Maximise Profits For Cheltenham and Beyond…

Cheltenham festival is around the corner, but with bookmakers restricting accounts of winning punters on a daily basis, you begin to wonder if it’s worthwhile.

It used to be a badge of honour to receive a bookmaker’s cease and desist letter, but now account restrictions can be dished out for minor infringements such as refusing to use an online casino!

The Smart Betting Club track and monitor a huge number of successful betting tipsters, many of whom have built up impressive records over many years. Our members get access to some of the best sources of betting profits, but it would only partly be fulfilling our duty if we stopped there.

We don’t just show you which tipsters to follow, we also provide practical tips on how to follow a professional tipster. Find out more here.

Maximise Profits For Cheltenham and Beyond…

If you are looking for real-life guidance on how to make a profit using tipsters, then our practical punter series is for you. The Practical Punter Reports are just one of the many additional benefits you gain access to with a Smart Betting Club Gold level subscription.

Written by profitable semi-pro gamblers, Practical Punter Reports explore everything from the sports they bet on to the exact make-up of their betting portfolio (namely the tipsters they follow!).

The idea behind these special reports is to provide both inspiration and encouragement to those trying to achieve the same goal – making money through tipsters.

In the latest Practical Punter Reports, you’ll find a number of methods for maximising profits at the Cheltenham festival and betting in general. Specifically this month the reports cover:

  • How to adapt in an environment where the bookies are becoming less and less accommodating.
  • How to get an ROI 10%+ betting on horses on Betfair.
  • Profitable angles for in-play football betting.
  • Why waiting for value in-play makes sense.

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When To Take Betfair SP and When to Wait!

If you’re using the exchanges to bet on horses, the biggest dilemma is knowing when to take the current price and when to wait until the off. As with most things in life, there’s no hard and fast answer to this conundrum, but semi-pro gambler Rowan Day has shared his tips in this month’s Practical Punter.  The names of the services are available to members.

When the bets, from whatever service come out, I’ll simply place an order at the price I know the service will record the bet at. Sometimes this is matched immediately, but more often the longest price available is a little shorter than what I need.

With [Tipster A] bets, I then tick the ‘Take SP’ option offered should my order not be matched prior to the race going in-play. The reason I do this is that so far, over a good number of bets, this service has proven to be profitable to Betfair Starting Price so I don’t feel as if I’m taking a massive risk of denting my profits too much if with the occasional bet, I’m taking the Betfair Starting Price.

I estimate that 80%+ of my pre-race orders for [Tipster A] horses are matched prior to the race starting. And that’s a conservative estimate. On the day I’m writing this for example, there have been seven different horses tipped by this service; six of those bets had their orders matched prior to the race, but only one when I initially went to place the bet.

The situation is a little different with [Tipster B] If there’s enough liquidity in the market when the tips are issued, I’ll simply be as quick as I can and secure the best price possible. This is because learning from experience, [Tipster B] is a master at identifying value and it’s not unusual for the horse to go off at a much shorter price than that advised, and it’s not all due to weight of subscriber’s money. If the liquidity isn’t there, I’ll adopt the same strategy as I do for [Tipster A]. [Tipster B]  too, has a track record of turning a profit to BFSP.

And it’s the same with [Tipster C] but to be honest I find nearly all of my orders being matched fine. It can be slightly more tricky when going for the place part of the each way bets given out, but even then I’ll be matched at the appropriate price far more times than not.

The latest Practical Punter Reports Are Out Today

Betting can also be a lonely game sometimes – and these reports are our way of trying to foster the most supporting ‘expert punter’ community possible here at the Smart Betting Club.

The Practical Punter is now 15 editions strong and regularly tackles topics such as:

  • How to choose the right tipster
  • How to choose the right bookmaker
  • How and when to up or down stakes
  • How to deal with losing runs (and winning ones too)
  • How to build a winning betting portfolio


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PS. The Practical Punter reports are just one of the many benefits you can experience with a Gold level Smart Betting Club membership. Our full range of benefits includes:

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