New Podcast: Paul Krishnamurty on Betting on Politics

In this latest episode I was joined by betting analyst Paul Krishnamurty to talk about his expertise in the field he is best known for – betting on politics.

With a steady stream of betting markets especially in the UK with its constant changes of leader and of course the never ending drama of the US political scene, there has never been a better time or opportunity to learn more about political betting.

With huge amounts of money traded on the exchanges and with bookmakers actively promoting their political betting markets, its an area ripe for exploitation for many a shrewd punter.

Paul is one of the best known and most informed voices in the political betting world and he shares all in this latest podcast.

Can you make a profit using inside information? We put this racing tipster to the test

The very latest tipster review from my team and I at the Smart Betting Club has just been published – where we have taken a detailed look at a fascinating ‘information’ based racing tipster service.

This tipster claims usage of a ‘network of stable insiders’ and access to ‘inside information’ as a source for bets that produced an impressive 16.89% ROI from over 2,200 bets.

Although we approach such claims with a fair amount of healthy skepticism, it became clear over our lengthy reviewing and proofing period that they do have a special relationship with certain yards.

New Podcast: US Sports Betting Professional, Rob Pizzola On His Winning Edge

In the latest SBC Podcast Episode, I was joined by North American professional bettor, Rob Pizzola to discuss his winning edge betting on sports like Baseball, Hockey and American Football.

Rob has carved out a living betting on sports for several years and we discuss the models he utilises, the team he works with, how he gets bets on and the changing betting landscape in North America.

We also get into the US tipster (handicapper) market and how many of the same issues we have seen unfold in Europe when it comes to bookmakers are starting to manifest themselves there.

2 big wins in the past 10 days for SBC’s tipster blogger!

Here at SBC we don’t just talk about following tipsters, we actually live and breathe it out ourselves each day – placing bets from many of the same tipsters we rate and recommend.

Which is why for the past 7 years, SBC writer and reviewer, Rowan Day has been blogging about his own experiences using tipsters and their ongoing performance via his FREE Online Bet Diary.

As long-term Bet Diary readers will know, Rowan has been making a fine profit using tipsters for several years but lately he has hit a few big winners and I wanted to highlight a couple of highlights for you to check out.

First of all, on Sunday he hit not just one big golf winner, but two with 100/1 and 66/1 successes in both the PGA and DP world events.

That followed on from a huge winning day on the racing last week where he made 150% bank growth with one very successful Lucky 15. I have seen the betslip and can confirm it was a sizeable win indeed!

New Podcast: Luke Paton On Life As A Professional Punter

In this latest SBC podcast episode I was joined by professional punter Luke Paton to talk about his 10 years betting for a living and his popular series of betting tweets.

Luke started out at Betfair for 8 years, before taking the leap to become a pro punter back in 2012 and in this interview he explains the evolution of his betting over time and what he bets on currently.

Many of you might also know Luke from his series of insightful tweets on betting which began with a plan to do 100 posts in a 100 days but have proven so popular he is now at 114 and counting!

New Podcast: Exploring Tipsters & How To Choose The Right Ones To Follow

The latest SBC podcast is out now for download and its an ‘exploring tipsters’ special as Rowan and I discuss some key findings from our 2 recently released reports on horse racing and sports betting.

Using examples from each report, we discuss our work tracking and examining tipsters including how we weigh up those to recommend to you via our Hall of Fame ratings.

We get into topics like fair odds quoting and settlement, the importance of return on capital, the need for large sample sizes and why the average Hall of Fame service has been going over 4 years!

It’s a must-listen episode if you are looking for help and guidance on how to choose tipsters that suit you and that generate realistic profits

Who are the best horse racing tipster experts? Latest report reveals all

The latest SBC Horse Racing tipster report is the odds-on winner when it comes to recommending the best horse racing tipsters on the market.

Independently complied by our experts, with no affiliation links or hidden commission, this detailed report will allow you to quickly make an informed choice, saving you time, stress & money.

No more stewards’ enquiries when it comes to choosing your next tipster, this report helps you find the first past the post winning service to suit you.

Real life betting stories: How one member made €1.012,24 last month with this recommended tipster

Back in SBC Issue 129 we published a very detailed review of the Tennis Tipster service, Winner Odds and its safe to say its been very well received by SBC members.

Including one shrewd member who made a €1.012,24 profit last month following the service (and all from a €1000 starting bank).

After he posted a tweet about his success, I asked him if he minded sharing a little bit more about his experience with Winner Odds and he was happy to answer my questions below.

New SBC Podcast Interview with Daryl Carter, tipster for Betfair &

The latest SBC podcast is out now for free download and features my interview with professional tipster, Daryl Carter.

Daryl is a tipster with a growing reputation thanks to his daily tipping columns as published by Betfair and, which feature his racing analysis and best value bets.

In this interview, Daryl talks about his approach to finding value, the serious amount of work he puts into his analysis and his passion for betting and helping others through his work.

Betting on Golf Via Betfair & Betting Exchanges

Can I bet on golf on the betting exchanges and make a profit?

This is one of the most common questions I currently receive as punters making a profit betting on golf with bookmakers start looking to betting exchanges such as Betfair as a solution to get their bets on.

Usually this question is posed because bookmaker restrictions have started to bite, because as most of us are aware – if making a profit betting, bookmakers will eventually either close you down or limit your stakes.

Whilst golf betting does often extend your bookmaker account shelf-life for various reasons (variance, spread of winners vs losers, belief you got lucky), at some point it does become an issue if making sustained profits.

Which is where the betting exchanges such as Betfair come in, especially if betting on the PGA Tour where each week lots of money is traded on betting exchanges – who crucially do not limit or restrict winning accounts.

This is also all part of the journey as a punter. Win money with bookmakers first of all. Then migrate to Betfair once your accounts dry up for more scalable long-term options.