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Earlier this week we released the 4th and final SBC US Sports Tipster Report, designed to help you make money betting on all things Stateside.

The release of Issue 4 helps to complete our full US Sports Betting Package and if you are keen to get started making money betting stateside, it is essential reading.

Each of our 4 US Sports Reports help reveal the best tipsters in the US betting market across 4 major sports: Baseball, Ice Hockey, American Football and Basketball

Not only this, but our unique how-to-bet guides will explain just how to punt on each of these sports – perfect if you are totally new to them!

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What’s Inside US Report #4

Exclusive Review 1) The NHL Tipster with several profitable angles including ‘official’ picks with 13.5% ROI and ‘basic’ selections up 10.6% ROI in the last 5 years. Exclusive 60% discount available to SBC members

Exclusive Review 2) The popular NBA tipster hitting 4.2% ROI long-term and averaging around 44% betting bank growth each season. Our review identifies a simple tweak that can almost double the ROI to 8.3%.

Exclusive Review 3) The NHL Tipster with a 246 pt profit (10.7% ROI) from 519 bets last season. Most impressively of all, our odds testing indicates you can actually improve upon the advised prices.

How-To-Bet-Guide: NFL Never bet on American Football in your life? Don’t worry as our NFL guide will explain how the game works, player positions, competition structure and most important exactly how to bet upon it.


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