SBC Member Testimonial #5

Name: Name: L.P.
SBC Member

“I am a punter of almost 20 years and for the last five I have taken it more seriously, my stakes gradually got bigger but unfortunately so did my losses. My two favourite sports to bet on are racing and football and because I follow them closely I thought that I would eventually get that big win. About a year ago I decided to try out some tipsters who looked very attractive that I came across on the internet. I fell for their guaranteed profits lines and selective betting etc but I ended up losing money on their bets and also their subscription fees cost me a lot of money.

I had often heard of SBC but after my experience with tipsters I was very sceptical. Eventually after mulling over it for a few months I decided to subscribe. Now some months later I have to admit it has been the best decision I have ever made from a punting point of view.

First of all you get an insight into how pro gamblers work and more importantly how you should not punt. The big benefit of SBC however is their Tipster reviews and recommendations.SBC offer an excellent tipster league table of the top tipsters around and they constantly scrutinise these tipsters as well as always looking out for existing tipsters who are providing an honest service. You are taught how to manage your betting bank and from my experience these tipsters offer excellent services and customer service. I started by joining one recommended service and have gradually built up a small portfolio of tipsters. I am now achieving profits that are very pleasing, I realise that there are bad days which I have had but in the long term their selective approach is definitely worth following. I now only bet what I am told to and thanks to the SBC I feel I am a much better punter.”