Getting Started With Tipsters. Walkthrough guides and interviews with 4 winners on how they began…

One of the most popular questions I am asked by those new to either the concept of betting with tipsters for profit or indeed the Smart Betting Club itself is that of ‘How Do I Get Started?’

After all, it can be daunting to know exactly what sports to bet on, what tipsters to follow, how much to bet and so on, especially with so much to choose from.

Which is where our cunningly titled‘Getting Started With Tipsters’ section can help you as it outlines 5 different scenarios from beginner to expert punter and how to get going based on where exactly you stand.

The 5 scenarios cover all bases and are as follows:

  • Scenario 1: If you are brand new to betting for profit
  • Scenario 2: If you are working to a tight budget
  • Scenario 3: If you are an experienced punter with some prior success
  • Scenario 4: If you are a profitable punter experiencing bookmaker restrictions looking for exchange options.
  • Scenario 5: If you are a full-time winning punter looking to build on existing profits

Wherever you fit into the above and the individual circumstances that surround your betting then it will give you the tools and links on how best to get started and to build from there.

Tailored To Your Specific Betting Needs

We have put together this Getting Started With Tipsters section as we recognise that everyone has different needs based on where you are currently in your betting journey.

Whether you are a total beginner, somewhat experienced punter or even established full-time winner, your requirements will be fundamentally different on what you are looking for from a tipster service.

This is because the tipster(s) that suit each of you will differ based on things like:

  • Budget
  • Experience
  • Time available
  • Schedule
  • Bookmakers available
  • Exchanges/brokers available
  • Risk preferences
  • Patience levels
  • Expectations
  • Sporting preferences

So if you are unsure of exactly where to get started – don’t be put off as SBC is here to help you!

Also Now Available – The Getting Started With Tipsters Interview PDF

To further help you get going betting profitably, as am SBC member you can you also explore our interview PDF with 4 different punters on how exactly they got started betting with tipsters.

All 4 have a detailed betting background and level of experience in the betting world, whether it be trading, building their own strategies or a time worn approach to following tipsters that works for them.

Providing inspiration into 4 different ways to make your betting a success from those actively involved in following tipsters.

One such interview is with ‘Dave’ (not his real name) who has been an SBC member since 2014 and currently makes a five figure sum annually by betting with tipsters.

I have previously grilled Dave on how he makes this profit each year (click here to read that), but in this new interview, I specifically wanted to know about how he got started.

Dave told me:

  • His humble beginnings and initial goal to simply make a profit
  • How he scaled up to following the dozens of tipsters he uses now
  • The sports & markets he focused on initially and now
  • How he chooses the tipsters to follow
  • The red flags that make him wary about tipsters unsuitable to him
  • How and when he increased stakes along the way
  • His advice on what to do if looking to imitate his approach!

You can read the full chat with Dave and those with 3 other similar punters using tipsters in this new ‘Getting Started With Tipsters’ Interview PDF – available now to Smart Betting Club members.

Start Small Today, Win Big In The Future…

If you are interested in the concept of learning how to make a profit betting using tipsters, as an SBC member, we give you all the tools, information and advice you need to get going.

Whatever your budget or background, there is something for everyone and remember… from little acorns do mighty oaks grow.

So even if you are starting small (like Dave did.) over time this process can reap dividends. I’m not going to insult your intelligence and say you can turn £500 into £10,000 overnight, but we have seen that with the right guidance and tools, over time you can build up to making significant sums.

After all, if you can’t win at small stakes, you never will at big stakes!

If keen to get started, you can also join and take advantage of our money back guarantee, where you can request a full, no-quibble refund within 30 days (quarterly & bi-annual memberships) or 90 days (annual memberships) once you join the Smart Betting Club.

This money back guarantee is there to give you the confidence that what we offer can genuinely make a difference to your betting.

So, why not give it a try and sign-up today for instant Smart Betting Club access.

Best Regards

Peter Ling

Smart Betting Club Owner and Founder

Answered: Your questions on getting started with tipsters…how much it costs, what you can realistically make and more..

Last week, I revealed details on the new Getting Started With Tipsters section now available to SBC members and how it can help you if unsure of exactly how to begin on your profitable betting journey.

It’s release actually prompted a few emails from those of you keen to know more about the process of betting for profit with tipsters, so I thought I would answer a few of the most prominent queries below

I tackle everything about how much you need to get started, what you can potentially make through to how to deal with bookmaker limits when winning….

Why you should I bother with tipsters? I can pick my own betting tips!

Almost everyone when they start betting thinks they know more than the bookmaker. At some point, usually after a few losers, the penny starts to drop that it is really hard to win money betting. It’s one thing having an opinion about the outcome of a race, game or event, yet it is another entirely to turn a profit from these opinions in the betting market.

That is why only a tiny proportion of bettors are long-term winners (estimated to be between 1% and 2%) and even fewer yet make significant sums doing so.

This is where tipsters come in – they know how and what to bet on (and when) in order to make a profit. They put in the time and effort, yet most importantly also have the skill most people don’t have at picking value betting opportunities.

How much do I need to get started?

You can get started with a small amount, yet you just need to be prepared to be patient to let this grow over time.

In fact, I would go so far as to say it’s better to start small and build up rather than go in with a big amount and learn the ropes when any rookie mistakes can be very costly indeed.

So whether you have £250 or £25,000 – you can get started and build from there as you feel comfortable

How much can I realistically make?

Again, it’s about being realistic. Anyone that says you can make £20,000 in your first year or quit your job within a few months is selling an impossible dream.

Some of the punters we interviewed in our ‘Getting Started With Tipsters’ guide started out following just 1 tipster and often a free or very cheap one at that to boot.

For example, Dave, who now makes a 5 figure profit each year told us

“My first goal was very simple – to make money betting, which is something I managed to do …. I began with just one tipster and then moved to follow around half a dozen as that went well.”

It took him 3 years to go from following this one tipster and proving he could make a profit to where he is now – making this 5 figure annual return.

Can I expect to make a certain profit every month? How does this all work?

One of the biggest challenges many punters face is learning to deal with losing, including paying for tips that lose and go on short-term losing runs.

This is because betting for profit isn’t like having a weekly wage or fixed amount of profit week-in, week-out. It doesn’t work like that in the real world.

You might make £2000 over the course of 3 months, yet it could be you make £1000 in month 1, lose £500 in month 2 and then win £1500 in month 3.

As Dan, one of our interviewed panel of experts put it:

“Don’t let your betting be dominated by whether you have won or lost in the last few weeks or months as it will always turn in time. Just let it all play out over the weeks and months and stay level-headed at all costs.

Too many people judge their success based on what they made last week, last month and so on. Don’t fall into that trap. Look at what you will make over 12 months and longer”

Can you follow any good tipsters for free? I am worried about spending a lot when starting out?

Absolutely – it’s a little know benefit of SBC membership that you can access several free tipsters to follow via email that have excellent track records. You can find details on them here and a breakdown of past performance figures achieved here.

Many SBC members get started out following a handful of these experts first and foremost. They help to get you accustomed to simple practices – such as staking plans, how betting banks work and the bookmaker or exchange accounts you might need.

What about other tipsters that charge fees – such as those in your Hall of Fame, how much do they cost?

The key thing to be aware of in terms of those tipsters that achieve a Hall of Fame recommendation is that the fee charged has to be judged in the context of the profits you can make following.

It is therefore very hard for a more expensive tipster (e.g. at £75 a month) to achieve this recognition and they only do when you can make considerably more at reasonable stakes if following. In reality, those more expensive tipsters advise a lot more bets and are more suitable to more experienced punters – often those with a fair bit of spare time to commit to following.

Having said that, the average cost for some of the best tipsters work out at around £30 per month and again the quality of each service is judged against what you can look to make following at reasonable stakes.

So for a £30 monthly outlay, you might expect to average between £100 and £200 per month profit at smallish stakes.


What about bookmakers who limit or restrict winning punters? Won’t they stop my betting once I become profitable?

Yes, this has to be a consideration and this is why we advice a series of different scenarios in our ‘Getting Started With Tipsters’ guide which depends on your circumstances.

If you are totally new, then there is less concern about this issue, yet as profits build, we advise you on the sports, markets and tipsters to focus on. All the way through to the advice we provide full-time professionals on how to profit on the exchanges or with Asian firms/bet brokers.

In a nutshell, your betting and the tipsters you focus on will need to evolve over time. This is easily achievable simply by adding in more experts that you can follow on the betting exchanges or with firms that don’t restrict you.

OK, sounds great, how can I get started?

As soon as you like – already we have several tipsters active in the German Bundesliga markets (this is nothing new – they tipped up in these leagues prior to the pandemic) and with racing due back on the 1st June and other football leagues and sports to follow soon, then things are starting to return to normal.

Given this comparative lack of sport to bet on, it does allow you to ease yourself in and so making it a good time to start with a couple of tipsters, learn the fundamentals of success (everything from your risk profile to betting banks and the advanced tipster analytics we provide) and start building up gradually.

Whenever you join, there is also a money back guarantee available with SBC membership, so if you find what is on offer isn’t suitable to you, then request a refund no questions asked!

Get Started With SBC Right Away!

You can read more on the new Getting Started With Tipsters section in this blog post, yet for those of you with additional questions to ask, please feel free to send them to me via

There is no such thing as a stupid question as we all had to start somewhere, so if I can help you in anyway, let me know!

So, why not give it a try and sign-up today for instant Smart Betting Club access.

How to start betting using tipsters without breaking the bank!

Did you know that as a Smart Betting Club member you can gain access to free betting tips as provided by a series of hand-picked and highly successful tipsters?

If not, well you really such check out this amazing ‘bonus’ feature of SBC membership as it includes access to free tips from experts such as:

  • The winner of the recent ‘Tipster Idol’ competition;
  • The bookmaker ‘insider’ providing winning in-play and pre-match football tips;
  • The racing guru up 1100 points profit at 10.34% ROI since 2011;
  • The golf expert with a habit of picking big winners.

It’s an ideal solution for those of you not sure where to start OR wary about spending money on large tipster subscriptions. This is because it provides you with ready to follow experts that have a proven record of making profits and all without breaking the bank.

How To Gain Access To These Free Tips…

Its all very simple – sign-up for a SBC membership and then pick and choose the tipsters you wish to follow via our members-only ‘Free Tips’ section. You will then receive their tips free of charge to your email account each time they have bets to advise.

Five Of The Best Free SBC Tipsters…

For those of you wanting to know more about some of the free tipsters you can enjoy with SBC and how much they have made – I have penned a few words below on the performance of 5 of the current featured free tipsters:

1. Kieran Ward’s Value Racing Tips (Worth £30 a month)

In an exclusive tie-up with the Smart Betting Club – as a member you can now access top performing tips from racing expert, Kieran Ward of Value Service fame.

Kieran is now supplying all of his outstanding racing tips priced between 10/3 and 5/1 via email each day – advice it normally costs £29.99 per month to access.

It’s a fantastic deal as since 2011, these tips priced have made a 1099 point profit and 10.34% ROI from 10874 bets.

As a Smart Betting Club member you can follow all of these racing bets via email – with tips supplied twice a day Monday to Saturday direct to your inbox.

2. The Tipster Idol Champion Winner!

The Turf Buddy (AKA Gerry) was the winner of the special tipping competition that we ran in conjunction with Betting Metrics between March and June 2019 and as an SBC member, you can now follow all of his advice for free.

Over the course of 703 bets advised during the competition, Gerry returned a profit of 438 points @ 10.10% ROI through his advice. It was good enough for him to win the Tipster Idol competition and scoop the £800 first place prize!

Since then, Gerry has added another 66.8 points profit @ 23% ROI and is enjoying a fantastic July.

Having witnessed his top tipping pedigree both prior to and since the competition, we have agreed a deal with Gerry to supply his racing tips for free to SBC members via email each day.

3. The Poacher Football Tips – PreMatch & In-Play

You can now also follow advice from well connected football tipster – ‘The Poacher’ for free as a Smart Betting Club member with both his pre-match tips and now in-play tips available.

The service is named ‘The Poacher’ because it is overseen by a true ‘Poacher turned Gamekeeper’ who has been working for bookmakers in a variety of roles since 1996 and has decided to operate his service from ‘behind enemy lines’.

We recruited him to the SBC team in January 2019, since when he has made a 11.76 point profit @ 6.7% ROI tipping in football leagues across Europe from his pre-match tips. All of which are supplied by email direct to your inbox.

He has also now setup a new In-Play tipping service – again free to follow as an SBC member via the Telegram App (free to use).

4. Golf Guru ‘PGA Profits’ Regular Tips

You can now follow advice from up and coming golf tipster – PGA Profit as a Smart Betting Club member.

Run by Matt, a former accountant, who has been betting as an investment for the past 14 years, his PGA Profit service has been quietly proofing up a good set of profit figures from his golf tips. He advises a mix of outright each-way and top 10/20 bets each week.

From his first 562 bets in the outright, top 10 and top 20 golf markets, Matt has made a £4488.54 profit at 15.66% ROI.

Best of all – these tips are easily matched with both bookmakers and on the betting exchanges.

Once again, you can get all Matt’s advice via email as a SBC member.

5. The Inside Man’s Football Tips

For the the last 20 years, the tipster we call ‘The Inside Man’ has worked in a number of football roles at professional clubs and also for leading betting syndicates – hence why we recruited him to supply tips to SBC members.

Since he began back in January 2019, he has put up 100 tips and made a 6.8% ROfrom the advice given in his chosen leagues and competitions. All as part of a coherent and long-term profitable betting strategy.

As a Smart Betting Club member you can follow all of The Inside Man’s football bets, which feature a mixture of single and double bets on all major leagues.

Follow These Tipsters With Your Risk-Free SBC Membership

The tipsters mentioned above are available to follow for free each day as part of your Smart Betting Club subscription.

Simply choose the tipster(s) you wish to follow and sign-up to get their selections sent via email by following the links in the SBC ‘Free Tips’ members only section.

So, if you are looking to get started betting with tipsters and don’t want to splash the cash on expensive subscriptions, why not consider following our free tipsters as part of your Smart Betting Club membership.

Best of all, you can now sign-up totally risk-free thanks to our money back guarantee,which ensures if you find our service (and these free tipsters) not for you, then you can get a full refund.

Meaning you have everything to gain and nothing to lose from joining our exclusive club!

Best Regards

Peter Ling

Smart Betting Club Owner and Founder

If you have any questions on this article or a Smart Betting Club membership in general, you can contact me directly via I respond to all emails as quickly as I can!