New podcast With Richard Hayler of IBAS about bookmaker disputes

In the latest SBC Podcast Episode I was joined by Richard Hayler, the Managing Director of the betting dispute organisation, IBAS, to answer questions on his service and the current setup of the industry to adequately tackle the growing number of bookmaker complaints.

If you are one of the many punters with issues as regards bookmaker behaviour and IBAS’s role handling disputes, you won’t want to miss this episode!

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IBAS is one of the best known dispute resolution services operating in the UK and Richard came onto explain how his team helps to overview and adjudicate on the very many types of disputes that take place these days.

We explored the people that make up the IBAS adjudication panel, their funding model, case numbers and how it works from both the customer and bookmaker point of view.

Bookmakers have come in for heavy criticism in recent times especially from punters who feel letdown by the failure to tackle the increase in disputes and problems that arise these days and Richard talks frankly about this from his perspective, including how some of this is outside IBAS’s remit and the need for improvement to the processes and system in place currently.

IBAS has also been regularly criticised in terms of their relationship with bookmakers and their funding model and Richard is good enough to tackle all of these concerns head on – including those from punters who have little faith in the current system.

Over this hour long interview, Richard shares plenty of insight into the current setup as per bookmaker disputes and his hopes for what might transpire in the much delayed new gambling legislation, including the potential of a new industry ombudsman, a role that IBAS is rumoured to be very interested in.

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