£11,595 net profit in 2015 & finally credit-card debt free

Name: Steve
Joined: January 2014
Betting on: Horse Racing
Following: 5 tipsters

For me it all started back in January 2014 when I received a glossy item of junk mail from a ‘racing club’ offering me a 4 week trial to include a ‘HUGE GAMBLE’ at Chepstow on the 22nd February – all for the massive discount of £49 – saving me a huge £71.

I took no action and ignored it – but I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I started to wonder if there was some organisation that rates/monitors these racing clubs/tipsters. A month or so later I started to ‘scratch that itch’ and did some research on-line and eventually stumbled on a blog called ‘The Portfolio Investor’ written by Rowan Day.  Here for the first time – I learnt that following a portfolio of carefully chosen tipsters could be profitable – with a fair degree of patience and discipline.  Rowan also mentioned ‘The Smart Betting Club’ in fairly glowing terms, so I looked them up.

It’s worth pointing out that I’ve not been a fan of horse racing – or gambling for that matter and up to this point – had only dabbled with very small stakes (up to a fiver). So the idea of parting with £79 to join ‘The Smart Betting Club’, wasn’t an easy decision – £79 was (and still is) a lot of money to me!  But after a couple of month’s deliberation and further reading of Rowan’s blog, I took the plunge on 1st May 2014 and paid my £79 to join. There was a money back guarantee after all, so what had I got to lose?

I opened a separate bank account and email account as recommended and then joined 3 horse racing tipsters including the ‘Northern Monkey Punter’ and have to admit that I got lucky with some good returns in my first couple of months – it all seemed to be too easy! Towards the end of the year I hit a losing run and ditched a couple of tipsters in favour of SBC ‘Hall of Fame’ recommendations.  Losing runs are horrible, but provide a useful reality check – and I found myself re-reading the SBC’s ‘Professional Gambler Blueprint’ over and over to make sure I wasn’t making silly mistakes (I was)!

2015 started slowly and I didn’t make a penny of profit for the first 10 weeks.  Then came Cheltenham and at last – a chink of light !  Sadly Cheltenham was followed by another 4 barren weeks until Aintree when another good 3 days produced a little profit.  With this profit, I took the plunge and joined another Hall of Fame tipster. That was back in May of last year and I haven’t looked back since!  I currently follow 5 racing tipsters, all of whom are SBC reviewed and recommended.

During 2015, I managed an incredible net profit of £11,595 (after £1,764 of tipster subscription and SBC fees were deducted).  I’m now free from credit card debt for the first time in years and am planning a cruise with my long suffering wife for our Silver wedding anniversary in October this year – happy days!

I know it all sounds easy – but it does require a daily commitment to follow my chosen tipsters – every day of every week – the novelty has long since worn off!  Patience and discipline are also attributes that you cannot have too much of. Keeping a record and checking the latest Tipster Profit Report are also essential steps towards making some money and staying profitable.  So in 2 years I’ve come a long way –  I’ve made some mistakes and learned from them.  And I’ve really started to enjoy horse racing and went to my first race meeting last June at Royal Ascot – great fun!

Could I have done it without ‘The Smart Betting Club’?  Not a chance.
Steve from Cheltenham