Facing account restrictions? Bet where the Pros bet

Out with the old and in with the new…find out where the Pros are placing their bets!

The Sbc’s Pro Punter Bookie Report

One of the most common concerns these days for many punters is that some of the major bookmakers are restricting, or even closing, their accounts.

The savvy gambler who knows how to make a profit from his investment, i.e. the typical Smart Betting Club member, is not exactly the type of mug that some of these big traditional bookmakers want as a customer.

No.  They want to get their customers to play in their online casinos or on the bingo games, where they know they will make their money.  Even better, they want you playing on their FOBTs where there’s not a hope of you profiting in the long term.

But if you can’t get a decent bet on at the likes of Ladbrokes or Stan James if winning too often, then how can you make any decent money from your betting?

Our Pro Punter Bookie Report will tell you two ways you still can!

Matchbook Best Odds on Football This Year

Where The Pros Are Going To Make Their Money

Let’s take a look at what we want from our bookmakers:

  • Able to get a bet on.
  • No restrictions because you’re winning.
  • Access to a wide variety of sports and markets.
  • Strong market liquidity so odds don’t crash.
  • Low commission rates.
  • Hold a UK Gambling Commission licence so UK punters can get their bets on.

In our Pro Punter Bookie Report, which you can download for free via this link, we ran interviews with two companies that are meeting more and more professional punters’ betting needs.  As a result, they are going from strength to strength.

Professional bettors are giving up on the tired old names of the bookmaker world, and they are leaving behind the prohibitively high commission rates charged by the more established betting exchanges.

To get a bet on, and not be scared about restrictions and closed accounts, more and more people are going to…Smarkets, and Matchbook.

Smarkets And Matchbook – The Future Of Betting?

We found our interviews with the reps from these two companies to be very revealing, and we came away both impressed and confident that here were the solutions to many of our members’ problems.

Sick of paying 5% commission at Betfair?  We found that Smarkets charge 2% on winning bets only, and Matchbook charge their UK customers just 1.15% commission on volume.

Tired of being restricted to pennies on the favourite at Doncaster?  Smarkets are offering bigger prices on their exchange, and liquidity is growing daily…

“Liquidity is always improving, we are growing at an incredible rate and with more customers comes more liquidity. We’re especially strong on football and horse racing, but customers should have no trouble getting their trades on and matched in most sports”

Do you bet on international leagues?  Here’s what Matchbook had to say…

“We have recently added the English Leagues 1 and 2…[and] just recently we’ve added leagues from Japan, China, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Ireland so our repertoire of leagues/competitions is increasing constantly.”

It looks like there are new kids on the block, determined to freshen up the bookmaking world, and we, as punters, will benefit.

Smarkets Betting Exchange


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