Getting Started With Tipsters. Walkthrough guides and interviews with 4 winners on how they began…

One of the most popular questions I am asked by those new to either the concept of betting with tipsters for profit or indeed the Smart Betting Club itself is that of ‘How Do I Get Started?’

After all, it can be daunting to know exactly what sports to bet on, what tipsters to follow, how much to bet and so on, especially with so much to choose from.

Which is where our cunningly titled‘Getting Started With Tipsters’ section can help you as it outlines 5 different scenarios from beginner to expert punter and how to get going based on where exactly you stand.

The 5 scenarios cover all bases and are as follows:

  • Scenario 1: If you are brand new to betting for profit
  • Scenario 2: If you are working to a tight budget
  • Scenario 3: If you are an experienced punter with some prior success
  • Scenario 4: If you are a profitable punter experiencing bookmaker restrictions looking for exchange options.
  • Scenario 5: If you are a full-time winning punter looking to build on existing profits

Wherever you fit into the above and the individual circumstances that surround your betting then it will give you the tools and links on how best to get started and to build from there.

Tailored To Your Specific Betting Needs

We have put together this Getting Started With Tipsters section as we recognise that everyone has different needs based on where you are currently in your betting journey.

Whether you are a total beginner, somewhat experienced punter or even established full-time winner, your requirements will be fundamentally different on what you are looking for from a tipster service.

This is because the tipster(s) that suit each of you will differ based on things like:

  • Budget
  • Experience
  • Time available
  • Schedule
  • Bookmakers available
  • Exchanges/brokers available
  • Risk preferences
  • Patience levels
  • Expectations
  • Sporting preferences

So if you are unsure of exactly where to get started – don’t be put off as SBC is here to help you!

Also Now Available – The Getting Started With Tipsters Interview PDF

To further help you get going betting profitably, as am SBC member you can you also explore our interview PDF with 4 different punters on how exactly they got started betting with tipsters.

All 4 have a detailed betting background and level of experience in the betting world, whether it be trading, building their own strategies or a time worn approach to following tipsters that works for them.

Providing inspiration into 4 different ways to make your betting a success from those actively involved in following tipsters.

One such interview is with ‘Dave’ (not his real name) who has been an SBC member since 2014 and currently makes a five figure sum annually by betting with tipsters.

I have previously grilled Dave on how he makes this profit each year (click here to read that), but in this new interview, I specifically wanted to know about how he got started.

Dave told me:

  • His humble beginnings and initial goal to simply make a profit
  • How he scaled up to following the dozens of tipsters he uses now
  • The sports & markets he focused on initially and now
  • How he chooses the tipsters to follow
  • The red flags that make him wary about tipsters unsuitable to him
  • How and when he increased stakes along the way
  • His advice on what to do if looking to imitate his approach!

You can read the full chat with Dave and those with 3 other similar punters using tipsters in this new ‘Getting Started With Tipsters’ Interview PDF – available now to Smart Betting Club members.

Start Small Today, Win Big In The Future…

If you are interested in the concept of learning how to make a profit betting using tipsters, as an SBC member, we give you all the tools, information and advice you need to get going.

Whatever your budget or background, there is something for everyone and remember… from little acorns do mighty oaks grow.

So even if you are starting small (like Dave did.) over time this process can reap dividends. I’m not going to insult your intelligence and say you can turn £500 into £10,000 overnight, but we have seen that with the right guidance and tools, over time you can build up to making significant sums.

After all, if you can’t win at small stakes, you never will at big stakes!

If keen to get started, you can also join and take advantage of our money back guarantee, where you can request a full, no-quibble refund within 30 days (quarterly & bi-annual memberships) or 90 days (annual memberships) once you join the Smart Betting Club.

This money back guarantee is there to give you the confidence that what we offer can genuinely make a difference to your betting.

So, why not give it a try and sign-up today for instant Smart Betting Club access.

Best Regards

Peter Ling

Smart Betting Club Owner and Founder