9 years following tipsters averaging 12k a year profit. One SBC members’ real life betting journey

For those of you after some inspiration on how to make a profit betting, today I want to share my recent chat with one very long running SBC member on exactly how he continues to make his betting following tipsters a real success.

Step forward Jim – a Smart Betting Club member since 2012 no less and with whom I spoke to earlier this week to get the lowdown on his latest betting experiences and results figures.

To set the scene – back in 2016, I first interviewed Jim on his betting results and how he won £20,000 in 2015, the first year that he took it all seriously. You can read this original interview here.

Now 4 years later, Jim was good enough to agree to answer a few of my questions on his performance since then (during which time he has been an SBC member naturally!) including how he now averages around £12,000 profit per year…

SBC: You first joined SBC back in 2012, so you are coming up to nearly 9 years of membership now! What is it about SBC that continues to appeal to you?

Jim: I have been a member of SBC since 2012 – a long time.

At first, I just played around with different tipsters to try and find the right one for me. The first one I chose gave out tips the night before and still is very good, yet I don’t use him anymore as I got banned very quickly by the bookies for following him in. SBC warned against this as being a red flag for this service and they were right. I thought that suffering from a bookmaker restriction was a status symbol at first, but I quickly realised it’s a no no now.

SBC: Back in 2016, in our original chat, you explained how 2015 was a vintage year for you making over £20,000. How has your betting fared since then?

Jim: That’s right as it was only in 2015 that I began to take it seriously and I made 20 grand in total that year. In the years since, I have still made a good profit on average of around £12,000 per year.

In 2019 I was down £6000 up to June after a poor first 6 months, but it all turned around in the second half of the year and I ended up £12,000 in profit in total. Shows the value of being patient, but then having done this seriously since 2015 I know how to ride the ups and downs along the way.

SBC: In terms of the tipsters you use – have you been following any since 2012?

Jim: Well the first thing to say is that I only follow racing tipsters, which is both good and bad. Good because they make a fantastic ROI but bad in that it increases issues at my profit levels with bookmaker restriction issues.

Service wise, I have been with 2 of the same tipsters since 2012. They don’t just give tips out and say get on with it. They genuinely care about their members and making sure you can make a profit following their advice.

SBC: What about the tipsters you follow currently?

Jim: I only use 4 tipsters now and I’m happy with how things are going. I could follow more but I want to have a life outside of them and my day job. I would also rather up my stakes in these 4 tipsters I trust rather than join anyone new.

Three of them are SBC recommended tipsters and the other one I just came across through a fellow SBC member who is very switched on. My outlay in a year is now about £200k in terms of stakes and I try to make 10% ROI. 200k might sound a lot but I’ve built it up over the years, so it’s well within my comfort zone.

SBC: What are your betting plans for the future? Do you think you will still be doing this in 2030?

Jim: In the future I want to be able to make a good profit just by using the exchanges although that isn’t always possible right now. At my staking and profit level, getting on is tricky sometimes as I don’t use a VPN and I’m hopeless at the tech stuff. So, I use a mixture of phones and place a bunch of bets in shops too as this works for me (I work in a big city centre so have ready access).

SBC: What would you say to anyone considering a SBC membership but unsure as to whether to take the plunge?

Jim: If you take the plunge to join SBC it can change your life but just remember it’s a lot of hard work and effort, especially at my staking range.

I would also say it’s essential to keep a spreadsheet of all your bets so you really know where you stand. Some months you think you are losing because you have had a few bad days in a row but when you look back you realise you’re doing ok and vice versa. It’s only because you have the spreadsheet, do you actually know where you stand.


My thanks go out to Jim for taking the time to answer my questions.

So, whilst I have promised Jim I won’t reveal the exact names of those tipsters he follows, he does make clear in this chat that 3 of them are those we at SBC currently recommend and have done for some-time.

Indeed, it appears that Jim has also been following them for several years now too – showing the value of finding a professional, well-run tipster service (or 3!) that can make a difference to your betting.

Of course, betting can be a bit of a rollercoaster at times as his 2019 ride alludes to, but with the right strategy, record-keeping and a bit of patience, his story is a fantastic bit of inspiration for those of you looking to do the same in 2020 and beyond.

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