One Year In: An Interview With An Australian SBC Member

In this week’s interview, we spoke to a SBC Member from Australia who has been with us for just over a year.
With our Five Stages of Profitable Betting resource launched and a special SBC Podcast being released later this week, these types of resources are essential as we can always learn from each other in this ever-changing industry.

Smart Bash: Unpacking Thursday’s Inaugural Betting Event In London & Its Goals!

On Thursday Evening in London, SBC alongside our friends at Bookie Bashing hosted the very first Smart Bash event, details of which you may have seen posted on Twitter including photos and videos. We had around 60 invited guests in attendance from all aspects of the industry including bookmakers, professional punters, tipsters, broadcasters, business owners and more. The event included […]

THREE Horse Racing Tipsters Perfect for Profitability on Betfair

Horse Racing. Long-Term Profitability. Excellent Results on Exchanges.

That is the short summary of what you will find in SBC Magazine Issue 135 as we profile three experts who are making it pay for their subscribers at the sharp end of the market (and all without bookmaker accounts!)

Whatever your point on the betting journey – whether you are after a good free expert or paid services to follow, this latest magazine will help!

SBC Memberships are increasing in price, here is why & how to get in before they do!

We recently posted an interview with a Smart Betting Club Member who won over ÂŁ15,000 using the Bookie Bashing Horse Racing Tracker (all on a restricted account!). This content proved to be very popular with members so we have spoken to another long-term winner about what they do, how they get on and their plans for the future.

This success story is larger in scale (as you will see below) and begins in 2005, showing how our members can adapt with the times as we do!