Free Report: How Rowan Made A 64.4% ROC Last Year With Tipsters

To help illustrate the profits you can make following tipsters, you must read this very special report from SBC writer, Rowan Day on the performance of the ‘tipping portfolio’ he followed during the 2015/16 tax year.

Download The End-Of-Year Report PDF Here

It covers the profits he made in the ‘tax-year’ April 2015 to April 2016 by following a small amount of tipsters – and the sums he made are very impressive indeed!

All told over the past financial year, Rowan made a Return On Investment (ROI) of 7.2% and a Return on Capital (ROC) of 64.4% from his selection of tipsters.

Applying this to actual monetary sums, a 64.4% ROC would have brought about the following profits:

  • £2,000 into £3,288.00
  • £5,000 into £8,220.00
  • £10,000 into £16,440.00
  • £20,000 into £32,880.00

The Biggest Bang For Your Betting Buck

Real Life Betting For Profit Inspiration…

The tipsters featured in this End of Year Report are the exact same ones that Rowan has been blogging about each week via his special ‘Bet Diary’ for the past 18 months.

Through the Bet Diary he shares the ups and downs of following a tipster portfolio plus his thoughts on each tipster and how/why he follows them.

It’s the perfect companion to our SBC Magazines & Reports and provides practical assistance plus real-life inspiration to those of you keen to do the same!

The Bet Diary and also his regular ‘Practical Punter’ Reports are available as part of the Smart Betting Club service and the Practical Betting Help we offer all members.

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