New Podcast With Jesse May from the Matchbook Betting Exchange

In the latest episode of the SBC Podcast, I was joined by the head of strategy at Matchbook – Jesse May, to talk about their betting exchange.

Jesse was happy to talk about all aspects of Matchbook from the challenges of generating liquidity and operating in the competitive betting exchange marketplace through to some of the most popular and best value markets on site currently – including Football, NFL and Horse Racing.

You can listen to this episode now via Apple / Spotify / Google and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

First a 40/1 win, now a 28/1 follow-up for top tipster – No Foto Needed

Back at the start of May, I penned this article on the outstanding performance from one of SBC’s in-house ‘Free Tipsters’ who was fresh off a 40/1 winner.

Well fast forward the rest of May and into June and he has continued to smash the bookies with an extra 52.45 points profit from a further 168 bets over the past 8 weeks.

Including a big 28/1 advised winner just yesterday in the form of unfancied ‘Dutch Schaefer’ who won at 28/1 SP and 49.52 Betfair SP!

New SBC Podcast: Rowan Day explains how he makes a profit using tipsters

In the latest SBC Podcast episode I chatted with real-life tipster subscriber, Rowan Day to explore the results from his tipster portfolio and the profit he has made betting over the past 12 months.

Once again it was another successful year with a strong profit achieved and Rowan outlines some of the best performing tipster services, who they are and why and how he follows them in.

For those of you keen to build your own tipster portfolio, he shares his thoughts on how best to approach this and how to choose tipsters that suit you, your budget, experience and bookmakers available.

The tipster with a clear edge betting on short priced favourites as low as 1/5 (1.2 in decimals!)

In the latest SBC Magazine – Issue 129, my team and I explored the unique Tennis Tipping service as offered by Winner Odds – a service we have tracked and used personally for several years.

Winner Odds is undoubtedly a tipster challenging preconceptions, not least that you can make money betting using tipsters, but also that you can make money betting odds-on.

Including betting as short as 1/5 or 1.2 in decimals!

So, if you thought that betting odds-on, including at some very short prices was a mugs game. Well, think again.

Let me reveal more on the edge that Winner Odds has including at short prices

Free 33 page sample of our Golf Betting Guide 🏌️⛳ Includes 5 Top Tipsters We Recommend!

Many of the sharpest punters agree – one of the best, most lucrative sports to currently bet upon is that of Golf.

Love it or loathe it from a sporting perspective, the number of great offers and terms that bookmakers offer (plus the value you can also get on the exchanges) has seen more and more punters start betting on the sport to earn a few quid!

Which is why today I want to again highlight the free expert golf betting guide that my team and I put together earlier this year to explain its potency.

It’s a 34 page free sample for you to download

New SBC Podcast interview with betting professional, Paul Chandler-Burns

The latest SBC podcast episode is out now and features an interview with betting professional, Paul Chandler-Burns on his many years working in the industry.

You can listen to this episode now via Apple / Spotify / Google / YouTube and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

Paul’s time as a full-time bettor saw him take advantage of edges in football ante-post markets, entertainment and reality TV betting markets (and the inside information that so often flowed in them) as well as golf and horse racing.

Winner Odds Review: The A.I Focused Tennis Tipster With A Superb Record

The latest SBC Magazine – Issue 129 has just been published and it contains a major new review exploring the popular Winner Odds Tennis service.

Winner Odds has been running since 2016 and with well over 50,000 tips generated by its artificial intelligence tennis betting algorithm, our independent review goes in-depth to investigate the profits made.

Twin Racing Experts – 2 fantastic new racing tipsters explored in SBC 128

Betting on horse racing is one the most popular sports for all kinds of punters – and for good reason – as with the right expert(s) to guide you, there is a serious edge to be made!

To back this up, in the latest SBC Magazine (Issue 128) the SBC team reviewed 2 very promising racing experts, both of whom have showcased a long-term profit betting not just with bookmakers, but also at Betfair SP.