A new betting review with a twist – The Smart Betting Club examined!

For something a little different today, I wanted to highlight a new independent review that you might want to check out.

Its a little different as instead of us doing the reviewing, this time its the other way round.

The Tennis tipster, Winner Odds has put together their own, unique review of the Smart Betting Club service, which you can now read over at this link.

Its a genuine, first-hand review of the service from Miguel Figueres, the brains behind Winner Odds on the Smart Betting Club service and benefits of membership.


Just to be clear as well – this review was written exclusively by Miguel with no input or influence by us at SBC.

The first I knew of the review was on Wednesday when it was published and that’s the way I feel content like this should be. Written by a user with no financial incentive or undue influence to write something positive.

Miguel is not an SBC affiliate and will make no money should anyone decide to join us.

Just like our own independent review approach to examining tipsters

Yes we rate his service highly but have done for years and we are not the only one. This testimonial from one SBC member outlined how they had made $15,562.41 using Winner Odds in just 6 months recently)

So please do go check out the review if interested in learning more on what we do at the Smart Betting Club.