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To help showcase how the Smart Betting Club can help you, today I have an unpdated sample review to share about the in-form Wizard of Big Odds racing tipster service.


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This updated review was first published in March 2020, shortly before racing stopped and examined the latest performance figures for this popular service and just why it deserved an SBC ‘Hall of Fame’ rating.

Based purely on the results to date, the Wizard had made 389.77 points profit @ 30.19% ROI from 1216 advised bets to bookmaker prices.

At just £10 stakes per bet, that is a profit of £3,897.70 in a little over 21 months.

For those of you interested in following at Betfair SP, in this free review we also detail how these same bets will have made a 353.44 point profit (just 36 points less that with bookmakers)

All told, its quite a record thus far and in this review you can read our detailed take on:

  • Performance analysis at bookmaker prices;
  • Performance analysis at Betfair SP;
  • The results of our odds movement study following the service;
  • Betting bank and staking plan analysis;
  • Monte Carlo simulator results (including outputs like p-value);
  • The bookmaker accounts required to follow;
  • Exactly who the service is suitable for;
  • How to save 50% on subscription to this service with SBC (up to £175 a year).

So, if you wanted to explore the detail we go to in our review process and get our take on this popular tipster, download your sample review copy now:

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Forensic Tipster Examination As Standard

The Wizard of Big Odds is just one of 60 tipsters providing advice across a range of sports that we review and monitor for Smart Betting Club members. The very best tipsters we find make our ‘Hall of Fame’ of recommended services proven to make money betting.

A Hall of Fame recommendation is hard to achieve as we only bestow this mark upon those services who can clearly demonstrate a profitable edge over the bookmaker (or betting exchange) over a long period of time.

The Wizard of Big Odds is a classic example of this approach as whilst we first began monitoring him when he started in 2018 and published our first review of the service in September 2019, it wasn’t until this second review was published in March 2020 (which you can read in today’s email) – at which point the Hall of Fame ranking was granted.

A tipster has to tick a lot of boxes to get through the Smart Betting Club review process and come out the other side with our recommendation.

After all our goal is not to help you beat the bookmaker for a few weeks or months but for several years to come.

So if you are keen to read more of SBC’s reviews, ratings and Hall of Fame tipster recommendations, sign-up for your instant membership today!