In a little over two months, I’m showing a profit of £4200

Name: Steve
Joined: April 2017
Betting on: Football, Horse Racing & Golf
Following: Seven – Messiah, MVS, AH Edge, Prophet, Rooster, Golf Insider, Football Elite

Why did you join the Smart Betting Club?

Well I originally joined a few years back as a fully paid up member and just jumped in following your recommended tipsters but without doing the necessary groundwork on all the other aspects of betting. I did okay, mostly broke even but didn’t have the psychological wherewithal and ultimately became frustrated with the mistakes I made and became impatient during leaner spells. Looking back it probably wasn’t the right time in my life and circumstances for such an undertaking however It was a learning experience and I went away thinking I will return and crack this one day!

So I spent a few years mulling things over and decided to renew my membership in April this year and begun subscribing to and following tipsters in late August, coinciding with the new football season.

How has the Smart Betting Club helped you?

First and foremost – through its thorough tipster reviews and analysis – SBC has provided me with all the information necessary so that I can make an informed decision on which services are not only realistically profitable but also appropriate for my style of betting and that work around my schedule.

Secondly, but most importantly for me I feel, SBC has helped with my education on the psychology of betting and how mastering this area is the key to success in attaining my goal of becoming a fully fledged professional gambler. I now have the skills and the tools at my disposal to maintain my discipline and detach myself whether on a winning or losing run. Each bet is part of a long term plan and I now understand that losing bets should not provoke emotional negative reactions however “unlucky” they appear to be.

“I know you guys have got my back and are ready to advise me on
any questions or conundrums I might have”

What do you like most about the Smart Betting Club service?

How personal and close-knit the community here is. I know you guys have got my back and are ready to advise me on any questions or conundrums I might have. Knowing I can call on your expertise and experience gives me a lot of confidence going forward.

Also the plethora of content and resources provided to members through the website has proved and will continue to prove invaluable in my ongoing education. There is always something new to learn and improve on.

How much have you made betting since you joined the Smart Betting Club?

To date, In a little over two months, I’m showing a profit of £4200 at an ROI of 4.2%. Not bad considering I’m currently suffering a draw-down of around £5k over the last two weeks.

As mentioned previously, if I hadn’t got to grips with the psychology then this would be a testing time however I’m taking it in my stride knowing I was due a correction, that it’s all part and parcel, and that it is what happens in the long term that counts!


To date, In a little over two months, I’m showing a
profit of £4200 at an ROI of 4.2%.”

What are your betting plans for the future?

For the time being I will be continuing with the tipsters I am subscribed to and bet to the staking strategy I have established in the hope of achieving my aim of a 5% return on investment, which I feel is a conservative target, and then review the services and my approach to staking after a period of one year. As I’m projected to turnover around £600k over the course of the year I’d be delighted if I came away with that £30k profit. Beyond that I’ll be aiming to improve my ROI by fine tuning my methods after my 1st year review by dropping and adding tipsters where necessary and/or increasing my stakes.

Ultimately I’d love to be successful and make consistent long term profits and earn a full time living through sports betting. Fortunately I came into some money and was able to quit my job in order to dedicate most of my time to this endeavour with a hefty bank roll to back it up. I am however under no illusions of how difficult this can be and I’m so glad I’m here in the right place with The SBC to give me every chance of making this success.