Britain’s Got Tipsters – The Winners Revealed!


Finally, after 3 months and nearly 5000 tips, the winner of the inaugural SBC Britain’s Got Tipsters Horse Racing contest is announced today and it’s a big well done to ‘The Form Analyst’ who has scooped first prize.

He wins the award thanks to his record of 51.7 pts profit from 1291 bets at a ROI of 7.60% and crucially – his very strong betting bank growth figure of 103%.

It was a tough fight at the finish with 2nd placed ‘Chris Patti’ pushing him very hard in the final week but The Form Analyst was the overall winner based on the combined results from votes cast by SBC members and the judging panel.

The great news is that both The Form Analyst and Chris Patti will be tipping exclusively for SBC members via both the Forum and email over coming months. Sign-up for your SBC membership now.

3 Outstanding Tipsters Uncovered

A Brief Recap

Firstly, to briefly recap for that not familiar with it, Britain’s Got Tipsters was our quest to find the best Racing Tipster from a shortlist of 12 that started posting their tips back at the end of June 2015.

Over the course of the 3 months during which the contest ran, each of the 12 tipsters posted their advice on the SBC Forum for members to follow and we provided weekly updates on performance (with full spreadsheets) to track their progress. Although as expected, not all of the tipsters lasted the pace, 7 of the contestants stuck it out and a number showcased some great tipping skills as the results will prove…

The Winner – The Form Analyst

‘The Form Analyst’ secured first place based on his high volume approach with around 15 tips advised each day.  These were a mixture of win, place and each way bets at average odds of around 7/1.

In total he picked up a 51.7 pt profit from 680 points staked over the course of 1291 bets advised. This equated to a ROI of 7.60% and a Return on Capital (ROC) of 103.40%.

Britains Got Tipster Winner

In terms of monthly performance, each of June, July & August showcased a fine profit from a good range of bets, whilst September has seen a small loss thus far. In general however, The Form Analyst has been very consistent and easy to follow – no doubt a key reason why he was so popular with the voters.

BGT Winner Bets - The Form Analyst

The really good news is that if keen to follow The Form Analyst you can do so as an Smart Betting Club member with all tips from early October onwards to be made available via the SBC Forum and Email.  Subscribe now to SBC

Second Place – Chris Patti

The runner-up prize was scooped by statistician, Chris Patti who really impressed members and judges alike with his excellent performance over the course of the contest.

Advising bets at Betfair SP, Chris made a profit of 61.5 pts profit from 133 bets over the course of the 3 month competition with a series of winners at value prices. This equated to an outstanding ROI of 46.24% and a Return on Capital of around 34.17% bank growth.

BGT Second Place - Chris Patti

Over the course of the contest, Chris made a significant profit from each of the 3 main months in July, August and September with an average of around 1-2 tips advised each day.

BGT Chris Patti
We are also delighted to announce that you can also continually follow Chris as a Smart Betting Club member with all tips from early October onwards to be made available via the SBC Forum and Email.

Third Place – Josh Fletch

A very honorable mention is due for the third placed contestant, Josh, who despite a bad run in September, did still post a profit of 13.8 pts at a ROI of 17.47% from 76 bets advised.

Josh certainly doesn’t take the easy route to betting profits with his average priced tip just under 10/1, making him vulnerable to the occasional losing run.

As he has a fairly selective tipping approach  – an average of 25 per month, he also needs a much longer period than just 3 months to showcase his skills. Mindful of this, Josh has agreed to continue to post ALL of his tips on the SBC Forum for the foreseeable future so we can monitor his performance over a more relevant period of time.

BGT Josh Fleth Results

Smarkets Betting Exchange

Fourth To Seventh Place

A big thank-you must also go to the other tipsters that finished between 4th and 7th place in the contest. Not only did they take the time to post their tips for the full 3 month period, but a number showcased good potential that hasn’t as yet translated into results.

4th Place – Rayjon

In-particular we are quite keen to see how the 4th placed tipster, Rayjon fares in the future as he eked out a small profit from laying at Betfair SP over the course of 2384 bets.

It wouldn’t take much of an increase in profits to make his approach viable and we are really pleased that he too has agreed to continue posting on the forum for members to follow. Laying is hard – especially at Betfair SP so to breakeven is quite an achievement in itself.

BGT Rayjon Results

5th, 6th & 7th Place

The Black Knight, Into The Black & Coranmc finished in 5th, 6th & 7th place respectively with performance records as below. Although none of the 3 have posted an overall profit, we are fully aware that this can all change over a longer period and are pleased that both The Black Knight and Coranmc have agreed to post their tips for free on the SBC Forum long-term.

BGT Results 5th 6th 7th


Follow The Top BGT Tipsters As An SBC Member

The Britain’s Got Tipsters contest was a big success with the discovery of a number of hither-to-known tipsters of real quality over the past 3 months. This is just the start however with 6 of the 7 contestants already committing to continue sharing their tips via the SBC Forum so we can build up a much bigger base of results to work from.

The top two tipsters – The Form Analyst & Chris will also be supplying their tips free via email for those keen to follow them in each day. Both of them are taking a short, well deserved break but Chris will return on the 7th October and The Form Analyst on the 12th October to continue sharing their best tips.