Is this pound for pound the best racing tipster out there?

That is the question being posed in the latest tipster review published today by the Smart Betting Club team as we explored one of the very best racing experts we have come across in our 15 years exploring the tipster industry.

Pound for pound this expert stands out as one of the very best tipsters because he…

Has been in operation since the year 2000 with just one losing year in 20 so far.
Has hit a 25% ROI over the past 11 years of SBC proofed performance.
Has showcased a fine profit can also be made following his tips on the Betfair Exchange.
Operates a simple 1-bet-a-day strategy that takes just a couple of minutes to follow.
Is very affordable to follow from as little as £17 per month (with a special limited time extra SBC savings deal also now available)

Are you betting on golf yet? Another big 150/1 win for this tipster says you should be …

Prior to Christmas, I sent an email out highlighting just how Golf betting was a sport to be focusing on in 2020 and discussed the extra strong-form from one recommended golf tipster service recently with winners at 175/1, 200/1 and 150/1. This claim was backed up once again yesterday when the very same expert golf […]

The Oddschecker Dilemma – A Great Resource For Punters, Yet A Site You Should Use Wisely. Important Advice Inside

Last Friday saw the release of a special new SBC report on the topic of bookmaker restrictions – specifically in relation to the tracking that bookmakers undertake on their customers and what you need to know to combat this.

To take this one step further, today I want to talk about one point raised within it connected to the profiling of customers by bookmakers and the use of odds comparison websites – specifically Oddschecker

Whilst Oddschecker is undoubtedly a fantastic website and resource for bettors, it also has several drawbacks that can impact you if a shrewd or aspiring winning bettor. In this article we outline what they are and how you need to use the Oddschecker website with caution.

Worried about bookmaker restrictions? Read this special report on how bookies track winners

If you have been impacted by bookmakers limiting your stakes or closing your accounts down for winning too much money (or for simply being a ‘shrewd punter’), then you will want to read the very latest SBC report as released earlier today.

Titled “How bookies track WINNERS – the reality of profitable betting in 2020.”, it’s a deep dive into the world of bookmaker restrictions, how bettors are profiled and what you need to know to get around this problem (legally!)

Exploring the software and techniques used by bookmakers to identify winning gamblers, this special report outlines practical solutions you can utilise to avoid such profiling and stay as far under the radar as possible.

As part of this report, the SBC team spoke to several well connected sources to get the real lowdown on what bookies look for, the software they use and the tips and techniques all winning gamblers should employ. Most of them are very simple and straightforward, yet can make a major difference to your betting.

Another Betfair SP tipster to follow in – the latest in our Betting Exchange Tipster series reveals all….

The 3rd review from the very latest SBC Magazine – Issue 117 is out now and focuses on yet another tipping service with a profitable record at Betfair SP.

It’s the latest review from our Betting Exchange series dedicated to helping you turn a profit following tipsters on the likes of Betfair, Betdaq & Smarkets. Ideal for those of you blocked and limited by bookmakers for winning!

You can access this latest review and our entire 15 year strong back catalogue of tipster reviews and articles the instant you join the Smart Betting Club.

Is this our most popular racing tipster review ever? 🔥 🔥 🔥 Major Betfair SP edge

Monday saw the release of the very latest SBC Tipster Review and it’s safe to say it might well be one of the most popular pieces we have ever published!

Speaking to the tipster behind it all on Wednesday, he told me that already more than 60 SBC members had signed-up to be on the restart list for the service – which is due to begin advising tips again on the 20th June.

This re-start delay is simply to ensure they only advise tips when they have enough solid recent racing form to go off, since the sport itself only began behind closed doors on the 1st June.

The reason for the popularity is easy to understand as this tipster ticks a lot of boxes such as…

Read our updated review of this ‘Hall of Fame’ racing tipster service. Free download inside

To help showcase how the Smart Betting Club can help you, today I have a free sample review to share about the in-form Wizard of Big Odds racing tipster service.

The Wizard of Big Odds service is attracting a LOT of interest at the moment, based on the fact they are bang in form and have now made 389.77 points profit @ 30.19% ROI from 1216 advised bets to bookmaker prices.

Quite a record thus far and in this review you can read our detailed take on the service they offer.

The ‘Pro Betting Fundamentals’ to guide you towards long-term betting success

With racing just a week away from returning and several football leagues gearing up for their resumption, the sporting and betting world is about to get really busy very soon.

All of which means that right now it’s a great time to you lay the foundations for REAL betting success whilst you have the time to do so (i.e. with no sporting or betting distractions!)

This might be by getting to grips with the betting banks and staking plans they use or by learning how to adopt the psychology of a winner and understanding the key value betting concept all successful punters use.

These foundations are not difficult or time consuming to put in place – yet you would be surprised how much of a difference to your profit and loss figures they can make!

Answered: Your questions on getting started with tipsters…how much it costs, what you can realistically make and more..

Last week, I revealed details on the new ‘Getting Started With Tipsters’ section now available to SBC members and how it can help you if unsure of exactly how to begin on your profitable betting journey.

It’s release actually prompted a few emails from those of you keen to know more about the process of betting for profit with tipsters, so I thought I would answer a few of the most prominent queries below

I tackle everything about how much you need to get started, what you can potentially make through to how to deal with bookmaker limits when winning….

Getting Started With Tipsters. Walkthrough guides and interviews with 4 winners on how they began…

If you are daunted by the prospect of exactly where to start when it comes to betting profitably using tipsters, then a new section of the SBC members website is here to help you get going with confidence. Cunningly titled our ‘Getting Started With Tipsters’ section, it begins by outlining 5 different scenarios from beginner to expert […]