SBC has totally transformed the way I approach betting

Name: Alan
Joined: May 2013
Betting on: Horse racing, football, rugby & darts
Following: 14 tipsters

I have been a member of the SBC for about 3 years now.

Currently I bet on horse racing, football, rugby and darts. I have 14 tipsters in my betting portfolio and horse racing making up the largest number.

I think it is fair to say that the SBC has totally transformed the way I approach betting. I had in the past followed a couple of tipsters picked up from the racing press, who on the whole were largely unsuccessful and it was never possible to achieve their stated profits. The SBC has helped me identify those genuine tipsters with a proven track record of profit making. Using the SBC tipster reports has have been able to gradually increase the tipsters that I follow including those within the “Hall of Fame” even if it has meant joining the waitlist for those fully subscribed. I look forward to receiving the regular publications from the SBC and regularly go back over previous issues when researching potential new tipsters to enrol.

More importantly through various SBC articles and the regular betting diary I have learn to cope with the psychological aspects of betting to enable me to cope with the inevitable losing runs that even the best tipsters encounter. In addition I have learnt to be very patient when following individual tipsters and I would say that a 12 month period is the minimum period that they should be followed. One of the biggest challenges that I now find is coping with account closures/restrictions that any successful punter faces, as I am not based in the UK the option of betting shops is not open to me.

Since joining the SBC I have been able to make a second income from betting enabling me to indulge in the nicer things of life such as overseas travel which is something I enjoy.