks for each service?

Our advised betting banks are as follows:

MVS – 300 pt bank as standard, 350 pt bank for those looking to be ‘extra safe’
EVS – 250 pt bank as standard, 300 pt bank for those looking to be ‘extra safe’
FVS – 250 pt bank as standard, 300 pt bank for those looking to be ‘extra safe’

Please note – our own betting bank suggestions are based on our own preferred approach and do differ at times to Kieran’s own suggestions. We take a more cautious approach to betting banks at SBC in general.

Do the results listed above include Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) uplift?

Yes they do – Kieran’s record does include an additional benefit for BOG uplift so if unable to obtain BOG concessions on your bookmaker account, it would be wise to shave a few percentage points off the listed ROI.

How are the tips provided?

Tips are provided by email and via access to a secure members area.

What time of day are the bets advised?

This varies from service to service. MVS tips are sent in 1 email at 10.30am, FVS in 1 email at usually 10.40am and EVS in 1 email 45 minutes before the start of the first race.

I am concerned about taking a price on a bet at these times in order to protect my bookmaker accounts.

It is fair comment and there is no getting away from this for modern day gamblers. Our advice is to bet sensibly, spreading your stake around multiple bookies and at reasonable sums.

With this in mind, we recognise that at times price sensitive services such as MVS and EVS might not be suitable for everyone, especially those who are unable to bet freely.

In this instance, the FVS service may be the preferred option, given the accepted wisdom it is much easier to place bets during the larger meetings.