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There are two schools of thought when it comes to Racing’s Cheltenham festival…First there are those who lap up the excitement and dramatically increase their staking. On the other hand, there are those who see it as just another racing fixture that shouldn’t be treated any differently. Regardless of your perspective, we hope you’ve had a profitable week.

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One of the unsung benefits of a Smart Betting Club (SBC) membership is the ability to access our vast archive of tipster reviews, expert betting guides and interviews. As soon as you sign-up for an SBC membership you gain access to all publications from the last 12 months, however with Gold and Platinum Memberships you can gain access to our full 8 year+ back catalogue.

This back catalogue is vast and gives you the opportunity to read hundreds of our past independent tipster service reviews – helping you find the most profitable tipping experts (and more importantly those who have a track record in the long term). You’ll also discover countless betting strategies and ‘how to’ guides that you can apply right now to help make your betting more successful.

Also, if you need any additional assurances that the average Joe punter can actually make money betting, then you can also read numerous interviews with various betting experts – from bookmakers to pro punters and everyone else in-between.

Here’s a summary of our last 12 months of editions:

SBC 91 (January 2015)

• Maximising Football Betting Profits Part 2. Pg 4
• Review: Sys Analyst. P13
• Review: Bet Alchemist. Pg 20

SBC 90
(November 2014)

• Maximising Football Betting Profits Part 1. Pg 4
• Review: Learn Bet Win. Pg 16
• Review: Lyons Den. Pg 22
• Part 2: How To Safely Open New Bookmaker Accounts. Pg 29
• Review: Gordon McCarthy. Pg 34

SBC 89
(September 2014)

• Feature: New Bookmaker accounts – VPN Guide. Pg 4
• Review: Punter Corner. Pg 13
• Review: SB Racing. Pg 18
• Review: Sportyy. Pg 25

SBC 88 (July 2014)

• Review: Winabobatoo True Odds. Pg 4
• Review: GeeGeez Race Cards. Pg 11
• First Look: Croatian Football Bets. Pg 18
• Review: Soyloco. Pg 20
• Review: Z Tips. Pg 26
• Interview: Pete Donohoe. Pg 30

SBC 88 Bookie Special (May 2014)

• Betting & Bookies: The State Of Play. Pg 4
• Bookie Fairplay Campaign. Pg 5.
• Inside The Bookies By SBC’s Bookie Mole. Pg 7
• 8 Ways to Pretend You’re A Mug Punter. Pg 9
• The 5 Stages of a Successful Gambler. Pg 11
• SBC Interview: Tom Millard. Pg 16
• SBC Interview: Mick Mcdermott. Pg 20.

SBC 87 (April 2014)

• Review: Price Power. Pg 4
• How I Make Money Betting: Steve of Daily25.com. Pg 10
• Review: Zero Hype Banker Bets. Pg 18
• Results & Testing Update: Club GOWI. Pg 25
• Member Experience – Club GOWI. Pg 27
• Bet Broker Review: Sportmarket Pro. Pg 29
• First Look: Bet Prepare. Pg 38

SBC Tipster Profit Report March 2014

• Horse Racing Tipster Ratings. Pg 7
• Racing Tipsters In Focus. Pg 8
• Horse Racing Best Buy Tables. Pg 11
• Sports Betting Tipster Ratings. Pg 18
• Sports Tipsters In Focus. Pg 19
• Sports Betting Best Buy Tables. Pg 22
• More SBC Recommendations. Pg 29
• Spotlight: Horse Betting Analyst. Pg 31


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As a Gold or Platinum member you gain access to our full 8 year+ back catalogue. In addition to this, you can also benefit from the following extras that are included FREE with your subscription:

The Ultimate Betting Package – publications & guides:

  • Tipster Profit Report: The latest tipster results in our easy to digest update. Find out who’s hot and who’s not.
  • Practical Punter Reports: Real life tips and insights from betting professionals.
  • The 4 Pronged Attack Racing System: Our free method for finding big profits at the big races.
  • ‘On Course For Golf Betting Profits’ System: Our free method for finding regular winners in the tricky field of golf betting.
  • The Secret Betting System Guide: Our collection of some of the best free systems and strategies previously published in the Smart Betting Club including ‘How to profit from reality TV betting’ and ‘How to profit from horses to follow lists’.
  • The Professional Gambler Blueprint: Everything you need to set you on the path to becoming a professional gambler from efficient staking to betting on Asian Handicaps.
  • How To Get The Betting X Factor: Professional tips on how to handle the ups and downs of betting.
  • Outstanding profits from our exclusive Football Combo Strategy:  When three tipsters are far, far better than one!

Profitable free tips:

We don’t just review tipsters, as a little bonus, we also allow access to some highly profitable tipping threads. On our members’ forum, you’ll find:

  • Exclusive Fink Tank Bets: 9% ROI and £890 profit from these exclusive system qualifiers.
  • Greeneye Racing Tips: During his first 12 months tipping on the forum, this racing tipster expert has made an 8.34% Return on Investment from over 300 tips posted for free.
  • Badrinath 10% ROI: This well-connected tipster has been posting free racing tips on our forum since October 2014 with over a 10% ROI from his first 400+ bets..

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