REVEALED: The Expert Tipster Reports & Guides To Help You Make Money Betting On American Sports

The Smart Betting Club is proud to showcase how our 4 USA Sport Focused Tipster Reports can help you make money betting Stateside.

Our US based Tipster Reports will help reveal…

  • The very best USA based Tipsters for Sports such as Basketball, Ice Hockey, American Football & Baseball;
  • Easy to follow explanations and betting guides to help you understand all US based Sports;
  • PLUS Most importantly – How to avoid being duped by several US Sports tipping scams!

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The US based sports betting market has long been a gold-mine for punters, providing the potential to make some serious sums of money gambling for those in the know.

Sports such as Basketball (NBA), American Football (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB) and the National Hockey League (NHL) offer very tight bookmaker margins and the ability to bet at high stakes. Making them perfect for those of us keen to find genuine ways to make money betting year-in, year-out.

Sounds great doesn’t it?

Yet why are there so few punters (especially those of you based outside the USA) that are betting on these sports? As surely if it was as good as it sounds, everyone will be doing it?

This in fact is down to a series of problems, let me explain…


Very few people are able to make money betting on US based sports and here are just a few facts why:

Fact 1: The US Tipping Market is rammed with dishonest sites

Until the launch of our US Sports Tipster Reports, punters have had no-one they could trust to get the honest truth on just who the best (and worst) US sports tipsters actually are.

Our research into the US Tipping Market uncovered a network of poorly run sites that can’t be trusted.

Whether it be tipsters making up results or supposedly ‘genuine’ review sites that earn huge sums of commission from promoting scams – it is a minefield for anyone approaching it without experience or help.

Fact 2: There has never been a trusted, truly independent source to help uncover the best US tipsters

There are a number of very good US sports tipsters in existence, however, until now these have never been independently reviewed, nor have they had their results properly proofed or given the exposure they deserve.

Very often these top tipsters only come to light via word-of-mouth, so unless you are in the know, it is not likely you will discover who they are.

There are no trusted, truly independent tipster review websites who you can trust to help discover them either.

In fact, all of the US tipster review websites we came across where in some way compromised or produced inaccurate reports on the quality of tipsters they recommended. None of them could be fully trusted to point you in the direction of just who makes money betting on US Sports.

Fact 3: Many Punters simply don’t understand how US Sports work and how exactly to bet on it.

Our 3rd and final fact is very simple – most punters outside the USA often do not fully understand how US Sports actually work.

And when you don’t know how a sport works, its very hard to feel confident when it comes to betting on it!

Whether it is simply knowing how long a baseball game lasts or how the NBA season works or even the various betting markets available for each sport, there is no easy to read betting guide than can help.

After all, would you know the difference between a NBA Spread or Total bet or be able to explain the rules of Baseball to a stranger?

We Were Fed Up – So We Have Taken Action

So as you can tell, our research into the US Sports market was vast, which is why for the past year, we have been patiently investigating the market further.

Our crack team have spent countless hours investigating the US Tipster & Betting markets in order to discover how to make money betting stateside.

We have spoken with numerous tipsters, proofed thousands of results, emailed countless people and done everything we could to build up a dossier of information on just how we can help you make money betting on US Sports.

The outcome of all of this hard work are our 4 special US Sport Tipster Reports.

Let me reveal more on how they can help you!

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Pick Up Our 4 Private Reports On How To Make Money On US Sports
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INTRODUCING Our New US Based Reports

You can now sign-up to receive our 4 US Sports Tipster Reports, edited by pro gambler Rowan Day that will help guide you through the maze that is profitable US sports betting.

Here is how it will help you:

Revealed: The Best US Tipsters

Our 4 US Sports Tipster Reports will unveil the very best betting tipsters that we have uncovered to help you make money betting.
Whether it be betting on the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL or any other predominately US based sport, we have plenty to help you including..

  • The outstanding high-volume MLB tipster who has more than doubled his followers betting banks in each of the last 2 seasons.
  • The NFL tipping model with a 10% ROI from over 1100 bets in the past 4 years betting against the spread.
  • The NBA Tipster with 153% betting bank growth (or ROC) over his first 3 seasons tipping.

How To Fully Understand US Sports

Mindful of the fact many of you may have little or no understanding of how to bet on US Sports, in each of our 4 US Sports Reports we will have special features on 4 different sports including:

  • How To Bet On Basketball (NBA)
  • How To Bet On Baseball (MLB)
  • How To Bet On American Football (NFL)
  • How To Bet On Ice Hockey (NHL)

Each in-depth article has been designed to explain to the relative beginner all aspects of betting on the sports. You can expect to learn:

  • How each sport works – Competition structure, frequency of games, how the winner is decided + anything else its vital to know.
  • The type of betsEach of the most popular form of bets explained for every sport, how they work, pros and cons for each type.
  • Bookmakers to use – The main bookmakers to use for each bet and the sport in general.
  • Betting resourcesThe best websites and resources for betting on the sport.

As Published By A 100% Independent & Trusted Source

Critically, our US Sports Tipster Reports is 100% independent, ensuring that at all times you can trust the information and reviews we reveal to you.

This separates what we do from every other tipster review website – who earn money from referring sales to the tipsters they feature.

Instead SBC makes its money by charging low annual membership fees to access our information, thus ensuring we take no bungs, favours or cash for writing positive reviews.

This enables you to have full confidence that when we say something is good, it genuinely is and we are writing with your best interests at heart.

We expect to fully stir up the US Sports Tipping market with this service…and all to the benefit of YOU the punter


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The dream of making money betting is very difficult if going it alone as let’s be honest it’s a jungle out there. It is only through having the experts doing all the required researching and testing for you can you expect to make an actual profit.

And when its offered on terms such as ours where you can get it effectively for free, it’s an offer not to be missed!!

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