I Made A Profit Of £42,134.00

Name: Ringo
Joined: June 2014
Betting on: Horses, Football & Greyhounds
Following: 6 in total

Why did you join the Smart Betting Club?
I wanted advice initially on hints to keep accounts from being closed or restricted. I also liked the access to the forum, the opinions put forward and the access to free information on a trial basis. SBC membership also provides cheaper fees to join tipsters that I liked and is a portal to discover new ventures with added discounts.

How has the Smart Betting Club helped you?
Technically all the above, plus its opened up new avenues and advice that I hadn’t considered previously such as keeping proper records, introducing lay bets and how they operated plus their lists of good and bad tipsters to avoid.

What do you like most about the Smart Betting Club service?
The forums and the monthly bulletins updating me on current issues and performance figures.

How much have you made betting since you joined the Smart Betting Club?
During my first full year of proper bookmakers, I made a profit of £42,134. However this meant six accounts were restricted and four closures…..a high price to pay!

What are your betting plans for the future?  
Hopefully to continue betting without restrictions being imposed, religiously following staking plans and spreading bets with smaller stakes with a variety of bookmakers to keep me out of the limelight!