I warned you about this tipster: 25/1, 20/1 & 10/1 winners.

Last month, I shared the full SBC review of one top performing racing tipster with a proven strategy for beating the bookie, year after year.

…And wouldn’t you know it – this tipster has been proving exactly why we recommend them with 3 big priced winners already in 2018 (from just 7 bets advised)

Here are the 3 winners advised so far this year:

  • Raz De Meree at 25/1 in Saturday’s Welsh National at Chepstow
  • Buywise at 20/1 at Sandown (also on Saturday)
  • Ballyhill at 10/1 at Cheltenham on New Years Day


At £50 stakes that’s a profit of £1552.50 for 2018 already – which looks set to repeat the pattern of winning achieved by this tipster since 2012.

And it is the fact this tipster has a profitable record dating back 7 years, which is exactly why we recommend them.

Because I have seen them first-hand repeatedly beating the bookie year-in, year outvia the in-depth proofing my team and I oversee for tipsters.

These winners have not been fluked – but based on a settled strategy that has worked ever since 2012.

Perhaps even more impressively – this tipster has made a profit not only at advised bookmaker prices, but also on the betting exchanges.


Why Am I Telling You All This?

You might well be wondering – why exactly am I telling you all this in the first place?

Especially as aside from reviewing this racing tipster, I have no connection or financial interest with them whatsoever.

The reason for today’s post is quite simple – in that I want to showcase a real-life example of the type of high quality tipster we recommend to Smart Betting Club members.

Because if the Smart Betting Club is known for one thing – its for our expertise when it comes to reviewing and uncovering the best tipsters – those that can genuinely make you money betting.

It is why I shared the FREE copy of our review of this racing tipster last month. If you haven’t yet read that – click here to download your FREE PDF Review.

This free sample review is indicative of the level of detail the SBC review team goes into when analysing a tipster we recommend.

We don’t simply put forward a tipster based on a few months results or a streak of good form, but genuinely long-term stats that demonstrate they have a clear edge on the bookmaker.

A tipster has to tick a lot of boxes to get through the SBC review process and come out the other side with our recommendation.

After all our goal is not to help you beat the bookmaker for a few weeks or months but for several years to come.

20+ More Tipsters Like This In The ‘Hall of Fame’

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Best Regards,

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Founder