A Deep Dive Into The Value Machine 2.0

Version 2.0 of The Value Machine has now been released and the new version comes with a whole host of nifty upgrades that have improved an already very successful service. The horse racing betting service is founded by one of the best racing tipsters around, Kieran Ward. I recently interviewed Kieran which you can view […]

September Tipster Profit Report – The top sports tipster of the past 12 months made a staggering £10,712.25 profit using a £2000 bank

Is betting on horse racing your go to sport? Perhaps you prefer betting on football? Or maybe golf betting is your number one choice – also a firm SBC favourite. Whatever you like to bet on, the recently released September 2021 Tipster Profit Report covers pretty much every serious betting sport out there and is […]

September 2021 Tipster Profit Report – The most comprehensive betting report out there

If you are trying to find a quality tipster and one with a long term record of success then the newly released September 2021 SBC Tipster Profit report is a must read.

With over 50 tipsters featured, this is the most extensive betting report we produce…it really does not get bigger than this when it comes to reviewing betting services. 

It’s the best way to see which services are performing and which are not and we go into great detail about their performance including how much money you could have made as a subscriber.

The report lets you separate the good from the bad, and the good from the exceptional. 

Special new podcast/video on using AI to win betting on tennis & taking on bookmaker restrictions in court

The latest SBC podcast is out now and features my interview with professional bettor, Miguel Figueres about his usage of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to win betting on Tennis and his ongoing court battles with bookmakers who employ account restrictions on his accounts. It’s safe to say that this is a must listen podcast for anyone […]

We told you this football strategy was good…here is the proof (3 X betslips)

In the latest SBC Magazine – Issue 124, my team and I published a very detailed review of the winning football betting strategy for usage within bookmaker shops. Well the good news is that its been working well since football returned and I have several winning bet slips from the weekend just gone to prove this to […]

Betting Clever Podcast & Video – Tom Brownlee joins to talk football betting & more

At SBC we’re all about betting clever.

Our brand new podcast series is based on that ethos and it aims to bring you the very best winning betting content from real-life professionals making a living in the industry.

The 2nd episode in this series is out now and features special guest and professional bettor Tom Brownlee.

Tom is owner and founder of the advantage play site Bookie Bashing and is one of the sharpest minds in the professional betting space.

Betting in bookmaker shops strategy: A solution to online restrictions in the latest SBC Magazine

In SBC 124, our latest SBC magazine, we review a winning strategy for betting on football coupons in actual bookmaker shops.

To prove it works, I have been able to get my bets on for this strategy with Betfred – a firm that have banned me online, but with whom I can still bet in their actual shops!

Best of all this football coupons strategy has been proven to work over several years with one bettor reporting a 25% ROI since 2017. Full details in SBC Isssue 124

Editor Sought For US Sport Focused ‘Handicapper’ Website

SBC Is Growing! New Role Now Available… A candidate is sought to assist a new US sport and customer focused website dedicated to reviewing and exploring the world of betting handicappers. Building on the existing ‘Smart Betting Club’ brand established in Europe, the successful candidate will be responsible for helping with the launch and maintenance […]

My top 5 betting podcasts

These days there is a wealth of sports betting content out there for aspiring sports bettors to expand their knowledge and improve their betting game. 

Blogs, YouTube channels, books, twitter and podcasts all are great sources of information and some of my favourite ways to consume content on betting.

In this article I wanted to share my top 5 betting podcasts that have helped me further my sports betting knowledge and improved my betting over the past few months. 

As a semi-professional bettor myself, it’s hugely important to keep on top of news, strategies, services and more in the industry and these 5 podcasts are some of the best at doing exactly that.