The ‘Pro Betting Fundamentals’ to guide you towards long-term betting success

With racing just a week away from returning and several football leagues gearing up for their resumption, the sporting and betting world is about to get really busy very soon.

All of which means that right now it’s a great time to you lay the foundations for REAL betting success whilst you have the time to do so (i.e. with no sporting or betting distractions!)

This might be by getting to grips with the betting banks and staking plans they use or by learning how to adopt the psychology of a winner and understanding the key value betting concept all successful punters use.

These foundations are not difficult or time consuming to put in place – yet you would be surprised how much of a difference to your profit and loss figures they can make!

SBC’s EXPANDED Pro Betting Fundamentals Section

So with the above in mind, during the past few months, the SBC team have been hard at work expanding the ‘Pro Betting Fundamentals’ and ‘Betting Insight’ section of the SBC service we provide to members to give them everything they need to lay these foundations for long-term success.

This includes unique articles on developing your risk profile, how safe and secure bookmakers are, if you should bet each way or win only AND the release of our updated 65-page Pro Gambler Blueprint Guide.

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Our Updated 2020 Pro Gambler Blueprint

First off, all SBC members get a copy of our Pro Gambler Blueprint, which is an exhaustive 65 page guide to put you firmly on the path to becoming a full time betting professional and ensure you have the fundamentals for success in place.

Freshly updated for 2020, this guide will help you transform your approach to betting and explain to you the fundamentals behind making it a success.

The Pro Gambler Blueprint is split into eight easy to follow sections:

Part One: Getting Started – The Fundamentals of Betting Success – The building blocks of what makes a consistent winner.

Part Two: The Nitty Gritty – 7 Pro Tips – Practical tips and advice on the tools, websites and resources to use when betting.

Part Three: Setting Realistic Expectations – How often you can expect to win and lose explained in both odds and percentage terms.

Part Four: The Pro Betting Mindset – Understanding the value betting concept and how to change your thinking to be a winner

Part Five: Betting Banks & How To Set Them Up For Success – A simple guide on how to setup a betting bank for each tipster you follow. Very easy to follow indeed and essential for EVERY bettor.

Part Six: Building Your Own Tipster Portfolio – Want to follow more than one tipster and run a ‘portfolio? Everything you would ever need to know is explained in this extremely detailed section

Part Seven: What To Bet On – Backing, laying, horse racing & football betting – all the main markets explained and explored

Part Eight: Producing Your Own Prices – Understanding how bookmakers work and how to compile your own odds.

There is also a handy appendix and glossary to help explain betting terms such as Laying, Yankees and Asian handicaps, alongside a comparative odds table for American, Fractional and Decimal odds.

The Unique Betting Insight Section

Those of you looking for even more expert advice will love our expanding SBC Betting Insight section, which covers in great detail key topics you need to understand to bet profitably.

Covering topics ranging from handling losing runs, to understanding value betting, through to the psychological issues at play when we bet, it is designed to help you build the best platform for sustained betting achievement.

Here are just a few recent SBC Betting Insight articles:

  • Should You Bet Each Way or Win Only?
    An in-depth look at this perennial question on the how and why you might like to bet each way or to win – specifically when following tipsters. Exploring topics such as the differing size losing runs each method brings, betting bank growth, bookmaker and exchange comparisons plus the very important psychology aspect, it’s a detailed examination of what you need to know about the best way to bet for you.
  • Understanding Risk and how it can shape the tipsters we follow and the bets we place
    A special article on the topic of risk, including 2 simple tests to work out your own risk profile and tolerance levels. Understanding your approach to risk is absolutely vital when betting as if you have the wrong setup for your risk personality then there is every chance you will fail.
  • How safe is the money you deposit with bookmakers?
    Given the closures of several bookmakers recently and their inability to pay out customer balances, this article explains the varied levels of protection offered by bookmakers to the funds you deposit with them.
  • What’s Better? Strike-rate or Profit?
    Delving into the battle between strike-rate and profit and the real-life mental challenges that occur when using tipsters, especially those that select bets at big odds and to low strike-rates. Important insight for all punters.
  • Lessons we can learn from this legendary winning gambler
    Bill Benter is the man who cracked the horse racing code and a legendary gambler to boot. Yet much of what informed Bill, informs us as punters, especially when it comes to understanding ‘value betting’. These are the lessons we can learn from him.
  • Overnight Racing Markets – A Changed Betting Landscape
    The current state of play in the horse racing market, especially those betting overnight and how this impacts those following tipsters.

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