Betting on Golf Via Betfair & Betting Exchanges

Can I bet on golf on the betting exchanges and make a profit?

This is one of the most common questions I currently receive as punters making a profit betting on golf with bookmakers start looking to betting exchanges such as Betfair as a solution to get their bets on.

Usually this question is posed because bookmaker restrictions have started to bite, because as most of us are aware – if making a profit betting, bookmakers will eventually either close you down or limit your stakes.

Whilst golf betting does often extend your bookmaker account shelf-life for various reasons (variance, spread of winners vs losers, belief you got lucky), at some point it does become an issue if making sustained profits.

Which is where the betting exchanges such as Betfair come in, especially if betting on the PGA Tour where each week lots of money is traded on betting exchanges – who crucially do not limit or restrict winning accounts.

This is also all part of the journey as a punter. Win money with bookmakers first of all. Then migrate to Betfair once your accounts dry up for more scalable long-term options.


To explore this question on golf betting exchange suitability, my team and I have run the numbers on the PGA Profit service if taking Win and Top 5 Betfair prices on his selections and comparing that to bookmaker odds on the same players if backed each way.

We gathered the odds for each market dating back to November 2020 at both bookmakers and Betfair as part of this analysis.

You can read the full breakdown in this free-to-read PDF but the headline news is that betting with Betfair is only slightly less profitable with a 4.98% ROI drop.

Here is how it looks:

To explain this table – we have 420 each way bets and 13 win only bets advised by PGA Profit since November 2020.

Over the course of these 433 bets, PGA Profit has made a 646 point profit with bookmakers, yet also a 551.47 point profit at Betfair Exchange odds.

The difference in ROI between the two is 4.98% with a 33.73% Bookmaker ROI and a 28.75% Betfair Exchange ROI

Suggesting that there is only a 4.98% ROI drop if taking Betfair’s Win market and Top 5 market odds VS placing these bets each way with a bookmaker.


If this interests you, then you can read the full PDF on this analysis free of charge via this link.

It explains more on the analysis we did and the differences between betting each-way with bookmakers and Win/Top 5 markets on Betfair.

For those of you totally new to golf betting, then I also recommend our sample golf-betting guide from earlier in 2022.

It includes details on 5 of the best tipsters and strategies we recommend, plus a full lowdown on how each of the SBC team fared betting on golf in 2021 (including the tipsters we used)

You can access it via this link:

Download Your Free 2022 Golf Betting Guide

The above link opens up a PDF file for download. If it doesn’t work – email me and I will send it to you instead!