New SBC Podcast with big priced winner specialist, Richard Hutchinson of Hanbury Racing

The very latest SBC Podcast has just been published featuring my in-depth discussion with the owner of the Hanbury Racing tipping service – Richard Hutchinson.

This episode is the perfect accompaniment for the detailed SBC review of Hanbury Racing and the edge it has to both bookmakers AND at Betfair SP.

Our review identified the service had a 32% ROI to bookmakers and 37.7% ROI at Betfair SP at the time of publication.

You can listen to this episode now via Apple / Spotify / Google and all other major podcast directories (search Smart Betting Club)

You can also watch both Richard and I record this episode on the SBC YouTube Channel



Richard began Hanbury Racing in 2020, after he won £188,000 after being victorious in the Tote Ten To Follow competition Рgiving him the platform to start a new life finding winners for a living.

His specialty is finding overlooked horses at big prices for each way value with regular winners over the past 2 years at prices as big as 100/1. Richard explains his process behind how he finds these horses and just why he prefers this approach to betting at short odds.

In fact – just last week Richard picked out yet another 66/1 winner to continue his phenomenal record!‚Äč
We get into the challenges that betting to a high odds/low strike-rate approach brings and the mindset required to make it work.


To coincide with the release of the podcast and SBC review, Richard has put together a special 25% discount on the cost of joining his Hanbury Racing service.

This is exclusively available to SBC paid members only as part of the special trials and discounts we negotiate on their behalf.

The cost of a 12 month Hanbury Racing membership is £346, so you can save as much as £87.25 through this special deal.

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Inside the latest SBC magazine (Issue 118) including the 2 new ‘Hall of Fame’ standard tipsters

The very latest SBC Magazine – Issue 118 is out now and it’s a horse racing special featuring¬†two more winning tipsters¬†reviewed and our major new report into the Betfair racing market.

This issue forms part of our ongoing Betting Exchange series dedicated to helping you turn a profit following tipsters on the likes of Betfair, Betdaq, Matchbook & Smarkets. Ideal for those of you blocked and limited by bookmakers for winning!

Inside SBC 118 you can read:

Tipster Review #1: The betting expert with a 9.76% ROI at Betfair SP from 7811 bets advised. 14 page detailed review & exclusive 2 week trial to the tipster available to SBC members only.

Tipster Review #2:¬†The ‘Hall of Famer’ that’s made money with both bookies and at Betfair for more than a decade. 13 page detailed review and free month offer available to SBC members only.

Insight Article: Exploring the Betfair market, How Betfair SP compares and when to place your bets for the biggest profit.

You can access this latest magazine and our entire 15 year strong back catalogue of tipster reviews and articles the instant you join the Smart Betting Club.

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Another Betfair SP tipster to follow in – the latest in our Betting Exchange Tipster series reveals all….

The 3rd review from the very latest SBC Magazine РIssue 117 is out now and focuses on yet another tipping service with a profitable record at Betfair SP.

It’s the latest review from our¬†Betting Exchange series¬†dedicated to helping you turn a profit following tipsters on the likes of Betfair, Betdaq & Smarkets. Ideal for those of you blocked and limited by bookmakers for winning!

You can access this latest review and our entire 15 year strong back catalogue of tipster reviews and articles the instant you join the Smart Betting Club.

Profitable at both Betfair SP & With Bookies

This latest racing tipster under our review microscope makes a profit to both bookmaker prices AND at Betfair SP, so you can simply pick and choose the approach that suits you best.

At level stakes, here is how their record compares over the course of the near 4000 bets advised since 2012:

  • Placing all bets with bookmakers: 3961 bets. 526.75 points profit @ 13.30% ROI

  • Placing all bets at Betfair SP: 3961 bets, 400.16 points profit @ 10.10% ROI

So whilst there is an edge if you have the ability to bet with bookmakers, there is still a decent profit to be made if only taking Betfair SP (results are also after 2% commission has been deducted).

Many SBC members who still retain some access to bookmaker accounts are also mixing up the placement of bets. Some with bookmakers, some with Betfair SP to ensure they get the highest profit possible.

Betting Only On Big Races!

The other very appealing fact surrounding this tipster is that they only advises bets during major race meetings and festivals ‚Äď when bookmakers are less reactive or suspicious of winning bets struck.

In fact, the bookies are often falling over themselves to encourage you to bet with them during the likes of Cheltenham, Royal Ascot or Glorious Goodwood or during the big Saturday and Sunday race meetings.

The amount of money traded and bets placed during these races is also much larger, making it much easier to get your bets down AND much easier for any winnings made with a bookmaker to go under the radar

Get Instant Access To This & Our Full Exchange Series

If interested in reading more on this tipster, you can read this review in full the instant you join the Smart Betting Club.

As an SBC member you can also explore our growing ‘Exchange Tipster¬†section and several other tipsters we have identified as profitable on the betting exchanges.

Including this extremely popular racing tipster (possibly our most popular review ever!), which has made a 16.51% ROI at Betfair since March 2019.

See you on the inside!

Peter Ling
Smart Betting Club Editor

The racing tipster with 450 points profit from 1593 tips – the inside track

In the latest SBC magazine, Issue 110, you can explore a detailed review of a very profitable racing tipster at both fair bookmaker prices and at Betfair SP.

It’s a review that has attracted a lot of interest and questions, so I though I would tackle a few of the key points behind the review to help detail more on this tipster’s successful record.

It delves into topics like the long-term profitable record, the bookies he uses, the exact profit figures at Betfair SP and a lot more besides.

Please also be aware that as a Smart Betting Club member you can enjoy a 50% discount on the cost of membership to this tipster Рpart of the exclusive savings deals we negotiate on your behalf.

You can pick up your copy of SBC 110 instantly with a Smart Betting Club membership

Long-Term Results That Show Skill, Not Just Luck

Over a small number of bets, anyone can get lucky and turn a profit, yet it takes real skill to make a profit over a long period of time and a large number of bets.

So the first thing we do with any review is to analyse the long-term stats for any tipster and as you can see in the table below, this tipster has made a 450.99 point profit @ 15.38% ROI from 1593 tips.

A big enough set of data to satisfy us that his edge is based on skill, not luck.

This tipster has also made a profit in each year so far and showcased good consistency with that 15.38% ROI figure, which effectively tells you that for every £100 you stake, you will win £15.38 on average.

Quoted Odds That Don’t Get Smashed In!

One of the biggest concerns for racing tipsters these days surround how the quoted odds they advise on any tip stand up over time.

Too many tipsters quote prices that don’t remain available for long, which as a subscriber will only serve to frustrate as you can’t match their claimed profits.

To gauge this, we ran our standard ‘odds tracking’ for this service, whereby we monitored the best prices available from a panel of bookmakers over various time periods.

Below you can see the ROI difference if you had placed your bets at differing time points, which aside from 10.30am, show an actual improvement on the quoted odds.

For example – if you had placed your bets at 8.30am, the average odds on a tip are 10.53/1, compared to just 10.25/1 when the bet was advised by the tipster themselves.

So, if placing your bets at 8.30am, you would have boosted this tipsters claimed ROI figure by 1.69% – suggesting the odds he quotes are very fair and realistic!

Profits at Betfair SP AFTER 5% Commission

In the odds tracking table above, you can also view a major boost to the average odds if betting at Betfair SP with a 6.81% ROI improvement during our tracking period.

To examine this in more detail, we also explored the profitability if backing ALL this service’s tips at Betfair SP minus 5% commission.

Our findings are showcased in the table below, which indicate a small ROI difference of -1.20% if taking Betfair SP, versus taking the advised prices.

Instead of making 450.99 points profit with the advised bookmakers, you would be sitting on a profit of 415.82 points at 14.18% ROI if using Betfair SP.

There is a clear suggestion of profitability to be had betting at Betfair SP¬†‚Äď especially if you have a commission lower than 5%, where you should match, if not beat these profit figures long-term.

The 5% commission charge we deduct is Betfair’s baseline offer and the more you bet, the lower that commission rate becomes. The likelihood therefore is that you would pay a much smaller commission rate with Betfair if following this tipster for any length of time.

A Range Of Different Bookmakers Used

If you are happy to use bookmakers to place these bets, then it is also important to know which firms are used and how frequently.

This is important because if certain bookmakers have closed or restricted your accounts, you won’t be able to bet with them if they are top priced on an advised tip. Equally if a tipster is quoting prices with some lesser-known bookmakers, then you might not have access to these odds.

The table below illustrates how frequently each bookmaker was offering the best price through our odds tracking exercise with Betfair Sportsbook the most used 38.18% of the time. Other firms used regularly included Paddy Power (37.09%), Bet Victor (24.55%), Bet365 (23.82%) and Coral/Ladbrokes.

Grab Your Copy Immediately

If you are keen to read the review of this tipster in full and the other tipsters featured in SBC 110, you can access your own copy and the entire back catalogue of SBC magazines the instant you join the Smart Betting Club.

The other tipsters reviewed in SBC 110 include a successful football tipster advising lay bets in major leagues and competitions PLUS the in-play football tipster with a 10% ROI who charges just £2 a month for access to their service.

You can also enjoy significant discounts on the cost of joining many of these tipsters via our unique Tipster Discounts ‚Äď exclusively available to SBC members only.

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Peter Ling

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In-play football tips & Betfair SP profits – 2 new ways to win betting

Last week saw the release of the latest SBC Magazine (Issue 110), which features 3 new and very detailed tipster reviews for you to discover.

It includes 2 experts with profitable records on the betting exchanges Рthe first, a racing tipster with a winning Betfair SP record and the second, a successful football tipsteradvising lay bets in major leagues and competitions.

There is also a detailed review of an in-play football tipster making strong profits taking advantage of bookies mistakes as games unfold.

If interested in learning more on each of these tipsters, I have penned a bit more detail on all 3 below, how they work and the winning edge they can provide you with.

You can pick up your copy of SBC 110 instantly with a Smart Betting Club membership

Review 1: The £2 a month in-play football tipster with a 10% ROI

This first review is one 2 years in the making as we have been studiously tracking this unique tipping service since 2017, during which time we have been highly impressed by the profits generated.

Advising bets in-play, over the course of these 2 years and 1315 tips, this tipster has made a 10% Return on Investment and best of all a 333% betting bank growth figure.

Using the free Telegram app (available in mobile/desktop versions) to supply the in-play tips, this service charges just £2 a month or £19.99 per season to pick up all their in-play advice Рmaking this an absolute bargain!

In our exclusive review, you can read a full breakdown of results over time and by league/competition, plus odds tracking and our experience of following in-play. Already several SBC members have started to follow this expert and it’s easy to see why.

Review 2: The Betfair SP Profitable Racing Tipster

With betting restrictions an active concern for many horse racing punters – attention for many has turned to those tipsters able to make a profit at Betfair SP, where you can bet without fear of account closure.

Hence why interest has been so strong in our 2nd review in SBC 110, which tackles the racing tipster with a strong profit at Betfair SP since 2014. Our calculations indicate a 14.18% ROI at Betfair SP over the past 6 years at 5% commission rates. Assuming you will pay a lower Betfair commission rate Рthis ROI profit figure could easily be beaten and improved upon.

This tipster also makes a fine profit if betting with traditional bookmakers and perhaps most pleasingly Рno major odds movement issues to worry about. Unlike some tipsters where the odds drop swiftly after a tip has been advised, our tracking found that you could actually beat the quoted odds simply by shopping around.

As a Smart Betting Club member you can also enjoy a 50% discount on the cost of membership to this tipster Рpart of the exclusive savings deals we negotiate on your behalf.

Review 3: The Free Football Betting Laying Tipster

Our 3rd and final detailed review in SBC 110 tackles another winning tipster with a profitable record advising lay bets you can follow on the betting exchanges.

It’s a service¬†run by an ex-betting exchange employee¬†who developed his tipping strategy based on the knowledge he accumulated working in the industry for several years.

Currently available FREE of charge to Smart Betting Club members Рit has made a 50 point profit at 3.3% ROI from 450 lays advised since January 2018.

And if that ROI figure sounds low – well it isn’t as it needs to be judged in the context of how a laying service works AND the competitive nature of the markets he tips in. Most of them are major leagues and competitions across Europe like the Champions League, Premier League and Serie A, so getting an edge in these areas is quite the achievement.

Our review explores this currently free service, its profitable record, betting bank advise and how best to follow.

Grab Your Copy Immediately

You can access your own copy of SBC 110 and our entire back catalogue of magazines the instant you join the Smart Betting Club.

This includes access to every single tipster review we have ever written (there are literally hundreds available) and all of the Hall of Fame Tipsters we recommend to make you money betting.

Check out some of our latest publications.

You can also enjoy significant discounts on the cost of joining many of these tipsters via our unique Tipster Discounts ‚Äď exclusively available to SBC members only.

Access to all of the above is available with a Smart Betting Club membership, which is currently available from as little as just £2.15 per week.

All of which comes with an iron-clad money back guarantee Рenabling you to join with the full confidence you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

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5 of The Best Free Tipsters / Winning Betfair SP, Laying & In-Play Football Tips

Did you know that as a Smart Betting Club member you can gain access to free betting tips as provided by a series of hand-picked profitable tipsters?

Providing you with ready to follow experts that have a proven record of making profits and all without breaking your bank.

Including several tipsters who are making a profit on the exchanges Рbe it at Betfair SP (after commission) or by backing or laying in popular football leagues and competitions.

All told, it’s an ideal solution for those of you not sure where to start OR wary about spending money on large tipster subscriptions.

Once you have signed up for a¬†membership¬†with us, simply choose the tipsters you wish to follow via our members-only ‚ÄėFree Tips‚Äô section. You will then receive their tips free of charge to your email account each time they have bets to advise.

Five Of The Best Free SBC Tipsters…

For those of you wanting to know more about each tipster and how much they have made ‚Äď I have penned a few words below on the performance of 5 of the current featured free tipsters

1. Lay The Draw Football Tips – Exchange Friendly

If you are looking for a profitable football strategy to follow on the betting exchanges, then look no further than the tips supplied by the Lay the Draw service ‚Äď all currently available to you free of charge as a Smart Betting Club member.

This strategy first started proofing in January 2018 and after the first 16 months, the first 462 tips have produced a profit of 45.31 points to 1 point level stakes.

The service itself provides straight lay the draw tips with no in-play trading across a range of leagues. As its based on laying, its ideal for those of you limited to exchange betting.

2. The Poacher Football Tips – PreMatch & In-Play

You can now follow advice from well connected football tipster ‚Äď ‚ÄėThe Poacher‚Äô for free as a Smart Betting Club member, both pre-match tips and now also in-play tips.

The service is named ‚ÄėThe Poacher‚Äô because it is overseen by a true ‚ÄėPoacher turned Gamekeeper‚Äô who has been working for bookmakers in a variety of roles since 1996 and has decided to operate his service from ‚Äėbehind enemy lines‚Äô.

We recruited him to the SBC team in January 2019, since when he has made a 16.62 point profit @ 13.7% ROI tipping in football leagues across Europe from his pre-match tips. He has also now setup a new In-Play tipping service Рagain free to follow as an SBC member.

3. The Inside Man’s Football Tips

For the the last 20 years, the tipster we call¬†‘The Inside Man’¬†has worked in a number of football roles at professional clubs and also for leading betting syndicates – hence why we recruited him to supply tips to SBC members.

Since he began back in January 2019, he has put up 68 tips and made a 9% ROI from the tips in his chosen leagues and competitions. All as part of a coherent and long-term profitable betting strategy.

4. The Accountant’s Place Bets – Profitable at Betfair SP

The Accountant has been successfully trading on Betfair for the past 20 years and has a history of both backing and laying horses at Betfair SP.

His latest strategy is a profitable place backing system, which identifies horses offering value at 2/1 and under.

His record to date has made a 9.92% ROI betting at Betfair SP from 176 tips to date. This is after a 5% commission deduction.

5. Turf Wars Racing Tips – Profitable at Betfair SP

Turf Wars is another profitable racing tipster with an enviable record dating back to July 2018, since when they have made significant profits at both Betfair SP and advised bookmaker prices.

Based on 1217 tips advised, he has made a ROI of 12.1% at bookmaker prices and best of all a 7.47% ROI at Betfair SP (after 5% commission!)

Once again all Turf Wars tips are available free of charge to SBC members.

Follow These Tipsters With Your Risk-Free SBC Membership

The tipsters mentioned above are available to follow for free each day as part of your Smart Betting Club subscription.

Simply choose the tipster(s) you wish to follow and sign-up to get their selections sent via email by following the links in the SBC ‚ÄėFree Tips‚Äô members only section.

So, if you are looking to get started betting with tipsters and don’t want to splash the cash on expensive subscriptions, why not consider following our free tipsters as part of your Smart Betting Club membership.

Best of all, you can now sign-up totally risk-free thanks to our money back guarantee,which ensures if you find our service (and these free tipsters) not for you, then you can get a full refund.

Meaning you have everything to gain and nothing to lose from joining our exclusive club!

Best Regards,

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If you have any questions on this article or a Smart Betting Club membership in general, you can contact me directly via I respond to all emails as quickly as I can!

Can You Make A Profit Betting At Betfair SP? This Tipster Can…

It’s one of the most common questions I receive these days – Can you recommend a tipster that makes a profit betting at Betfair SP?

The good news is that YES I can recommend a profitable Betfair SP Tipster AND best of all Рthey are offering you the chance to sample their advice for just £1 for 30 days.

If after 30 days you like their service, you can also save 50% on the ongoing monthly cost.

Interested? I thought so….

Revealed: The Profitable Betfair SP Tipster

The tipster in question is ‘All Weather Profits‘, who we have been proofing at SBC since June 2015, during which time we have personally verified over 1000 tips and witnessed them first-hand making significant profits at Betfair SP.

The All Weather Profits setup is very easy to follow.

They email out a handful of tips between 9 and 10am whenever there is all weather racing to bet upon, with all bets following a fixed staking plan of 2 points to win at Betfair SP.

Check out their results since 2014 below:


Results to this simple method have been fantastic during each of the 3 years the service has been live.

2214 bets, a profit of 529.7 points, and a 12% Return on Investment.

And yes – these results do deduct 5% commission from each profitable bet. Thus ensuring that if you have a lower Betfair commission rate (as most people do), you will make a greater profit than those quoted.

Is Your Betting A Serious Investment Or Just Fun?…

Keen to learn how to make real money betting following tipsters? Follow our real-life pro punter, Rowan and his profitable tipster quest on the SBC Bet Diary.
Free to read – 2017 has got off to a flyer!

Read The SBC Bet Diary

Even Better Profits With Bookmaker Access

Whilst ticking all the boxes when it comes to making a profit at Betfair SP, those of you with access to bookmaker accounts, might also be able to increase profits further.

During an 8 month period of intensive tracking, we noted the best odds available with a reputable bookmaker, both 15 and 60 minutes after All Weather Profits put forward their tips.

The upshot of this research is that if taking a bookmaker price within 15 minutes of the tip being advised, we noted an increase in ROI of 10.1% compared to Betfair SP. Even if waiting 60 minutes, the increase was 3.5%

Here is what we found during our period of odds tracking:


Full details on this odds tracking and how you can make greater profits using bookmakers can be found in SBC Issue 96.

Savings 468X60

How To Follow For £1 For 30 Days

In a special new deal, all Smart Betting Club members can now sample the All Weather Profits for 30 days for just £1.

If after those 30 days you enjoy what their service has to offer, you can also save an ongoing 50% discount on the cost of membership for as long as you stay with them. So instead of paying £14.95 per month, you will stump up just £7.47 per month.

Over the course of a full year with All Weather Profits, this would ensure a saving of £89.64 Рmore than the cost of a Gold Smart Betting Club Membership!

This special saving is ONLY available to you as a Smart Betting Club subscriber as part of the unique ‘Tipster Discounts‘ we negotiate on our members behalf.

Due to the way SBC is funded by member subscriptions – we are able to negotiate these unique deals on our members behalf and pass 100% of the savings onto them. Helping line their pockets, not ours!

Once you have signed-up for your Smart Betting Club subscription, simply visit our members area, click on the ‘Tipster Savings’ link and you will find full details on how to take-up this special discount with All Weather Profits (plus several other major trials and discounts unique to SBC!)

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Peter Ling
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