Britain’s Got Tipsters Football – The Hunt For New Tipping Talent


Think you have got what it takes to be a profitable Football Tipster?

Keen to prove your tipping prowess and and earn a paid contract to supply your advice to SBC members?

Well if so, step forward and enter our new Football based ‘Britain’s Got Tipsters‘ competition as we are on the lookout for fresh betting talent!

What Is Britain’s Got Tipsters?

Britain’s Got Tipsters is a special contest where we are on the hunt for quality football tipsters keen to showcase their tipping skills. Here at the the Smart Betting Club we firmly believe there are many as-yet-undiscovered betting experts out there, who simply need a helping hand and the right platform to showcase their skills.

Earlier in 2015 we ran a very successful horse racing Britain’s Got Tipsters contest, where 12 tipsters fought it out over a 3 month period to prove their racing tipping expertise. The contest was a real success with a number of profitable tipsters uncovered, such as The Form Analyst & Chris Patti who continue to provide their tips for free to SBC members each day. The top 3 racing tipsters made a 127 point profit at a ROI of 14.23% from 1500 bets!

(Don’t forget – You can actually access a whole range of top tipsters for free with an SBC membership)

After the success of the racing contest, it makes perfect sense to now hunt down the best football based tipster, hence the launch of our Britain’s Got Tipsters Football contest.

The eventual winner of the contest will be offered a paid contract to supply their betting advice to SBC members and to join our existing network of expert tipsters (such as The Form Analyst & Chris Patti) who already provide similar free tips to SBC members via our private betting forum.

How The Contest Will Work

Our Football Britain’s Got Tipsters contest will run from December 2015 until the end of May 2016. During the length of the contest, each tipster taking part will be asked to proof their bets live on the SBC Forum.

Tipsters will be welcome to put forward advice on any football leagues or competitions they choose. If you can bet on it and make a profit, then we want to know!

Unlike other talent shows we wont be having ‘eliminations’ or knock-out rounds as we are keen to allow each tipster the time to prove their ability. We feel that between the contest’s start date (expected to be in December 2015 – although this will only be confirmed once a shortlist of contestants is finalised) until the end of May 2016, we will be able to get a very real flavour of just how each tipster works, their football expertise & professionalism, attention to detail and of course – if able to showcase a profit.

As all of these bets will be posted live on our forum, those of you who are SBC members will be able to follow each contestant and their progress….Plus if you want to, the actual tips themselves (as many people did to great success during our racing contest!)

To help keep track of performance, we will also be posting regularly updated results spreadsheets for each tipster and league tables so you can view the best performing.

Football Compendium Guide

What It Will Take To Win!

Whilst the ability to turn a profit will naturally be crucial to finding the eventual winner, our panel of experts will look at a whole range of factors, including:

  • A clear demonstration of football betting expertise
  • Consistency of approach to tipping
  • Professionalism of service
  • Evidence the tipster knows where their edge lies
  • Any supporting evidence (for example, well written bet explanations)

The goal naturally is to find not just any old tipster, but the most serious, professional and reliable expert going – exactly the type of tipster you feel confident about following with money. In a nutshell the type of tipster we might enter into our Hall of Fame – those we recommend to make you money.

The Rules Of Engagement

To ensure the contest is fair, we will be allowing tipsters to put forward single football bets only (meaning no pie-in-the-sky accas that might get lucky).

These can be in the following markets:

  • 1X2 Betting (traditional home/draw/away bets)
  • Asian Handicap Betting
  • Over/Under Betting

No ante-post bets will be allowed nor special bookmaker offers or concessions.

Each tipster will only be allowed to quote prices from a set group of ‘approved bookies’ (so definitely no Betfred or Stan James) and availability of any advised odds quoted will be double-checked for accuracy.

Tipsters will be welcome to put forward bets advised with so-called ‘Asian’ bookmakers such as Pinnacle Sports and SBOBet, yet should be aware that UK punters are unable to use many of these firms. Odds availability of any tips put forward will be a crucial factor when the judges evaluate the best candidates.

Each tipster must utilise their own staking plan and Return on Investment (Yield) will be the primary gauge of success, not simply a profits tally. We will also take into account the potential for betting bank growth with each tipster.

Who Can Take Part & How To Apply

The plan is very simple – If you fancy taking part and putting yourself forward then simply email in your application to SBC Editor Pete (, including details of the following:

  • Your tipping background and experience (if any)
  • Your area of expertise
  • Your expectations of profit levels
  • Your staking plan
  • The bookmakers you will use
  • Plus any other details you deem relevant

Based on the applications received, we will then build up a shortlist of those that make the grade and will be invited to take part in Britain’s Got Tipsters Football. Once we have developed this shortlist, the starting date for the contest will be announced.

The contest is not limited to just those based in Britain either, as just like the talent show, anyone can take part from all around the world. If you are a good football tipster we want to know about it full stop, whatever the leagues you bet in.

If you already run a commercial based tipping service, you are also welcome to enter, however you must put up different tips to those on offer elsewhere.

The Prize For The Winner

After the contest period has elapsed, the SBC panel of experts will decide upon the ultimate winning tipster. He or she will then be offered a paid contract to supply their tips exclusively to SBC members and join the many free tipsters on offer via our website.

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How You Can Follow With An SBC Membership

If you like the idea of this contest and following the tipsters we shortlist to take part, then you will be able to do so with a Smart Betting Club membership.

This is because all qualifying tips will be posted on our private members only betting forum, which you gain full access to with a Smart Betting Club membership.

Countless SBC members did this during the racing contest we ran earlier in 2015 to good success, especially with the top 3 tipsters making such a good profit (between them they made 127 points profit at an ROI of 14.23% from 1500 bets)

So if this contest interests you in terms of following the high quality of tipsters expected to take part – make sure you join the Smart Betting Club today!