Enabled me to have a long term edge over the bookies

Name: Dave
Joined: July 2017
Betting on: Football & horse racing
Following: 8 tipsters

Why did you join the Smart Betting Club?

I wanted to find somewhere that could help me reach my goal of becoming a profitable bettor.

How has the Smart Betting Club helped you?

It has given me some crucial information on tipsters that have enabled me to have a long term edge over the bookies. Information such as long term consistency of tipsters as well as other key information such as odds and how taking odds at the wrong time can impact ROI. Sometimes getting the advised odds from a tipster can be difficult especially if you have many other commitments but SBC gives information on whether starting prices will generate similar profits. Odds are a massive factor in profitable betting and SBC delves into this information better than anyone else.

What do you like most about the Smart Betting Club service?

I like the level of detail provided in reports and it seems as though no stone is left unturned. For example there are some tipsters who show a profit over a long period because of 1 or 2 huge winners. And other tipsters who show a consistent long term profit. SBC extensively reviews tipsters and can uncover exactly where their strong and weak points are. I also like the interaction from SBC when i have any questions. Pete will always reply to emails and has been a great help along the way.

What are your betting plans for the future?

I plan to carry on how I’m going at least for the foreseeable future. My plan is to eventually increase stakes, I am currently in a period where I’m testing the water with the tipsters I’m using and so far so good. In the longer term I hope to make a second income from betting. Also my best piece of advice would be to have a clear plan before you start and stick to the plan. Consistency is the most important thing here because there are a lot of ups and downs and maintaining same stakes and following every tip is key to profit. A good tipster can have a bad run and a bad tipster can have a good run but the cream always rises to the top in the long run.