How useful are the current Minimum Bet Guarantee offers? We investigate…

Here at SBC we have just published a very special new report exploring the various Minimum Bet Guarantee offers now available to Horseracing punters.

Based on odds data collected over several months, it presents our findings on the Minimum Bet Guarantees (MBG’s) currently available from Bet Victor, Skybet & Betfair Sportsbook and answers key questions surrounding them and how you should use them.

How to get started betting with tipsters – simple 5 step guide

Discover how you can make a profit betting with my simple 5-step guide to betting with tipsters.

This article gives you the lowdown on all you need to get going using tipsters and some of the key concepts to understand along the way in your profitable betting journey.

Tackling everything from the cost of tipsters, betting banks, the kind of profits you can expect and yes – dealing with losing runs, it will give you a good idea on the reality of betting in this way.

Our Top 10 Tipsters From Last Year & Of All-Time!

Last week saw the release of our latest Tipster Profit Report, which is quite literally your ticket to finding out just who the best-rated tipster services actually are – those experts with a proven track record of success.

It’s not just results that we evaluate either, but everything from odds availability, customer service, practicality, cost and much more besides. All with the central aim of informing you as to who the best tipsters actually are.

And so to showcase the power of this report, I wanted to share with you extracts from it, including the tables outlining the top 10 tipsters both all-time and over the past 12 months.

Unlock The Best Betting Tipsters

Featuring over 55 of the very best betting tipsters uncovered since 2006 and unique ratings, rankings and reviews, this tipster profit report is your ticket to discovering the experts you must follow.

Whatever the sport you are interested in or level of experience betting – inside this report you can discover the tipsters with fully verified, profitable records dating back several years.

Including those with the best profit, ROI and betting bank growth figures PLUS those awarded a prestigious SBC ‘Hall of Fame’ rating.

SBC Takes The Bookies To The Cleaners At Cheltenham!

Once again, Cheltenham Festival was a rip-roaring success for the Smart Betting Club with a monster profit made by our expert Cheltenham Tipster, who supplied his tips to SBC members all week long.

All told at 1 point level stakes, a profit of 27.25 points @ 77.85% ROI was made from the 35 bets he advised over the course of the 4 days.

At even just £10 stakes that is a profit of £272.50 – almost 10 times the cost of joining the Smart Betting Club itself!

Those of you betting at higher stakes, for example – £50 a bet, would have made a whopping £1362.50 profit on the week.

Winning Cheltenham Festival Tips

If you missed my post about the Winning Cheltenham Festival Tips available for FREE all next week (click here) then don’t worry, there is still time to add yourself to the free tips mailing list before it all starts this Tuesday. …And if it is anything like last year (when we also supplied them to all SBC […]

Interview with the punter making 5 figure profits annually with tipsters

I want to share with you my interview with one long-term SBC member, Dave, on how he runs a successful tipster portfolio – one that now makes him a five figure profit each year.

Having exchanged several emails with Dave over the years, I approached him earlier in 2019 to ask if he would be willing to reveal more on how he does it and to share some of the secrets behind his success. The idea being to provide some real-life inspiration and guidance as to how he is making money betting using tipsters.

Thankfully, Dave was only too happy to help answer my questions, including details on a few of the key tipsters he follows and how he juggles the practicalities of running a winning portfolio.

Here then is our exclusive interview with Dave on his profitable tipster portfolio

Can this Betting Exchange Football Tipster Help You avoid restrictions?

Last Friday was a big day here at SBC Towers as it saw the release of our very latest magazine (Issue 109), which featured in-depth reviews on 3 new and most importantly, profitable tipsters.

Chief amongst them was our exploration of the major football tipster with 290% betting bank growth since October 2016 and a very easy to follow methodology.

Yet one of the most appealing aspects of this tipster is not just their profitability, but the fact you can follow the tips in on the exchanges – Betfair, Smarkets, Betdaq & Matchbook.

Highlighting this a tipster those of you restricted by the bookmakers might very well wish to consider following.

Major New Football Tipster Reviewed (8.1% ROI From 1800 Bets) In Latest SBC Magazine

The latest SBC Magazine (Issue 109) has just been published featuring 3 new, in-depth tipster reviews including the easy to follow football expert making a big impression.

Having made 145 points profit at 8.1% ROI from 1800 bets, this football tipster has made significant returns backing in the 1X2 market since October 2016.

This is a very professional tipster with no issues in obtaining the quoting odds and best of all, its betting exchange friendly so ideal for those of you unable to bet with restrictive bookmakers. Full details available now in SBC 109