The racing tipster with 450 points profit from 1593 tips – the inside track

In the latest SBC magazine, Issue 110, you can explore a detailed review of a very profitable racing tipster at both fair bookmaker prices and at Betfair SP.

It’s a review that has attracted a lot of interest and questions, so I though I would tackle a few of the key points behind the review to help detail more on this tipster’s successful record.

It delves into topics like the long-term profitable record, the bookies he uses, the exact profit figures at Betfair SP and a lot more besides.

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Long-Term Results That Show Skill, Not Just Luck

Over a small number of bets, anyone can get lucky and turn a profit, yet it takes real skill to make a profit over a long period of time and a large number of bets.

So the first thing we do with any review is to analyse the long-term stats for any tipster and as you can see in the table below, this tipster has made a 450.99 point profit @ 15.38% ROI from 1593 tips.

A big enough set of data to satisfy us that his edge is based on skill, not luck.

This tipster has also made a profit in each year so far and showcased good consistency with that 15.38% ROI figure, which effectively tells you that for every £100 you stake, you will win £15.38 on average.

Quoted Odds That Don’t Get Smashed In!

One of the biggest concerns for racing tipsters these days surround how the quoted odds they advise on any tip stand up over time.

Too many tipsters quote prices that don’t remain available for long, which as a subscriber will only serve to frustrate as you can’t match their claimed profits.

To gauge this, we ran our standard ‘odds tracking’ for this service, whereby we monitored the best prices available from a panel of bookmakers over various time periods.

Below you can see the ROI difference if you had placed your bets at differing time points, which aside from 10.30am, show an actual improvement on the quoted odds.

For example – if you had placed your bets at 8.30am, the average odds on a tip are 10.53/1, compared to just 10.25/1 when the bet was advised by the tipster themselves.

So, if placing your bets at 8.30am, you would have boosted this tipsters claimed ROI figure by 1.69% – suggesting the odds he quotes are very fair and realistic!

Profits at Betfair SP AFTER 5% Commission

In the odds tracking table above, you can also view a major boost to the average odds if betting at Betfair SP with a 6.81% ROI improvement during our tracking period.

To examine this in more detail, we also explored the profitability if backing ALL this service’s tips at Betfair SP minus 5% commission.

Our findings are showcased in the table below, which indicate a small ROI difference of -1.20% if taking Betfair SP, versus taking the advised prices.

Instead of making 450.99 points profit with the advised bookmakers, you would be sitting on a profit of 415.82 points at 14.18% ROI if using Betfair SP.

There is a clear suggestion of profitability to be had betting at Betfair SP – especially if you have a commission lower than 5%, where you should match, if not beat these profit figures long-term.

The 5% commission charge we deduct is Betfair’s baseline offer and the more you bet, the lower that commission rate becomes. The likelihood therefore is that you would pay a much smaller commission rate with Betfair if following this tipster for any length of time.

A Range Of Different Bookmakers Used

If you are happy to use bookmakers to place these bets, then it is also important to know which firms are used and how frequently.

This is important because if certain bookmakers have closed or restricted your accounts, you won’t be able to bet with them if they are top priced on an advised tip. Equally if a tipster is quoting prices with some lesser-known bookmakers, then you might not have access to these odds.

The table below illustrates how frequently each bookmaker was offering the best price through our odds tracking exercise with Betfair Sportsbook the most used 38.18% of the time. Other firms used regularly included Paddy Power (37.09%), Bet Victor (24.55%), Bet365 (23.82%) and Coral/Ladbrokes.

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