Exploding the myth: Making money backing 1/4 shots


Some people think that tipping odds on doesn’t work, but we’ve found a tipster that shows that it does. 

How often do we hear that you can’t make a profit betting short priced favourites?  We’re told that backing odds-on shots is a mug’s game, that it’s a quick way to go broke.

But if there’s one thing we’ve come to realise after years of analysing and independently reviewing hundreds of betting services, it’s this: never make assumptions about how you can make money from betting.

You see, it’s all about finding value.  And for you and me, it’s about finding those talented tipsters who have proven their ability to do just that…whatever end of the market they operate in.

EXPLODING THE MYTH: Making Money From 1/4 Shots

Walk into any bookmakers on a Saturday morning and you’ll find punters filling in their football coupons.  Thousands of accas, many made up of the afternoon’s “certs” – Chelsea, City, United, Celtic.  All of them very short prices.  Trouble is, it always seems there’s one cert that lets the bet down.

After all, you can’t make a profit backing short priced favourites!

Or can you?

To help explain why this statement is wrong, take a look at the following table.  It shows the performance figures through the past year of a tipster we reviewed in our latest betting magazine, SBC 94:


At first glance, an ROI of 2.7% across all the bets this tipster has advised is nothing to get overly excited about.

But if we scratch beneath the surface, which is something we’re very big on doing in our reviews, the figures can be viewed in a completely different light.

Look at the strike rate.  With 81.7% of bets winning – that’s more than four out of every five – we can recommend a betting bank that is much smaller than that advocated for many other services.  In the case of this tipster, if using level stakes we suggest using a bank of just 15 points.

Now let’s look at the table again.  You have made 16.4 points profit.  That means you have more than doubled your betting bank in just 12 months!  And that’s backing at average odds of just over 1/4!

But Can’t Anyone Pick 1/4 Winners? Why Pay For These Tips?

Well of course you can try.  And if you can consistently average more than four winners out of every five bets you place at odds of 1/4, then give us a ring.  A career as a tipster awaits!

The reality of course, is that it’s actually far from easy, even at such short odds.  In fact, it is incredibly difficult.  It’s human nature to think we’re better at doing something than we actually are.  We all tend to think of ourselves as crack drivers, but we all occasionally forget to indicate!

And so it is with tipping.  The successful bettor will know his own strengths and weaknesses.  He will appreciate how hard it is to achieve 100% betting bank growth in a year.  He will be wise enough to respect someone who has proven he can do it, rather than think it’s easy and lose money trying to do it for himself (remember those Saturday afternoon losing accumulators!).

There’s no shame in following a tipster, even if they are betting “certs”.  Not if they’re producing the goods, which this guy is.

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The Benefits Of Backing At Short Odds

Look at all these reasons why, if following the right tipster, backing at average odds around 1/4 is so good for your betting:

  • Bookmakers love these bets – they’ll not be closing your account.
  • It’s much easier to get on at 1/4 than it is at 4/1, never mind 14/1!
  • Opens up new avenues for you if your bookie accounts are already restricted.
  • Potential to use bigger stakes to make a bigger profit.
  • High strike rate equals great betting bank growth opportunities, plus the chance to utilise different staking strategies for high risk/high reward returns.

In our SBC 94 review, we found too that it is remarkably easy to boost your profits further.

Our in-depth analysis uncovered the fact that this is a service settling results to odds under what are effectively achievable simply by shopping around.  Our conclusion was that you could easily get an extra 2% on top of advised odds, which would increase the current 2.7% ROI to 4.7%, with significant improvements to your bank growth and actual take home profit.

An ROI of 4.7% would mean a 28.7 point profit, a Return On Capital of 191.4%!

Gain Free Access To This Tipster

I hope we’ve finally put to bed the notion that you can’t make profits from betting at very short prices.  In fact, not only that but I hope we’ve explained how the savvy punter can benefit hugely from following a tipster such as the one featured above.

As a punter, you need to know your strengths and weaknesses, and to acknowledge when someone is more skilled than you are at what they do to make a profit.  The beauty though, is that you can take advantage of their expertise to enjoy great returns.

To make money from this tipster today, all you need do is sign up to the SBC now to gain immediate access to a free trial available exclusively to SBC members.  This trial will run until 1st November, plenty of time to try the service out for yourself.

By signing up, lengthy losing runs, difficult to place bets and restricted stakes will become a thing of the past.

You will also have instant access to the whole SBC back catalogue containing the detailed analysis and breakdown of all the very best tipping services in the market.

After all, as we’ve established, there are many ways of making money from betting.  You just need to know what they are, and where to find them.

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